One Major Difference Between Kemetic Spirituality & Christianity

12 07 2021

difference between

There is “One major difference between Kemetic Spirituality and Christianity” that a lot of people miss.  It is a known fact that Christianity was inspired by Kemetic Spirituality. What is often forgotten is that a lot of the Christian concepts have their origin in Kemetic Spirituality. In this video, I share a major difference I have found that has helped me in living my life according to Maa.  Understanding the difference between the two will prevent you from making a mistake that so many other have done.


12 07 2021

Loving couple

Have you ever really asked, “Why do spiritual people have problems finding love?” I have been in numerous relationships, and I have noticed that when you date someone on a different spiritual level. It is a challenge. Thankfully, in my present relationship, where my wife and I are preparing for our fifth anniversary. We are applying a spiritual practice, which is making our love deeper and stronger. Check out “Why do spiritual people have problems finding love?”  Please note: I AM NOT A LOVE GURU. I AM JUST TELLING YOU WHAT WORKS FOR ME.


4 07 2021

“WHAT WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM SHA’CARRI RICHARDSON NOT RUNNING IN THE OLYMPICS”  Believe it or not, there is a very valuable spiritual lesson that can be learned so that you can learn how to avoid making the same costly mistake.

sha carri richardson

This is a very important lesson because in the era of “wokeness” people are under the impression that they can do whatever they want without any consequences. This is a great illusion created by Set, but Set remove the Maa nor Maat.  It is very easy to fall for it, and a lot of athletes and entertainers always get caught in Set’s trappings.

Set sabotages

As I have mentioned before, Set always has a habit of making people look like an ass (donkey).  The donkey or jackass is a totem of Set because it symbolizes Set’s potential to do great works but blinded by his stubbornness.  The only way to check Set is by living according to the Maa. This is Divine Law, not manmade law.


What to do when there is TOO Much Psychic Noise

4 07 2021

“What to do when there is too much psychic noise,” is a short simple video for those who are working with their ancestors and spirit guides. Sometimes, we can attract spirits to us because they see that we are psychically open and they want to talk. Sometimes these talks are beneficial but other times, some of these spirits just talk too much. This simple technique reduces their influence. 


4 07 2021

Why You Need to Stop Trying to Save the People, is not about trying to convince you how vain these efforts are. No, the purpose of telling you that you need to stop trying to save the people, is to save you from a lot of headache, heartache, financial loss, etc.

Many of us suffer from this savior syndrome because a lot of our heroes and heroines like, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, Martin L. King Jr., Elijah Muhummad, Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), Rosa Parks, and many others who focused on uplifting the race, were all about the people. But, the one thing that many do not know or understand is that consciousness doesn’t work like that. This is the reason, the “people” didn’t and don’t take care of their leaders. Many of our leaders and their families lived in extreme poverty because the people didn’t appreciate the sacrifices made for them.  I say this because if people were truly CONSCIOUS they would appreciate and do for one another, and here lies my issue.

I think a lot of energy has been put into saving people who don’t want to be saved. It is similar to how people stand on the corner or on the pulpit screaming at folks to be saved. You should not have to do all that if you are trying to save someone’s life. I mean why are we screaming at drowning people who see and choose to ignore that we have a  lifeboat that can take them to safety?

people believe the media

It reminds me of two classic cult films, They Live and The Matrix, which I encourage Fam to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I am still about helping others, but the days of going out on a limb to save people who don’t want to be saved, I think we need to cut our losses.

saving the people

This is based upon the understanding of how the Rau (Consciousness) permeates throughout our universe.  We have to remember that Set is the youngest netcharu because he is the farthest away from the Rau.  This means that the best way to save our people is to save ourselves.

DON’T BE FOOLED!!! Maat is Not the 42 Negative Confessions

27 06 2021

Don't be fooled

I wrote”Don’t be fooled!!! Maat is not the 42 Negative Confessions” is in response to hoteppers. 

You see,  Kemetic Spirituality has become so popular, there are some who are trying to hijack it and convince people into believing that Maat is all about the 42 Negative Confessions. Don’t be fooled! Maat is not the 42 Negative Confessions.  I am here to tell you that this is not what Maat is about. For more information on Maa, check out the video and see Maa

4 Steps to Get What You Want

27 06 2021

steps to achieving a goal

“4 Steps to Get What You Want” is a four-step process using the Maa Aankh (the Kemetic-Kongo Cross/Cosmogram), to get what I want, that produces clear and tangible results every.

I discovered this process after repeating affirmations, chanting mantras, and visualizing and getting no results.

Now, one of the things I noted when I recommended to others to use the “4 Steps to Get What Want” process.  Is that most peoples ‘ “woke-ness” hinders their progress. So, hopefully this will make sense and help you in your growth.

How to Get MAAT to Teach You Balance, Holistic & Magickal Thinking

22 06 2021

Maa and Holistic Thinking

“How to get Maat to teach you balance, holistic and magickal thinking” is an important video that will help you to spiritually develop.  This is because a lot of what is riding on Maat deals with faith in yourself.

In this video, I share how Maat taught me this skill and how I use it in everyday life. I hope you enjoy it.    

Juneteenth DOES NOT RESTORE Maa (Balance)!

22 06 2021

Juneteenth and Maa

Juneteenth Does Not Restore Maa (Balance)! In fact, I am appalled at how many people really do not understand history.  From my understanding, after Lincoln emancipated the enslaved. Two years later, the news was received in Texas and they referred to it as Freedom Day. 

Now for the record, I have mixed feelings about this because I understand the need to celebrate the end of physical bondage. However, I know that historically right after this event. Many Blacks had to return to the same slave masters for employment, where they received even less pay for their labor.  In other words, here’s the start of the wealth gap that is haunting us today. You see, the former slave owner now had to pay wages of let’s say $0.20, while he made $40.00 off of goods.  So, do you think we should be celebrating Juneteenth which marked the beginning of financial slavery?  I don’t think so either. That’s not Maa (Balance, Righteousness, Truth). 

Basically, there’s a lot of people who don’t understand what Independence means. 

Are Ghosts Real? Do Ghosts Really Exist?

21 06 2021

Do Ghosts Really Exist?

“Are Ghosts Real? Do Ghosts Really Exist? Should We Be Afraid?” According to the film industry, ghosts are malevolent beings walking around haunting houses, and scaring the bejeezus out of people, but are they real? In this short video, I explain what ghosts are from my Kamta spiritualist perspective.  I also explain the role that ghosts play in our lives and how to deal with them. 

I hope you enjoy this very short video.

Two Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

21 06 2021
Summer Solstice Celebration
The Repaired Eye of HRU (Horus)

In case you did not know, the summer solstice is upon us and I have “Two Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice.”  Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Historically, this celestial event occurred before the rising of Sirius, which marked the inundation of the Nile River. As a result, in ancient Kemet, it marked the beginning of the New Year.  I enjoy festivities and for the longest time, I have looked at ways of making celestial events engaging without bastardizing their spiritual significance.  Here are a couple of ways that I plan to celebrate Summer Solstice. I hope you enjoy it.

What is the Purpose of Spirituality?

21 06 2021

“What is the Purpose of Spirituality?” For starters, there are a lot of misconceptions about what it means to be spiritual. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I thought being spiritual was like being like the 1970s sitcom Kung Fu character Kwai Chang Caine. I remember according to the show, proof of mastery was that Caine could walk on rice paper and not leave a footprint.  So, as a kid, I tried to walk around the house as if I was walking on rice paper. 

Is Your spiritual purpose to be a monk?

In fact, I thought that being spiritual meant you had to join monkhood, train under a yogi or adopt some type of extreme ascetic practices.

Fortunately, I discovered before it was too late that these were two spiritual paths, which I discussed in Maa Aankh.  Actually, there are numerous spiritual paths that one can walk to become enlightened. 

So, I hope you enjoy the video and that it helps you in your spiritual walk.


4 06 2021

Baptism and Initiation

In the “THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF-INITIATION” video, I share my personal experience of how I was self-initiated after failing to receive the Holy Ghost via baptism (a formal initiation).  What I did not share in the video were the numerous times I was told that I needed to be initiated.  Thankfully, my mentor Papa warned me against this spiritual manipulation and helped me to understand my path.

As a result, I am so glad that I was self-initiated because I know now that everything I learned. I seriously doubt if anyone could have taught me about the Maa Aankh and my Kongo ancestry.  It was based upon this experience that I know that initiation is for those who need to be put on the religious path for whatever reason. While self-initiation is for those who are already on the path and have been Called to chart a new course to heal their ancestral line, community, people, etc.

I strongly suggest that if you are on the road to self-discovery to watch this video on “The Importance of Self-Initiation” to get a better understanding of your path.

HOW TO setup an altar for the Netcharu (Neteru) the Kemetic Shaman Way

4 06 2021


In this video, “HOW TO setup an altar for the Netcharu (Neteru) the Kemetic Shaman Way” I share how to set up an altar for the Netcharu (Neteru) from a Kemetic Shaman perspective. What a lot of people don’t tell you about spirits, deities, gods/goddesses, saints, etc., is that you cannot just walk up to them, make an offering, ask for something you want, and expect to get it. Hollyweird makes it seem so simple but spirits are no different from people. If someone walked up to you and gave you the things you like and asked for a favor, would you help them?

So, you have to establish a rapport with them.  Here are some general instructions that can be adapted and modified for any of the Kemetic netcharu or deities and spirits you are working with.  For the record, based upon my experience, the Netcharu are not gods and goddesses but laws and principles of nature, NTR, or Netchar.  The laws or principles of Netachar exist throughout the Universe and within our being. Our spirit guides will help us to work with the netcharu and its spirits, but you have to establish a rapport to do so. Once you do, there will be little subtle signs that the spirits will give you. That will let you know there is a bridge built between you and them.   

The altar setup that I am sharing in this video is for the Npu (aka Anubis in Greek), who is the Kemetic equivalent of the Santeria Ellegua and Palo Monte Lucero.  Although, this is a mock altar and I am sharing general instructions.  If you are working with your ancestors and spirit guides, you will get the general idea of how to setup an altar space for any netcharu, deity, god/goddess, saint, etc.  

I like this altar setup the most because it grows over time and really works when you connect with the spirits of Npu. Once you establish a connection with your Npus, they will ask for more tools to assist you. For instance, as you can see in the photo, there is an open padlock (to unlock doors denying you access), a key (to open all doors), etc.  As mentioned in the video, the earth inside of this altar can come from your front door, cemetery, bank, place of business, etc. 

I also discussed simple rituals that you can use to petition the netcharu using candles, as well as how to pay your spirits for their assistance.  

I hope you enjoy “HOW TO setup an altar for the Netcharu (Neteru) the Kemetic Shaman Way” and that the video is helpful.

How to Discover Your Kemetic Spirit Guides

29 05 2021

Spirit Guides are all around us.

In “How to Discover Your Kemetic Spirit Guides” I share how I moved from Christianity to Kemetic Spirituality with my spirit guides’ help. This is a very interesting topic because most of us born and raised in a Protestant Christian society, have been taught to only believe and follow the preacher.  Anything in regards to spirit work, psychic talents, following your intuition, etc. was greatly discouraged and is often discounted as “works of the devil.”  However, if you are willing to spend time developing your skills and follow the signs. Anyone can wade through the b.s. and discover their Kemetic spirit guides, which are ancestral spirits who may come from different cultures, but what I have learned are totally unique to those of us who are following the Kemetic path.

Where to Place Altars in a State of War?

29 05 2021

We are constantly under attack so “Where to Place Altars in a State of War?” offers a few tidbits on how to stay vigilant.

How I Honor My Ancestors the Kemetic Shaman Way

23 05 2021

In How I Honor My Ancestors the Kemetic Shaman Way, I share from my personal experience how to build three ancestral altars.  I have used all three altars, and currently I am empowered by the third because it honors my Kongo-Angolan ancestry.

Afro-American burial enclosed in seashells, 1975, South Carolina.

Afro-American burial enclosed in seashells, 1975, South Carolina. Courtesy of

The reason I like the third altar so much is because  it is a play on the term KAMTA, it honors our ancestors who courageously stole away during slavery and met in the fields, and hush harbors to worship, and. It draws heavily on the Maa Aankh and the dikenga dia Kongo (Kongo Cosmogram).

The Difference Between Maa & Maat Part 1

16 05 2021

The Maa Aankh:A Kemetic-Kongo Cosmogram as revealed by Oset (Isis)

16 05 2021

The Maa Aankh:A Kemetic-Kongo Cosmogram as revealed by Oset (Isis)

6 05 2021

What to Do When Your Spidey (Psychic) Sense Goes Off

25 04 2021

Psychic sense

What to Do When Your Spidey (Psychic) Sense Goes Off. First, what is a “Spidey sense”? Well it is a reference to the Marvel character Spider-Man. Whenever he senses troubles his hairs stand up.  For me, I get a real strong tingling sensation in my head.  It is almost as if he someone hit me in the back of my head. Do you have a Spidey sense?  So do you know what to do when your Spidey (Psychic) sense goes off?

Spidey Sense

Something is not right!

I remember one night I was watching TV with my family and my daughter had fallen asleep in my arms. She was sound asleep for a while and then all of a sudden. She jolted up and let out a piercing scream as if someone had frightened her. Shortly after she fell back asleep.  

It was obvious that she was having a nightmare but it was also a clear sign that there was a spiritual intruder inside the house.   According to the Maa Aankh, whenever we have something that is alarming, it signifies the Ra Moment, which symbolizes warriors, first responders and those who respond to emergencies.

Maa Aankh with Utchat

This was good to know because when my Set is in the corner saying, “That herbal stuff doesn’t work”. 

So, I went into psychic defense mode. Immediately a grabbed a glass of water and put these traps around the bed to catch wayward spirits and thoughts. I took some salt and blessed it, then sprinkle it in the corners of the house.  I looked and I didn’t have any ammonia and I didn’t have time to make any Rompe Zaraguey tea but I did have some Rompe Zaraguey spirit water, so I sprinkled this throughout the house. Then, I took some garlic skins and prayed my intention over them to remove negative energies and forces that were not welcomed.  Next, I threw the garlic skins on the hot stove and then I got some fresh coffee. I prayed the same intention over it and then I sprinkled it on the hot stove. 

As the smoke of both garlic skins and coffee wallowed in the air. One of my guides told me to take some of the tobacco, chew it and spit it inside a spray bottle. I also added freshly chewed garlic, some water and some more of the Rompe Zaraguey to the bottle. Then, I proceeded to spray the mixture around the house. While spraying I encountered the spirit that was not supposed to be here because my Spidey sense went off.

I couldn’t see the spirit but I could sense it. Now, for the record, spirits are going in and out of our homes all the time. Most of them time, these spirits are grateful, helpful and the bulk of them are just passing through. Spirits from various spiritual levels enter our home and they will try to assist or offer a helping hand. This spirit that triggered my psychic sense was not about that. It like most negative and chaotic spirits was attempting to take over because it was parasitic, which is why I refer to them as aapepu.

So, with my spiritual gun (the spray bottle) loaded with some of the most offensive psychic essences ever.  I told the spirit it was not welcome and that it had to go because it was not abiding by house spiritual rules, which I set up when I began working with ancestor spirits. Anyway, to make a long story short. The entity finally left and I could sense it outside my front door.  I knew that by daybreak it would be completely gone. After about an hour had passed, I prayed over some cinnamon powder to make the home peace and pleasant. Then, I threw it on the hot stove and later went to bed.

Now this got me thinking on if people knew the spiritual powers of many of the household items we have. So I decided to make a list of the common items in our home that can be used for psychic self-defense.  So when your Spidey (Psychic) sense goes off you can use the following.

For Psychic Defense:

  • Salt – absorbs negative energy
  • Coffee – burn on stove to remove blockages. Can be brewed and used as a spiritual bath.
  • Garlic skins – removes negative spirits
  • Onion skins – removes negative spirits
  • Cayenne (Red) Pepper – for quick protection and to discourage physical contact sprinkle power around your house.
  • Ammonia – used as a floorwash or spray to chase negative spirits away
  • Tobacco – chases away spirits.

For Psychic Blessings:

  • Cinnamon powder- used to make home more inviting
  • Brown Sugar – used to make home sweet
  • Allspice – encourages pleasantness
  • Ginger powder – used to increase personal power, luck and stop nightmares
  • Nutmeg – for luck and money
  • Bay Leaf – carry for luck.
  • Orange peel – you only need to burn a little to attract happiness in the home

Do you honor, venerate or worship your Ancestors?

11 04 2021

So, do you honor, venerate or worship your Ancestors? This is a question that I have asked years ago, but it is also a question that some people ask when trying to understand the importance of working with Ancestors. So, do you honor, venerate or worship your Ancestors?  The best way to answer this is by briefly sharing my story.

When I first started honoring my Ancestors, there was not a lot of information around on the subject. In fact, the only information on working with the Ancestors when I first picked up this practice was, Luisah Teish’s Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Practical Rituals and Awo Fa’Lokun Fatunmbi’s Iwa-Pele: Ifa Quest: The Search for the Source of Santeria and Lucumi. These two books were basically the only books in English at the time that actually explained how to do the setup. All of the other books were in Spanish and were written for the growing Santeria/Lucumi community. Most of the other books written in English were typically about Haitian Vodun, and. Most authors focused primarily on how odd and different working with the Ancestors was compared to western religious ideas. This is why it trips me out when I hear ‘other’ people saying they have been working with the Ancestors for x, y years and taught to them by their grandparents.

Because I am like, where were you at when Blacks and Latinos were being ridiculed and persecuted for working with their Ancestors? I am not saying that there aren’t any people who were legitimately working with their ancestors, for the record. But as I mentioned before, working with the Ancestors is a popular topic. Many people are just on the bandwagon just to make money, but I digress.

When I started working with my ancestors since there was not much information published, and there were not many elders who were publicly around that practiced it. I learned about this practice through trial and error.

Malcolm X Spirit Guide

When I first started working with my paternal grandfather, maternal great-grandparents, and Malcolm X on my small shrine. When I was working with Malcolm, I had read his autobiography a few years before Spike Lee’s Malcolm X film debuted. I remember I had emulated Malcolm so much that I found myself wearing glasses even though I don’t wear glasses. Then, I stopped eating pork and even imitated how Malcolm spoke and his mannerism. Then, one day I discovered that Malcolm’s picture had fallen off of my little shrine. It was around the same time I had learned that Malcolm didn’t dance because Muslims didn’t believe in it. Dancing was one of the things that stopped me from converting to Islam because I knew in my heart that dancing was an ancient form of expression. When I heard someone saying that it was evil or making a commandment that you could not do, it was a big turn-off. I just left the church for this; there was no way I would get into something else that told me what I could and could not do.

Prince Ra Hetep

Then, I remember working with this Kemetic prince named Ra Hetep. I don’t know; for some reason, I thought he resembled me so, I got a picture of him, and I placed it on my shrine. Then, I would pour libations to my Ancestors and include him by asking for his help in understanding the Kemetic religion. When I worked with him, I found myself getting headaches for some reason. Still, I kept trying to mimic the Kemetic religion as best I could. Again, this was all trial and error.

Later, when I met my godfather and mentor, Papa. He taught me about Spiritism, and one of the things he told me was that I needed to restrict my time with my Ancestors. After a little while, I finally took Ra Hetep’s photo down, and I stopped working with him.

As I said before, a lot of what Papa taught me I didn’t understand until much later, but when I got it. That’s when I began to tie the terms with the practice.

So What’s the Difference Between Honoring, Venerating, and Worshipping?

I know that some people would disagree and say they are the same but to me.  But, when I asked others “Do You Honor, Venerate or Worship Your Ancestors?” I noticed that some people wondered but never really thought about it.   This made me really look at this spiritual practice so, I studied how people in Africa, China, and Latin America worked with their Ancestors.

Today if someone were to ask me, “Do You Honor, Venerate or Worship Your Ancestors?”  I would explain that to honor the ancestors means to remember them. When you honor the Ancestors, you are “remembering” who they were and give them the energy to continue their spiritual progress. To venerate the Ancestors is to pay respect to Ancestors, which means there are attributes that they possess that you admire. To worship the Ancestors is to give the Ancestor devotion, so the act of pour libations daily and calling their name is Ancestor worship.

When Papa suggested that I restrict my time with my Ancestors. He was telling me in so many words that I was giving devotion to the wrong Ancestors. I later learned that the problem I was having was that I was trying to work with Ra Hetep, although I had no connection to him. This was the reason I kept getting headaches. (Don’t ask me why. It didn’t make sense to me, but it happened.) It was also was attributed to me being stuck in mimicking the Kemetic religion and not growing.

I eventually was able to establish a rapport with Ra Hetep indirectly. Still, this experience helped me understand that there was a difference between honoring, venerating, and worshiping the Ancestors. It also helped me realize that what most people refer to as ancestors were their biological ancestors. However, we also have historical ancestors, cultural ancestors, mystical ancestors, and teaching ancestors that act and behave more like spirit guides.

Today, I honor my biological ancestors and give them energy to continue to spiritually grow. However, I venerate my spirit guides because these are the spirits that help me to deal with issues in my daily life. I think that when you venerate Ancestors who have not spiritually grown. They don’t contribute to your wellbeing. If they were selfish individuals, then if you venerate these individuals you take on their characteristics.  This in my opinion is the reason when you see people get the Holy Ghost. They return to their heathenistic ways once the Holy Ghost leaves because they are actually channeling a low ancestral spirit.  It is only a “holy spirit” because they refuse to study metaphysics and spiritism.

So, this might not work for everyone, but for me. I know my biological ancestors are spiritually growing because, as I have mentioned throughout my books and in previous blog posts. My grandmother helped me to discover the Maa Aankh. But, I know my grandmother did not know anything about the Kemetic religion or culture. She was a devout Christian, but she had a strong Kongo-Angolan influence like many Black people from the Mississippi Delta region. How did my grandmother help me connect the Kongo Cross to the Kemetic Ra philosophy and theology when she didn’t know anything about the Kemetic religion? She partnered with a Kemetic spirit guide. That is the only way.

This is why it is important to honor your biological ancestors regardless of where they were in life. That means respecting their religion and even offering them the foods they enjoyed in life, such as pork. They will help you as best they can because they do continue to love and miss you. But, if they can’t help you, they will get you to someone who can like a venerated ancestor. However, I recommend venerating your historical, mystical, and cultural ancestors who will help you elevate yourself and others.

3 Things You Should Do Before Setting Up an Ancestor Altar

4 04 2021

Ancestor altar

Based upon my experience, here are 3 things you should do before you setting up an ancestor altar, placing an ancestor altar, or make offerings to your ancestors (ancestor veneration). I came up with this list based on my own experience. I remember that when I first started honoring my ancestors. I remember I was in college, and I set up a little box at the foot of my bed. I remember I would place some food that I got from the campus’ cafeteria on the altar every day, but I never knew if the ancestors were pleased with the setup or the offerings. As time moved on, I would meet people from all over the world who honored their ancestors differently from how I did. When I inquired as to how, did they know when their ancestors were pleased? The people who would answer typically would go off on a tangent and tell me that the way I was doing things was incorrect.

After some years of trial and error and finally listening to my Spirits, I learned that there is no right or wrong way to honor your ancestors. There are really only three rules, and they are: 1) Honor your ancestors at least once a week, 2) Never place pictures of living individuals on the altar, and. 3) Never allow your ancestor altar to become dilapidated.

Everything else is optional and relative, which means the way that an individual honors their ancestors is based upon their discretion as it goes according to one’s feelings. In other words, an individual adds and subtracts things from their ancestor altar per their liking. I wish I had known this years ago, and I understand that I did not because I did not know how the ancestors communicated to me. This is why I list three things that you should do before you set up an ancestor altar.

Spiritual Tip #1:

Determine what type of psychic skills that you have.

Most people do not believe it, but we all have a psychic medium skill that we are born with. That is the ability to intuit information. This is the reason children and even animals know when changes are coming and occurring. Most of us are not aware of these psychic skills because we have been taught to suppress them in the West and only believe what we can physically see, touch, hear, smell, and taste. Consequently, when we hear the word psychic, we have all been programmed to think of some old lady with a crystal ball telling people that we will meet the love of our dreams, or something drastic is going to occur like we will turn into wolfman (laugh).

There are four types of psychic skills: mental (claircognizance/clairaudience), emotional (clairsentience), clairvoyance, and physical.   There are plenty of online resources that will help you determine your dominant skill but note that you can have all of these skills developed.

Spiritual Tip #2:

Develop this skill because this is how your Spirits will most likely communicate to you. I recommend that you spend at least a month developing this skill. So that you can distinguish when you are making messages and when your Spirits are communicating. Trust me, there is nothing worse than having your Spirits tell you of an opportunity that falls through your fingers. Or being warned of danger, but you plunge into the danger head first because you second, third, and fourth guessed yourself. So, develop this skill.

Spiritual Tip #3:

Finally, test your skill out for a test drive. Contrary to popular belief, most people who work with their Ancestors and Spirits are not your stereotypical medium who blindly follows superstitions. Most of us, like myself, are very skeptical, and we practice certain traditions because we have applied them and observed their efficacy. And, if you continue to follow this path, you will learn to do this each time Spirits communicate to you. So, test it out and see how if it works. Try having your Spirits tell you something based upon your psychic skill and, then, physically verify.

After you follow these three suggestions, you should be able to distinguish between your own voice/thoughts/emotions, your Spirits, and even negative energies. You will also know how to psychically defend yourself and block yourself from destructive influences. For more information on Spirits, check out my books Honoring the Ancestors the Kemetic Shaman Way, and, the Kamta Primer.

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings)

Why The Egyptian Book of the Dead is Obsolete

13 03 2021
Have you ever wondered why the Kemetic Pert em Hru doesn’t make sense?

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Fam.  Yes. I said it and I will say it again. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is Obsolete and the reason I said this is because in one of my earlier posts, “How Should Beginners Practice Kemetic Spirituality?” I stated how some people had asked me how they should start practicing Kemetic Spirituality. So I responded that I was against beginners studying the 42 Laws of Maat, (which are not laws but are declarations) and reading the Pert em Hru (the so-called Egyptian Book of Dead) because, in my opinion.  They are outdated and obsolete.

OMG! The responses I got from people were truly interesting, to say the least. I had Fam who wanted to lecture me on how I was not being spiritual and how ATR was not for me because I was promoting a microwave version of Kemetic Spirituality.

Egyptian Book of the Dead

For the record, I don’t do that back and forth stuff. I put forth my perspective and allow the other individual to put forth their perspective. If after stating my view a second time and allowing the other individual to express their perspective, we don’t see eye to eye. The road is closed, and it ain’t my job to open it. I do not argue beliefs. I talk about what I know. Not what I have read. Not what I think but what I have experienced because you can’t argue experience. You either have gone through it or not.

So let me clarify my position. I welcome anyone who has had a different experience to share their experience but here we go

I have recited the 42 Declarations of Maat, and I have read the Pert em Hru, and it did not stir my Spirit. As I have said in previous posts and writings, the Kemetic Religion is obsolete and DEAD. That is trying to do things the way the Kemetic people did it. Please HEAR ME. I did not say it does not work at all, but for me, personally, the Egyptian Book of the Dead is obsolete. 

None of these books, nor most of those archaic books of shadows that are alleged to be so powerful, will create a significant change in your life. This is because, like all of those ancient books of shadows that are alleged to be so powerful. Were written years ago by people who did not experience any of the things we are experiencing now.

map of Ancient Egypt

The Kemetic people for some centuries lived in isolation from the rest of the world.

Fam. The Kemetic people were a society of farmers. They lived in what could best be described as a desert oasis surrounded by mountains and very arid terrain. So, for hundreds of years, no one could cross that terrain with a military and take them over. The biggest issue they had was some skirmish with neighboring societies, which did not last long because it was peacefully squashed. Read and study the Kemetic history if you don’t believe me. When the Nile flooded, it gave the Kemetic people enough food for the entire year and then some, so their basic needs were provided. Look at Maslow’s diagram. The Kemetic people had food and security already taken care of, which meant after they did their daily civic duties. They could spend the rest of the daydreaming and pondering the universe. Think about that.

Now, let’s shift here. First, we have systemic racism we got to deal with, affecting the first four tiers of Maslow’s diagram. Then, we have the first tier that many in our community struggle with. 

Many of us are trying to do what the Kemetic people did, which is be at tier 1 Self-Actualization and 2 Esteem on Maslow’s diagram. When we haven’t even gotten off the ground yet.  This is the equivalent of trying to teach something to someone and they are homeless and starving.  We are trying to dream of a better society like the Kemetic people did when we have Fam in Flint. Michigan just trying to get water to drink and bathe in. Fam.  We don’t control our community. We don’t control the economy in the community. We don’t control the community politics or the politics to occur on a national level. We don’t control the narrative about our community, people, etc. We barely control our family, which we have to fight for every day against media and other trivial influences. I mean, we are getting attack from every level (or at least it feels like it) and, you are telling me reading the Pert em Hru will save us? That learning how to turn into a golden hawk will save our family or someone in our community? I don’t think so.

There is not a spell in the Pert em Hru or any of the ancient texts that say “How to Stop Racism.” Ok. That’s not fair you say. Well, there is not a spell in the Pert em Hru Coffin Text, etc. that says “How to Become Prosperous.” Why? Because the Kemetic people didn’t think of prosperity, money, and wealth the way, we do. They didn’t live in a capitalistic society. They were not enslaved. They were not oppressed. They were not discriminated against because of the hue of their skin.  Are you starting to get the picture? 

So, let me repeat it.
The so-called Egyptian Book of the Dead is Obsolete. Meaning it does not and will empower us. It is outdated, which means the most powerful Kemetic rituals and spells are the ones you haven’t created yet.  They are the rituals and spells that you will receive from working with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides today.


I can attest to this because, as I have said before. 

Konog Dance

Through working with one of my Ancestors, I connected with a Spirit Guide who helped me solve the riddle in the Story of Ra and Oset (Isis), which led to the discovery of the Maa Aankh. Mind you,  did not know anything about the dikenga so that’s how I know it was Ancestral intervention. Ra Oset and Maa Aankh

We need to accept that we live differently from our Kemetic ancestors, so the same things they did do not apply some 4000 years later. We need to really understand that the Kemetic sages didn’t leave a textbook on how to practice their religion because they didn’t want people idolizing them and practicing their religion. It’s that simple.

When we ignore our Set just for a minute, we will see that there is a lot of updating that needs to be done. For instance, some of us need to recite a new commandment stating: “I do not condemn my Fam, just because I disagree with him/her.” “I do not condemn my Fam because of the complexion of his/her skin and the texture of his/her hair.” “I will not get in the bed with the enemy (like bait and switch Jay Z ) for selfish reasons and individual gain,” “I love and honor myself as a reflection of the Divine.” These are some of the declarations that we need today because it addresses our issues.

Understand. It is more efficient for you to work with your spirits than to do what our Kemetic Ancestors did thousands of years ago because it is more relevant. Your Aakhu (Ancestors and Spirit Guides) are more aware of the things you have to go through in this lifetime because they recently went through it in the past 100 or so years. This is more relevant than anything that the Scribe Ani or any of the Ancestors in Kemet had written about.

As I have said before, my Ancestor connected me with a Kemetic Spirit Guide. That’s how I discovered the Maa Aankh cosmogram. I didn’t know anything about the Kongo dikenga.  So, I believe that we need to simply work with our Ancestors and Spirit Guides instead of trying to do what the ancients did because we think it is more powerful.

If you are interested in learning more check out Maa Aankh volume one and two.


What Does Kemetic Spirituality mean to me?

28 02 2021
Kemetic priest and Ethiopian priest
Author unknown

Before I explain what does Kemetic Spirituality means to me, I must first define what Kemet is. As most of us know, Kemet or KMT is the name that the Ancient Egyptians called themselves. First, KM, Kem or Kam, means “black,” which refers to how the soil changed colors and became black after the annual flooding of the Nile River. Consequently, as our great ancestors of history, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (December 29, 1923 – February 7, 1986), Dr. John Henrik Clarke (January 1, 1915 – July 16, 1998), Dr. Yosef Alfredo Antonio Ben-Jochannan who is better known as Dr. Ben (December 31, 1918 – March 19, 2015), and many others have stated, the Kemetic people called themselves Black People.

Referred to the 4 Races of the World

Artist rendering of the so-called four races of the world: a Libyan (“Themehu”), a Nubian (“Nehesu”), an Asiatic (“Aamu”), and an Egyptian (“Reth”). An artistic rendering, based on a mural from the tomb of Seti I.

However, I would like to expound upon this concept from a metaphysical perspective. While I agree that the Kemetic people did call themselves “Black People” and were very detailed in reporting historical events.  The Kemetic people were not racist. I do not believe that the Kemetic people discriminated against others based upon their ethnicity or their skin’s hue, as taught through Western racism. This is why I call the above illustration the so-called Four races of the world.

The Kemetic people depicted all of the people they encountered (including themselves) the way they were to highlight cultural similarities and differences.  You see, by the time the above “Four Races” illustration was created, Kemet had become a cosmopolitan society consisting of numerous ethnic groups, cultures, tribal nations, or clans.

Nefertiti was white?

Interesting these researchers were happy to report how Nefertiti looked according to their reconstruction, but fail to mention that Nefertiti was Assyrian who married into the Kemetic royalty.

Many archeologists and historians either unintentionally or deliberately (I side with the latter) err in reporting who the Kemetic people were. It is a classic case of academic cherry-picking.  This err is made by not indicating that Kemet had an indigenous population who migrated from the south or Kush (Ancient Nubia). This migration occurred hundreds of years before the Kushites conquered Kemet.  You see, by failing to mention this, it gives the impression that all of the Kemetic people looked like the Nefertiti bust above.

There were other ancient Africans who migrated to Kemet as well, which all contributed to the Kemetic people’s racial identity. Therefore, when these so-called scholars and scientists are researching the Kemetic rulers’ mummified remains. When we put it in perspective, these scholars are studying the mummified remains of a particular tribal clan that ruled Kemet at that time.

To understand this ruse, let’s say a million years in the future, archeologists and historians decided to research the skeletal remains of the first U.S. president. Then, they choose to dig up other presidents and conduct research on their remains. Then, they compile all of their research and announce to the future public that, “We have concluded that the ethnicity of the American people is that they were of European descent.”

Is this accurate? Of course not. It is not valid because, in the United States alone, their research does not include the indigenous Americans (the Amerindians), nor the numerous Africans brought of the States. It also does not include the multiple ethnic groups that migrated to the United States voluntarily. This research does not include the diverse populations in Canada and Mexico, which are also a part of America.

Yet, this is the type of research and reporting that modern archeologists and egyptologists do all of the time, which creates a false narrative of the Kemetic people.  Understand that this is not about making Kemetic Spirituality about race.  It is about Eurocentric scholars refusing to acknowledge race and give an accurate depiction of what Kemetic Spirituality was all about.

hairstyles of africans and kemetic people

This is why we cannot exclude race and ethnicity from the discussion when trying to understand and explain what Kemetic spirituality means.

Bantu beadwork

When we keep in mind that the Kemetic people consisted of numerous ethnicities, tribal nations, and clans.

African hairstyles

It helps us to understand what Kemetic Spirituality was, how it was practiced and how it is practiced today.

Beaded collars

This is why we find the continuation of the Kemetic culture thousands of years later after Kemet has fallen because Kemet played host to numerous ethnic groups.

Ethiopian priest and leopard pelt

It is the reason why Sir E. A. Wallis Budge stated in Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection (1911):

“There is no doubt”, he said of Egyptian religions in Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection (1911), “that the beliefs examined herein are of indigenous origin, Nilotic or Sûdânî in the broadest signification of the word, and I have endeavoured to explain those which cannot be elucidated in any other way, by the evidence which is afforded by the Religions of the modern peoples who live on the great rivers of East, West, and Central Africa . . . Now, if we examine the Religions of modern African peoples, we find that the beliefs underlying them are almost identical with those Ancient Egyptian ones described above. As they are not derived from the Egyptians, it follows that they are the natural product of the religious mind of the natives of certain parts of Africa, which is the same in all periods.”

Why did these numerous ethnic groups leave Kemet and scatter throughout the African continent? The same reason people migrate from one region to another in modern times. It was to escape civil unrest, war, and jihads.

When I take all of this into consideration, and someone asks me what KMT, Kemet, or Kam Ta Spirituality means to me. The term KMT, Kemet or as I like to call it Kam Ta, which means the “Black Lands,” is also a  metaphysical reference to all of the Kemetic people’s ancestry.

The Black Lands refers to the soil and a connection to that which is hidden and unknown. We all go to KAM TA every time we close our eyes, and when we open our eyes, we see that we are different shapes, sizes, complexions, etc., but when we close our eyes. We are all the same, united by the cloth of darkness like the pitch night sky. What do you see in the night sky? Stars, which are our Ancestors, symbolized as Osar (Asar, Osiris).

Kemetic cosmogram

From this perspective, if we all emerge from the same Source of Blackness, we are all ancestral spirits from this fertile realm who have incarnated to the physical realm or TASETT.

So what does Kemetic Spirituality means to me? Well, to me Kemetic Spirituality is about reconnecting and communicating with our Ancestral Spirits responsible for bringing us all together.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Maa Aankh.

Why Are You So Fascinated with Kemetic Spirituality?

28 02 2021

Fascinated with Kemetic Spirituality

Have you ever wondered why you are so fascinated with Kemetic Spirituality, especially at this particular time? Have you ever wondered you are the only one in your family fascinated with Kemetic history and the Kemetic gods?  Have you ever really sat down and contemplated why you are probably the only one in your family who has the Pert em Hru (the so-called Egyptian Book of the Dead) or the Kemetic bible?

Isn’t it obvious? You know why you are so fascinated with Kemetic Spirituality, but you refuse to tell your Set (ego) to shut up and sit down. So, you go from place to place, reading this book and that book, and listening to this lecturer and that lecturer, in search of someone to validate what you already know.

The reason you are so fascinated with Kemetic Spirituality, Kemetic history, the Kemetic gods, the Kemetic religion, etc. is because you used to live there.

You have been here before

What did you do while you were there is not really important. What’s important for you to understand is that you used to live there thousands of years ago, and. The reason you are so fascinated with Kemetic Spirituality, Kemetic history, the Kemetic gods, the Kemetic religion, etc. is because you are trying to re-member the system you developed, learned, and/or studied while you were there.  This same system is what you taught to your family, and others within your ancestral line, which became your family’s and your peoples’ culture.

Yes. This is the reason you are the odd one in your family. It is also the reason you are the spiritual ambassador of your family.  Understand, your fascination with Kemetic Spiritual is not a coincidence.  You are here by choice, but also by Divine design.

So Fam, stop pussyfooting around with your Set who enjoys seeing you go around in circles chasing your tail and call upon your Aakhu (Ancestors and Spirit Guides). The world is in need of your Light now Hru (Hero/Heroine), so let’s set the world ablaze!

Need your light

Feel free to share the Light you brought in this incarnation in the comment section below.

How Should Beginners Practice Kemetic Spirituality?

18 02 2021

NPU (Anpu, Anubis) – the Kemetic Guardian Spirit of the Roads and Opener of the Way (Apuat)

So, the other day I was asked by someone “How should beginners practice Kemetic Spirituality?” or at least if they should begin by reciting the 42 Laws of Maat and reading the Pert em Hru (the Book of Coming Forth By Day also known as the so-called Kemetic Book of the Dead).

I told them that first of all, that Kemetic Spirituality differs per individual because it is based upon an individual’s spiritual maturity and understanding.   I remarked that when I started practicing Kemetic Spirituality, how I even thought that reciting the 42 Negative Confessions (also called the 42 Laws of Maat) and reading the Pert em Hru was a requirement to practicing Kemetic Spirituality.   Later on this path,  I discovered that it was not.   Reading and reciting the 42 Laws of Maat and read the Pert em Hru is an old fashion and outdated way to practice Kemetic Spirituality. What do I mean?

Let me explain.

Kemetic Spirituality is not like the Judeo-Christian religions where you read the testimonies about God and believe that the same thing will happen to you. For example, you are not going to read about how God wanted to test Abraham’s faith and asked him to sacrifice his son. Then, in return for Abraham’s obedience, he blesses Abraham, which means that if we have an undying faith God will bless us as well.

No. Not in Kemetic Spirituality.

To me, Kemetic Spirituality is about ordination and ritual. You either have gone through ordination and/or ritual, or you have not. For instance, when I tell you that whenever I feel like things are jammed up or that I feel blockage because “my way” is closed. So I call upon Npu (Anubis) to open the way for me by spraying some rum on his image, then blowing three puffs of cigar smoke, lighting a candle, and offering him some candy.

Essentially, what I have just done is 1) introduced you to Npu by presenting to you a crossroad ritual and, 2) presented you with a crossroad situation.  Npu will now speak to you intuitively and say something like, “Do you want to know more? Do the ritual.”  Then, at that moment, you have just entered a crossroad situation, which is Npu’s domain because you can either choose to do the ritual to learn more about Npu, or continue to follow your egotistical path of familiarizing yourself with definitions, descriptions, etc. that you read in books and other resources based upon fear of the unknown.

Beginners Practicing Kemetic Spirituality

Npu (Enpu, Anubis) ApUat – the Kemetic Lord of the Roads Opening the Way to Live Truth

If you decide to take the leap of faith and do the ritual, you may not be able to explain why it works but you know that it works, and that is how you come to “know” this aspect of the Divine.  Your Ab soul ” your spiritual heart” will know Truth and will balance the feather of Maat (as depicted in the image above).

You see after you do the ritual will not stand around talking about that you believe Npu is the god of the underworld, and how he governs messages, beliefs, and all of those other descriptions that you read about him (description of Npu).  No. You will know firsthand who Npu and realize that this guardian spirit is a real entity because you had a direct experience with him.  You will also know after being introduced to him properly that the more you work with him, the better your understanding of him will be just like any other friendship and relationship you have.

This is what I mean when I say that Kemetic Spirituality is about going through ordination and/or ritual or not.  To me, Kemetic Spirituality is more about “knowing” and less about beliefs.  So, you can read the 42 Laws of Maat and the Pert em Hru, but that is just like reading the Holy Bible (Helios Biblios – Sun Book) because you are reading someone else’s testimony or scriptural account.  To be blunt, you will be reading the Scribe Ani’s scriptural account because some of these negative confessions will not relate to you in this lifetime.  For instance, “5. I have not stolen grain,” does not apply to you unless you pay people by grains,” and “34. I have not worked witchcraft against the King (or blasphemed against the King).” We don’t have a king for one, but the modern equivalent is a president, and did you see who the president was? In fact, what president has had our best interest?  So, do you see how these statements are not really relevant to us? These were issues that Ani overcame regarding his ego.

So, I would suggest that if a beginner wants to practice Kemetic Spirituality that they begin by simply learn to listen to their true self –personified as Osar (Asar, Osiris), and discipline their lower ego self personified – as  Set because this is the basis of Kemetic Spirituality.

Interested in practicing Kemetic Spirituality?  Check out Kamta: A Practical Kemetic Path for Obtaining Power and The Kamta Primer: A Practical Shamanic Guide for Using Kemetic Ritual, Magick and Spirituality for Acquiring Power.

Are You Really Called to the Kemetic Path?

7 02 2021
Are You
Npu (Anubis) weighing the Ab (Spiritual Heart/Sou)

Are You Really Called to the Kemetic Path? How do you know if you are or not? Well  before I answer, the other day I was listening to Oshay Duke Jackson – who did a video titled “Here’s The Real Reason Why The Black Church Doesn’t Cater To Black Men Anymore.” Like most of Oshay’s videos, this video was funny and hard-hitting because he states. The reason there are a kazillion churches in the black community versus the white community is that there are a lot of beta males setting up churches instead of being patient, waiting their turn, and working with the established alpha male pastor.

As I said, he was so on point because growing up as a preacher kid, I saw this trend all the time. Many people allege they were called to the ministry but because most black churches do not clearly define and explain what the calling is. Most people, especially men, assume that their calling means they are called to be a preacher.

This reminds me of one of my uncles who started a church and had church service in a school gymnasium. His parishioners were another one of my uncles, his kids, my uncle’s kids, and their kid’s friends. Ten people. Yeah! Ten people attended his church that was conducted in a gymnasium for years. I mean, clearly, read the signs.

Anyway, it sounds funny, but Oshay touched on something that I felt is not spoken on within our conscious and spiritual community. These same “I was called to the ministry” people (especially males) exist in the conscious and spiritual community as well. These dusty, so-called woke men are only about getting their shine and nothing else.

After watching the video, I commented to Brother Kushite Prince how these individuals have superimposed that same funky attitude into the spiritually conscious community. I told him how I remember talking to this brother who had a t-shirt business. He explained that out of all of the t-shirts he sold, the biggest sellers were Biggie, Tupac, and Bob Marley T-shirts. When I asked what about his Malcolm, Marcus Garvey, and other spiritual conscious shirts. He flat out told me that “conscious” dudes don’t buy anything. All they want to do is talk and waste his time. Basically, it is the women who buy most of his merchandise, which is why Biggie, Tupac, and Bob Marley T-shirts were his big sellers.

This is why whenever I meet a spiritually conscious vendor, I try to support them by buying at least something like some incense or anything. If I say I want to improve my community, I need to do it. You see, there is no reason to advertise buying black if you practice the principles of Maa, which encourage you to respect and love your environment.

This is why when I see people who are claiming to be about this Kemetic life, it makes me want to ask them, “Are you sure you were called to this path?”

Understand. I am not here to judge, but it really gets on my nerves to see people (mostly men) talk about the glories of Kemet. Yet, they aren’t supportive of those who are doing the work. Instead, they would rather sit or stand around complaining about how they are put down or oppressed and argue about how much knowledge they got versus someone else.

This is why I keep stressing that your name change, your attire, the food you eat, and all of the books you have read don’t make you Kemetic.  I mean think about, if you ate some meat or if you don’t wear an ankh, do you really think this matters in the afterlife? No. What does?  If you said,  the concepts and principles that you live by or the Maa, you are absolutely correct.  This is the only thing that matters.  This is the reason you incarnated to this planet. This is the reason you are here. 

Family. Remember that Christianity was inspired by Kemetic Spirituality. So, when they say that your Christian life makes your light shine, it is more accurate in Kemetic Spirituality.  I am saying this because many people are into this Kemet thing but ain’t doing any kind of work on their soul.

I mean, one of the reasons I left the church was that they did not have a spiritual technology that would help you develop spiritually. In all of my books, I talk about how the church’s remedy to everything was to give your life to Jesus and pray. But everything in life does not follow this same cookie-cutter pattern. That’s why when crack cocaine hit the streets in the mid-1980s, this cookie-cutter salvation didn’t work for a lot of us. It didn’t work for me, which is why I got out of it and found my salvation through Kemetic spirituality.

If you are really about Kemetic spirituality, it ain’t no joke because your Spirits are brutally honest and don’t do that Christian sugarcoating. (The negative Spirits do because many of them are delusional, but I will save that for another post).  We always see images of Npu weighing the spiritual heart or Ab on the scale, but this is because They (the Spirits) don’t hold back and will tell you what you don’t want to hear so that you can grow. They will say to you, “Man/Woman. The reason you can’t get no mate is that you got some conditionings you got to deal with.” If you don’t understand this or if this sounds foreign, you may need to question if this is your path.

Are You Really Called to the Kemetic Path?

Our Spirits guide us in life and in death.

So are You Really Called to the Kemetic Path? Better yet, how do you know are really Called to the Kemetic Path?

Answer: Synchronicities, or as they say in the church, “God doesn’t give you a vision without making provisions.” In other words, you know if you are called to the Kemetic path because you will receive signs indicating that you are on the right path.  In fact, this is when you will meet and see your guides.  If it is meant to be your Spirits will make things fall into place, unlike my uncle who was struggling to maintain a church by renting a school gymnasium. 

The point that I am trying to make is that if you want “change,” then you need to put in the work to make it happen.  What the church calls your ministry, which I refer to as your maa (personal truth, balance, order, etc.) is reflective of the Maa.  If you are serious about Kemetic Spirituality, you need to overcome your ego and work with those trying to improve the community’s conditions. Stop trying to do things just to get recognition and do it because it needs to be done. Stop waiting for someone else to do it, and do it yourself. Stop publicly criticizing one another just because you don’t see or agree with the vision given to someone else. Resolve all conflicts by consulting the Ancestors, and be prepared to fight for what you have earned.

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings).

How to Make Christmas Spiritual (Winter Solstice)

13 12 2020


The question some people ask me is “Why do you want to Make Christmas Spiritual (Winter Solstice)?” It is because every year I receive comments and questions on the origin of Christmas and how it corresponds to the Winter Solstice. Most of these questions are usually from Fam who has left the Church and is now interested in the Kemetic spiritual paths. A lot of times, these individuals have children who are mesmerized by the glitter and lights celebrating Christmas. Although most of us know that the real reason for Christmas is not the bustle and hustle.  Many of us struggle with how to reweave our ancestral ways into this season.  In other words, many of us struggle with how to make Christmas spiritual, so that our children will partake in it when they get older.

I wrote last year How to Celebrate the Birth of Hru (Winter Solstice) and several other Winter Solstice post in the previous years.  But, this year, I wanted to write the How to Make Christmas Spiritual (Winter Solstice) post to give you more insight into the origin of Christmas.  The hope is that your Spirits will guide you so that you can make Christmas more spiritual for you and your loved ones.

What is Winter Solstice?

As most of you know, December 21st marks the beginning of Winter Solstice, which continues to the 24th of December.  

If you are not familiar with this period, astronomically during this time of the year, the days become shorter and the nights longer because the Sun has reached its lowest point. Thus giving an allusion that the Sun is standing still, hence the Latin name for this period, solstitium – “Still Sun”.

Immediately, after December 25th, the Sun begins to rise until it peaks in the summer months between June 21st to June 24th, which is called the Summer Solstice.

The Transformation to Legend & Myth

Now during the Winter Solstice, because many of our ancestors were agriculturalists, ancient astronomers, scientists and who observed nature like a hawk because they depended upon Nature or Netchar (Netjer/God) for their physical survival. They codified their scientific understanding into myth so that everyone recognized it as being a sacred event. The first civilization to implement this according to history was the Kemetic people who associated the rising Sun with their hero Hru (Heru, Horus).  

One thing that should be understood is that the Kemetic people never interpreted their legends and myths literally. They always understood that the gods and goddesses were symbols of aspects within their spirit. Therefore, when foreigners visited Kemet and saw the grand celebrations of the Sun’s return but were ignorant of the Kemetic culture, Kemetic science, and Kemetic spirituality. These individuals interpreted the rising Sun as a returning messiah and they took this misunderstanding back to their respective lands and reinterpreted the event per their cultural understanding. Before you knew it, the Babylonians, and Persians, all had a similar celebration that celebrated their messiah. When the Greeks finally conquered the Persians, they modified the solstice lore to celebrate their hero Iesous Christos. Then, when the Romans conquered the ancient world they renamed Iesous Christos to Jesus Christ and officially made his birthday December 25th.  

Back to Spiritual Observance

tree of life christmas treeNow, for the longest time, I struggled with observing and practicing Winter Solstice, from Christmas because of all the cruelty committed by cultural Christians. That is those individuals who have claimed to be Christian by default who have perpetrated most of ill in the so-called name of god. I struggled because no matter how much I knew about the Kemetic origins and the Kemetic influence in Christianity. It was hard to separate the baby from the bathwater, sort-of-speak. It was even more difficult to do this for my child, but as I told you last year. I found a couple of ways to make Christmas spiritual.

Two suggestions that came to mind on how to make Christmas spiritual or rather return it back to a spiritual tradition is listed below:

 One of the recommendations is to decorate the Christmas tree as a Tree of Life (shown above). The star on the top of the tree symbolizes the top sphere is the Keter, or Osar (Osiris), and the other main ornaments represent the remaining spheres. The garlands and lights can be used to symbolize the Rau, while the other little ornaments can symbolize the spirits associated with those spheres. The bottom of the tree would symbolize the 10th Malkuth sphere or Geb, which is where you may want to place items or even petitions you want to physically manifest into your life.  

Chakra christmas treeAnother suggestion is to decorate the Christmas tree according to the chakras. Instead of the top star symbolizing Keter it can represent the Crown chakra. The bottom of the tree would symbolize the lowest chakra or root chakra mulhadra.

Please note that these are just a couple of ways you can make Christmas spiritual.  Regardless of what you choose, it is important to understand that this period is a time of sharing, and giving. But most importantly, it is a time for contemplating, and reflecting on what you want to manifest like the Sun.

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings). 

Who Infiltrated Black Consciousness? Pt.1

28 11 2020


Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

Who Infiltrated Black Consciousness? Pt.1. Conscious used to mean “aware” of BS, but nowadays conscious people are more judgmental than anything. So, what happened? Well, I have said it before this Who Infiltrated Black Consciousness article, but the message fell on deaf ears, so I am repeating it again. 

Black Consciousness has been infiltrated and hijacked because people do not understand what consciousness means.  Everyone who claims to be conscious or woke is not conscious.  They wear all the things that will attract you such as the right hairstyle, say the right things, etc.  but they are missing a key element. 

Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?

Were you listening to me, Neo? Or were you looking at the woman in the red dress?

This is why as soon as you let these so-called conscious people in the circle. You find out that they are agents like the woman in red (in the Matrix) waiting for you to slip.  (See Why I Don’t Trust “Woke” People)

Look Again

Were you paying attention to me or the woman in the red dress?  Look Again!

Today “conscious” people are the most judgmental people I have ever met.  They will rock their ankh medallion, their natural hair, and even tell you how powerful and cool their Afrikan name is.   But as soon as you open your mouth and say that you disagree with them. They not only want to war with you but do everything they can to destroy you in the so-called name of “consciousness”.  Does that sound familiar? Yeah, replace “consciousness” with “God” and we will see this familiar narrative. 

Consciousness wasn’t always like this.  I remember some years ago, I was one of the first to say that Obama did not represent our community because he does not identify himself with the Black or African American culture. I said who gives a damn that he can play ball and sing Al Green songs, this does not make you Black. I said that our community keeps getting played like a grand piano because we do not have a true understanding of what our culture is.  We have a weak interpretation of what blackness is and, the enemy knows this.   This is why politicians can come into our community and say that they are Black so long as they look black, can dance, eat certain foods, etc. All while passing policies that focus on imprisoning or killing us. 

These were the teachers in the conscious movement in the 1980s.

Consciousness Back in the 1980s (l.r. top: Dr. John Herink Clarke, Dr. Yosef-Ben Jochannan “Doc Ben”, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Amos Wilson. bottom: Steve Cokely, Dr. Marimba Ani, Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima)

Remember, I told you Family that when I came into this thing. It was during the crack cocaine era of the mid-1980s.  My best friend and I used to listen to the public radio station in Detroit, where this guy would play Dr. Clarke, Doc. Ben, Dr. Jeffries, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Steve Cokely, Marimba Ani, Amos Wilson, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, and a host of others’ lectures.   At the time, X-Clan was the biggest rap group because they brought an entirely new dimension to hip hop. I mean people were still into PE, BDP, PRT, Brand Nubians, and Gangstarr because they rapped about politics, social justice, and consciousness mostly from the Five Percent teachings.  But, X-Clan came in heavy with the Kemetic and Yoruba traditions sprinkled with other esoteric teachings like Freemasonry. I mean one of their iconic songs opens up with a mojuba (a Yoruba prayer sung in many Afro-Cuban and Afro-American Yoruba houses) to Ellegua who alongside Anubis is mentioned constantly throughout the album.

Professor James Small

One Sunday afternoon after listening to a lecture on the radio.  My boy G and I heard that Professor Smalls was going to be speaking, and that’s how we got into the conscious community. After that, I remember going to see Dr. Jeffries and several other lecturers after that.   

Now we both had a deep love for Detroit because we saw how crack ravaged our community ‘with the quickness’.   After all, we were the children born after the initial white flight era, so we saw the devastation that was left behind.  We both wanted to do something to change things, so we joined several study groups, but we quickly noticed something.  What we noticed was that within the “conscious” movement that there were four stagnant groups of conscious people:

The first group of conscious Fam I encountered consisted of older Brothers and Sisters who were revolutionaries from the 1960s and 1970s.  Many of these individuals were ex-Black Panthers or ex-members or affiliates of other groups like the Black Liberation Army.  The problem we found with these Fam was that they were right about a lot of things but they had no physical means of funding their movement. This serious issue is parodied in the comedy I’m Going to Get You Sucka, with Clarence William Thomas III. 

The Future to Occupy Wallstreet

The second group of conscious Fam I encountered was also from the 1960s and 1970s.  These were the folks you hear about who claimed to have walked with Martin L. King Jr. in Washington.  (Not to be disrespectful but so did thousands of others according to the pictures, ya know?) Many of these Fam members were teenagers or kids during the Civil Rights era, so they understood a lot about politics. As a result, they had a lot of contacts mainly because these were the lawyers who helped bail them out during the sit-ins. 

The problem with these Fam was that they were so incredibly disconnected from the youth, that it was unreal.  I mean any new idea brought to them was quickly dismissed with a side order of “You young whippersnappers don’t understand”. Some of this can be seen in Spike Lee’s Drop Squad. 

The third group of conscious Fam I encountered was sponsored by younger Brothers and Sisters.  Many of them grew up like us under the Hip Hop influence, so they were either Five Percenters or at least familiar with Clarence 13X’s teachings. But, many of these young heads were all about smoking weed and being self-sufficient through selling T-shirts.  For the record, I have nothing against making and selling T-shirts or any of these businesses, but we need businesses that also employ others. In fact, any mention to these young Brothers and Sisters about college, working with politicians, or working for corporate America was met with “You are sellout!”, or “You must be a Mason or part of the Boule”!  I mean these cats had no wisdom at all. They had little respect for elders and spirituality including traditional African beliefs was a joke.  I mean a lot of these cats were really stuck on that conspiracy bit.  I am not trying to offend, just telling it how I saw it. 

Anyway, the fourth group of conscious Fam consisted of a mix of both but they were all about spirituality and esoteric stuff. So depending upon who you talked to would determine how they respond.  I mean you might get the same response but it was with a dose of things will get better if you meditate. Yes, many of these individuals in my opinion had superimposed Christian values in their Kemetic way.  It wasn’t as bad as when Martin joined the cult and changed his name to Sunflower. 

Brutha Shaquille Sunflower

I ended up joining the latter conscious group – the spiritually conscious group, which became the basis of my story (whew!). But, the thing was that all these groups had the same problem. All of these groups alleged to be “conscious” but they were not. They were simply INFORMED.

“Conscious” means you are aware so that when BS comes knocking on your door, you send it away but none of these groups were “Conscious”. All of these groups were riddled and covered with BS because they didn’t understand one thing. Slavery affected everybody on various levels, which means no matter how “Conscious” you claim to be. You still are affected by it subconsciously.

I didn’t tell you but the reason I joined the spiritually conscious group years ago was that there were various parts about the Story of Osar that really resonated with me.  In regards to being conscious, it was the understanding that Hru’s eye had been gouged out by Set. This is an allusion referring to the fact that the reason conscious folks cannot advance is that we have all been tainted with Set’s poison (of slavery, colorism, social conditioning, religious bs, socialism, capitalism, you name it).

Another allusion regarding Hru’s eye being gouged out is the idea of holism. If these groups all worked together, there is no telling what they could have accomplished but they didn’t for the same reason.

the mask of god: Deck a Rep (Horus Triumphant)

What people need to understand is that Hru is the hero/heroine and the symbol of consciousness in the Kemetic tradition because after failing to defeat Set.  He realizes he needs the wisdom of his/her father’s vizier, Djahuti (Tehuti, Thoth).  

Now, do not err as I did in assuming that Djahuti means older people or priesthood, because that is how I got duped into following people who allege to be priests (You can read about it and how I escaped that cult mentality in the Maa Aankh).  But, Djahuti refers to the Spirit of Wisdom, which is safer and easier accessed through divination oracles.

I made the pitch about using an oracle for divination a while ago because it is the only objective tool that we possess and cannot be swayed by Set. I explained how there are numerous types of oracles in the Maa.   I explained what oracles are from a mathematical probability perspective to eliminate the spookiness about them.  I even spoke about how in other cultures, oracles are widely used but in the West, they attempt to demonize them by alleging that they are fortune-telling devices. (See Why You Should Be Using An Oracle).

Black Lives Matter Coloring Book

Family,  the point is that if we used oracles, we would have been “conscious” of the various agents of Set like groups like BLM and their George Soros agenda.  See Dr. Frances Cress Welsing ‘s lecture on the Emasculation of Black Males.  

Black Line News - Black Line News -

Again, if an oracle was used we could have detected that John “Grandmaster Jay” Johnson of the NFAC (Not F*cking Around Coalition) was an either agent for Trump or a Spook sitting by the Door

John “Grandmaster Jay” Johnson of NFAC exposed as a Trump agent

Family.  So Who Infiltrated Black Consciousness? Well, we know that the FBI created and used COINTELPRO against our leaders, so why is it so hard to believe that they or some other entity is not doing the same thing now? 

As Talib Kweli said, “You a fool if you don’t think the govt hasn’t already tapped your line”.  So, what better time to use an oracle than now.  

We have entered the critical point and we cannot continue to rely on our wits and what we think. To do so will be very costly and detrimental to our objective. Get you an oracle and learn how to use it, so that we can defeat this enemy together. 


The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

22 11 2020

This is how most people think curses are placed.

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

This is how most people think curses are placed.

They would be surprised to know how most curses are really placed. So, in the Kemetic Understanding of How Curses, I will explain what the most common curses are so that you will know if you have been cursed and what to do about it. 

First, there are two types of curses, and the most prevalent one is called self-hexing. Now, as I have mentioned in my books, I was raised in an Apostolic Pentecostal home, which was a blend of sanctified, holiness, and pentecostal churches. Yep, my parents’ church did and their denomination did it all, speaking-in-tongues, shouting or the Holy Ghost dance (Check out Lesson 8:What is the Holy Ghost “Kemeticly” Speaking), and faith healing. We did everything except danced around with snakes!

Basically, what it means is that I was raised “Jesus only”, so everything was given to Jesus because everything else was of the devil.

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

It’s the Devil

Actually, my parents weren’t that bad but, we could not drink alcohol, smoke, gamble, and play card games, which were considered gateways to the devil.  In some churches the parishioners couldn’t listen to secular music, watch television, and had to dress very modestly.   Thankfully my parents weren’t that bad but my grandparents’ church was.   

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

Every time there was a problem, I was instructed to pray to Jesus.

Anyway, whenever you had a problem you prayed to Jesus. Whenever you had any concerns or worries, you took (prayed) to Jesus, and Jesus delivered so long as you obey his commandments. I was never sure what those commandments were because they always seem to vary from church to church.  But that is what it was like being raised in an Apostolic Pentecostal Christian home.

This meant that things like luck, good luck, bad luck, curses, etc. was not talked about in our household. It wasn’t that it wasn’t believed that they didn’t exist. It was that curses, hexes, etc. did not stand a chance against the “blood of Jesus” (Hayshaka aqua psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop…that was me speaking-in-tongues with a little P-Funk. Smile).

Kemetic Understanding of How Curses

Me Getting the Holy Ghost

Well, like I said. The “blood of Jesus”, which was blessed olive oil or blessed water, protected you from all sorts of spiritual maladies, as long as you followed Jesus’ commandment.  So, when I lost my faith in God and left the church, I lost my protection and was eventually cursed. After several herbal baths, the curses were removed, which I will discuss in a later post, but that whole thing got me wondering how do curses work and how are they removed.

What I learned was that our mind is composed of three parts which are like grocery store workers.
The conscious or Ab soul is the decision store manager, the subconscious or sahu (our lower self or personal spirit) is the store stocker, and the Superconscious of Ba (our Higher Self and all of the Infinite Spirits in the collective) is like the producer.

Now, I am not going to bore you with all of the details about these three parts. You can read about them here, but know that our subconscious is very impressionable for the early part of our life. By impressionable, I mean really logical and gullible. Don’t get me wrong, it is a remarkable faculty. It is responsible for maintaining all of the bodily functions that we don’t even think about like digestion, exchanging oxygen throughout the body, etc. One of its most important functions is the storing of memories – both the good and the bad. The issue is that because the subconscious is the seat of our emotions.  It categorizes everything based upon how we feel, like a child who does not like to eat vegetables.

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

The subconscious like children does not know what is best for them.

Notice children don’t think “This is good for me, so I will eat it”. Children say, “It tastes yucky” and will not eat it no matter how good they are for them. Well, our subconscious does this for everything, which is why it is called the lower mind and the Kemetic sages called it Set.

Anyway, if a belief is accepted by our subconscious. The Superconscious part of the mind interprets that belief as truth and produces it in our life. This is the reason you have to consciously surround yourself with positive and uplifting images that remind you of your Godliness.   If not, your subconscious will easily be swayed and will have you chasing yourself, and your Superconscious will manifest that reality.  (See Why I Said F*** the Universe to Manifest My Reality). 

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

If You Don’t Discipline Your Spirit/subconscious, your Spirit/subconscious will have you chasing nothing.

So most curses lead to self-hexing, which works on the understanding that our subconscious is very impressionable. If you make a strong enough impression, the subconscious of any individual will be affected. In other words, all it takes is for a disturbing image or message to be transferred and the curse will kick in.  Then the curse is fed through our fear.   If you understand this concept, then you will understand that we are constantly bombarded with disturbing images, which the subconscious simply stores based upon how we feel. For the record, one of the purposes of spiritual development is to strengthen the conscious mind, so that our subconscious is not so easily swayed.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, “How did I get this curse?” Remember that I said that the subconscious is very impressionable? Well, you could have picked up the curse from anywhere. All it takes is an image, word, a song, whatever to get into your subconscious and your fear will feed it.

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

Me in the doctor’s office.

For instance, every time I go to the doctor for a checkup and see all of those images posted on the wall of this illness, that side effect, etc. I am being cursed into self-hexing myself. I eventually had to start wearing charms to guard against this energy because if you don’t remind your subconscious of your Godliness. You will find yourself dwelling on various images and your Superconscious will make it a reality.

How Do You Rid Yourself of a Curse?

Well, the church folk had it partially right. You do have to give it to Jesus, which is what we know is nothing more than your Superconscious, but remember the Superconscious only produces what is believed. So, you have to replace the disturbing energy with another. In other words, impress a more pleasant and satisfying image/energy on to your subconscious.

This is not an intellectual feat, meaning you cannot intellectualize out of it. It is all about how you feel. For instance, water baptism removes all sorts of maladies because the subconscious knows that water is used for cleaning and removing filth. Herbal baths work the same way. The key is to make a strong impression on the subconscious to convince this part of you that you are blessed, healthy, prosperous, abundant, protected, etc., which is called changing your aura or auric body. If you were thinking does water baptism work this same way, you were right.  Water baptism changes your aura but Christians will not tell you this b/c then they would have to admit that they practice magick. 🙂

Kemetic Understanding of How Curses,

Christians be like “Yes, we practice magick but let’s let that be our secret”.

Ok, that’s the psychological babble. Spiritually speaking when you impress an idea upon your subconscious you are impressing it upon your spirit.  Once this is done, the Spirits are able to take instruction and manifest your request. 

Kemetic Understanding of How Curses

Spirits manifesting your desire once you discipline your spirit/subconscious.

BTW. The other curse which is actual hexing rarely occurs.  This is because it requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to perform, which most people simply do not have. So unless the individual who is hexing you is wealthy, you really have no need to worry about this type of cursing.

Curses are all about how you feel. Not about what you think, so don’t get it twisted. Failure to understand this is how a lot of people end up being cursed. 

The Kemetic Understanding of Curses

Refusing to understand it is not what you think but how you feel that activates curses.

So, if you “feel” like things are off. They probably are so take a bath, clean your house, refresh your altar, etc. to make things feel blessed, healthy, prosperous, protected, abundant, etc.  Erecting an altar to your ancestor and spirit guides is also a great way of impressing this message to your subconscious/spirit.  

Altar to the Netcharu (Guardian Spirits)

I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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Cube’s CWBA Exposes the BAD Spades Hand

17 10 2020

I never learned how to play poker, but I learned how to play spades. This is one of the worst hands in spades because there are no SPADES.

This is one of the worst hands to have in the game of spades because there are no SPADES, to win any books. Thus, a perfect analogy of how Ice Cube’s CWBA exposed the alleged allies and leaders within the Black community. 

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family. 

Bad Spades Hand

Those of you who played the game Spades know that one of the worse hands to have is the hand because without any spades you cannot win.  Well, this is a perfect analogy of what Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America or Cube’s CWBA  did. It exposed all of the so-call leaders who allege to be down for us. 

But, before explaining what I mean, my boy CultureFreedom89 was reminding me that Eva Longoria raised $50M for Obama’s campaign, and later when Obama was in office he began talking about naturalizing immigrants from Mexico who came over “illegally”? I don’t say this to hate on Longoria or the Hispanic/Latino community. My point is that she donated a large amount of money to Obama and he took care of those people who lined his pockets.

By the way, Obama did the same thing for the LGBTQ community as well, but why didn’t he do the same thing for his own people? Why is it that the only thing that people can say about Obama is that “We can tell our kids that being the president is possible”? 

Well, because we are not his people. He told you that all Americans are his people, which was code for whoever gives him “money” he is down with (BTW, this is the same thing that Biden is saying). 

Why did we expect Obama to do so much? Why do we expect any politician to do for us?  Because we are the only group of people in this country who doesn’t understand that politics is about business and not symbolism.  

Cube's CWBA

Maa Aankh with Utchat

In other words, metaphysically speaking we only see the top half of the Maa Aankh, which is only physical things (the illusion) with our solar eye at the Ra moment.

Cube's CWBA

When we only see life from the Right Eye we only see what is physically in front of us. When we only see with our Left Eye we see spiritual matters. When both eyes are united The Eyes of Ra provide a Holistic Perspective, thus allowing us to see everything and make strategic decisions.

We do not see behind the veil with our lunar eye at the Amun Ra moment, so we do not have a holistic perspective.  

For instance, we assume that because Obama was a brown-skinned man, who could play basketball in the white house, eat Five Guys, walk like a pimp, and sing an Al Green song (all symbols), that he would take care of Black People. Since 1964, we have been throwing our support behind people who never offer us anything tangible but symbols. 

Family. Let’s get real. 

Have you ever noticed that politicians only go to church, visit our community, and visit HBCUs during election time? If you noticed this it is because politicians know something that many of us refuse to acknowledge and accept, which is that we have no capital. We do not own a large number of businesses. We do not have strong political support. We do not have judicial or legal support. We do not have a strong devoted group of bipartisan leaders. We don’t even have a strong support for one another. We refuse to see ourselves as a nation within a nation with a common background and history despite our political and religious differences.  Therefore, we do not have a plan, and everyone else does not have a progressive plan for our community either. We have one thing and that is the symbol of HOPE. We HOPE that they (both political parties) will do right by us.  So, every politician knows to play against our bad spades hand of HOPE. They got all of the Aces, the Kings, the top Spades to trump any card, and both Jokers (the Wilds). 

In other words, our card hand is all based on sympathetic symbolism but no matter how we play that bad card hand. We ain’t going to win. We’ll be lucky to make one book with that hand. Most likely our opponent is about to run a Big 13 (take all the books) because most likely our partner can’t even play that right. 

In other words, while we’re playing with sympathy and HOPE. Our opponent is taking full advantage of us because we are vulnerable,  easy to be exploited, degraded, and can be oppressed by anyone who is in this country and everyone who comes to this country.

Politically, we are like the last kid picked in dodgeball who does not understand why they are the last ones picked in dodgeball. 

We are the only ones expecting people to do right by us. We are the only ones believing that politics is about doing the right thing. 


Big Upz to Crank Lucas

As a result, we are the only ones expecting others to do the right thing, because that is what we would do.  So the reason we keep getting F***** over is because we keep letting Oset (Aset, Isis) decide what to do with Set instead of facing him ourself. 

In the Story of Osar, after Hru defeated Set on the battlefield. He dragged his defeated uncle, Set to his mother Oset and asked her to pass judgment on Set because of his crimes.  Mind you, Set murdered Oset’s husband, robbed and pillaged, and has been trying to kill her, her son and all affiliates. 

Oset, following the guidance of Djahuti (Thoth), refused to kill Set on the basis that he was family (which is correct but inappropriate at this time), and then let Set go free. So, Hru in disgust was like “WTF?” and cut Oset’s head off.  Fortunately, Oset is a spirit so her head was miraculously replaced by the head of a cow to remind Hru that Oset was not the king (leader), he was. Meaning Cows follow, Bulls Lead. In other words, we keep letting our mother fight our battles instead of MANNING UP to fight our own!

This is not the time to see our enemies as children of God and sing Kumbaya. Every time we get into a fight with our enemies, we want to hold hands, be patient, be understanding, and appeal to them from a higher (begging) position. We don’t even treat each other like this but when it comes to opposition we are quick to be forgiving and try to convince them that our lives matter.  

Now, enters Ice Cube.  All people talked about was how Ice Cube allegedly “sold out” because he sat down and talked to Trump.   Are you FRIGGIN” Kidding ME. I mean, the rapper of Amerikkka’s Most Wanted, who has helped a number of actors get their careers started. Who has his own league, and has been building for his community. He’s a sellout? Family people don’t know what a sellout is because don’t know what it means to be a leader, hero or a HRU. 

I mean people are mad at Cube for sitting down with Trump to discuss the Platinum Plan.  

But, not mad that Black leaders or politicians didn’t come up with a similar contract since black people were “given” the right to vote in elections. An entertainer had to do it because he was fed up with both parties?

People were not mad that there were not a lot of leaders or politicians who even backed or supported Cube for his ingenuity and efforts (as far as I know) in even creating a CWBA?

I mean people didn’t even raise an eyebrow that after Cube presented the CWBA and the democratic nominee Biden told Cube he will not talk to him until after Black people help get him into office.  Not only that, in an effort to get young black peoples’ votes, the Biden campaign hired battle rappers Charlie Clips and DNA to talk about voting and not policy. How insulting. I guess he can’t sing any Al Green songs or play basketball! I mean, what’s next fried chicken, a gospel choir act, another kente cloth display or some other stereotype? 

No! People are mad because he sat down face-to-face with Set. (No I am not saying that Trump is Set but his energy is Setian. Focus). 

What Cube did was a typical HRU (Horus) move, which is SOMETHING! 

“When I got bus to school. Homies called me a sellout. When I started rapping in 1983. Bangers called me a sellout. When I left NWA. They called me a sellout. When I start doing movies. Rappers called me a sellout. When I started my own league. The arena said it was a sellout.😂” – Ice Cube

On another note, the CWBA exposed the agents and all of those individuals who simply want us to be complacent, receive handouts, and continue to be dependent on the white supremacy plantation and work a job like P Diddy, Charlemagne, and others within the hip hop community.  Yet, no one said anything about these jokers selling out trying to get a job from Biden. 

This is the main reason, as my Brother Kushite Prince reminded me that Malcolm said that singers and actors should not be a representation or the voice for the black community.

I am not sure if this was Cube’s intention, but the CWBA was demanding for tangibles.

Please Cut Oset’s head off regarding politics, so we can deal with these issues like adults.  Understand. Hru was symbolized as a hawk because hawks have the ability to see from afar and therefore make informed strategic decisions, hence circumspection. With no plan. No SPADE cards, how do you play? The Race Card? Appeal to their sympathetic side again?  Get Oset out of politics and let Hru lead! 

Hru was symbolized as a hawk because hawks have the ability to see from afar and therefore make informed strategic decisions, hence circumspection.

Please understand that to metaphysically cut the head of a statue means to free the spirit that was residing or housed inside. And right now, many of us have been conditioned to let Oset take the lead. 

It simply saddens me to see that Hru’s energy is here and instead of us embracing it.  So many people are fighting against it because they want change but are afraid to fight for what they want. This means that the situation is only going to get worse until we decide to do something about it. 

We only have two options at this point:

  1. Either we cut Oset’s head off in regards to politics so that we can circumspect like the Hrus we are, and read Malcolm’s The Ballot or the Bullet speech, or.
  2. Stop complaining to the Spirits about how bad things are, stop calling on Malcolm and his quotes, and keep waiting for our enemies to be sympathetic to our needs by marching.

Please understand that I am not telling you to vote or not to vote. I do support you voting for local elections because all of those propositions effect our community, but this whole campaign of get Trump out with no plan.  Just get Trump out and Biden in is stupid and reveals that the national presidential election is a farce.  We should have more than two choices. You can pick and choose what you want to eat at McDonalds, why not candidates?  BTW. HBCUs just got permanent federal funding as I write this, so is Cube’s strategy working or what? 


Is Your Kemetic Path Too Spiritual?

10 10 2020


Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

Did you know that being too spiritual is just as bad as being too materialistic?  Both are considered to be imbalances or isfet.  Not only that, it is very easy to see the physical side of isfet (imbalance) but sometimes, it is a lot harder to see the spiritual side sometimes. 

There is a misconception that is spreading that Kemetic Spirituality is all about being peaceful and loving individuals who simply chant, meditate and say namaste.  

This misconception exist because in the Western hemisphere, there is a strong tendency to romanticize culture and society that is the opposite of western culture. The reason many of us engage in this behavior is because we know that western society and all of its logic, reasoning, selfish capitalistic practices, and excessive materialism, is truly sickening society racing towards its demise. I know that when I started learning about Kemetic Spirituality, I romanticized about Kemet a lot.

I loved reading about the Kemetic history and I could just imagine this agrarian society ruled by a relatively honorable monarchy and priesthood, surrounded by a sea of sand, but when I woke up from the dream. I realized that according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the reason the Kemetic people were able to progress was that they had the bottom three tiers locked up.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

In other words, all of the Kemetic peoples’ basic needs were addressed, so on a daily basis after they finished their work, etc. In general, they were able to sit back, look at the stars, and ponder the mysteries of the cosmos. When a potential threat arose on their borders, they rallied behind their rulers and eagerly went to war to defend their homeland. They were proud to be Kemetians and they knew that they were the envy of the ancient world because even the lowest member of their society was spiritually inclined. No. It wasn’t a perfect society but it was a spiritual inclined civilization. 

As I said, we do not live in that society. We live in a society from the beginning of its conception was founded on exploitation and greed. We live in a society that kidnapped our  African ancestors and forced them to live and work as a permanent underclass.  We live in a society that does not have any integrity nor does it believe in righting the wrong. Instead, we live in a society that only does what is right after being caught (if they are ever caught) or when the victims and survivors have decreased drastically in number. 

When there is a hint (not a threat) of foreign interruption to corporate interests, propaganda is generated and spread to rally those of us struggling with the first and second tiers to enlist and fight in unjust wars. 

The Kemetic people never experienced any of the hell that we are experiencing which is the reason the Kemetic religion of old could not be practiced in these contemporary times. This is the mistake that Osar made in dealing with Set.

It is the reason Hru was conceived and the reason Hru challenged Set for the throne.  So, if you’re having difficulties practicing the Kemetic religion, it may be because you’re too spiritual, which is also not Maa (Balance).

Although Maat is personification of Maa (Balance), it is Hru (Horus) who is the exemplifier of what it means to live in Maa, symbolized by the double white and red Pschent crown. You should strive to live a balanced and harmonious life but this is more difficult than it sounds sometimes.

The solution resides in understanding the white and red Pschent crown.

The white crown of KAMTA represents Osar (Higher Self and benevolent ancestral spirits and spirit guides), while the red crown of TASETT represents Set (the lower self).  In other words, Maa is about synthesis meaning there is no good or bad, spiritual or physical, etc. because they are each opposites sides of the same coin.  

What this means is that the way to live in balance is to trust your Higher Self.  When you learn how to communicate and listen to your Higher Crown, it will never lead you astray and will always reward you with the peace, purity, knowledge and whiteness of Osar. 


The Platinum Plan?…. Don’t Believe the Hype!

27 09 2020

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family

I apologize because normally I do not comment on political rhetoric but I could not pass this one by.  So, in case you haven’t heard, Donald Trump just promised the Black community that if we vote republican for the next four years. They will create 3, 000,000 new jobs, open 500,000 Black-owned business, increase capital by five billion dollars, and provide safer neighborhoods with the highest standard police (see the video below). 

Family. Do you know what this pandemic has shown me? That when the U.S. government gave stimulus checks out, they could have paid for reparations but chose not to. Now, with the “Platinum Plan” the same applies. (Sidebar: Do they think we’re all rappers or enamored with platinum? WTH?) If they are giving this out now, it means they could have done so a while ago. So why now are they offering this great new deal?

It is bait to make us more dependent upon this system instead of being self-sufficient.

But, esoterically they know that people are becoming more and more aware because dire straits make people change their thinking, and ultimately their vibrations. When people took to the streets and chanted “Black Lives Matter!” Ultimately, what this was implying was that they have control over your existence and that you are important too. In other words, “I am important too, so please treat me fairly” in an attempt to sympathize with them but more and more people were seeing through the illusion and not even caring.  That’s why people stop chanting “I Can’t Breathe!” (Don’t Be Stupid. Stop Saying I Can’t Breathe!).

As I have mentioned before, they never do anything unless it supports their devious and diabolical agenda. Now, be on the lookout because some Black celebrity with no political background or understanding is going to say, “the Platinum Plan is reparations.”  You see $500B divided by 36M people is $13,888.  But, if you are not familiar with this trick just study the Civil Rights Movement and you will see that they include every other minority group in this lump sum.  In the end, the African descendants of slavery in the United States will get the short end of the stick. Just like the Civil Rights Movement benefitted everyone except Black Americans, this platinum plan will do a similar thing, thus making it more like an aluminum foil plan.  In other words, it will not address the wealth gap or any of the other disparities that exist in this country. 

Family, we need to ask ourselves why they won’t give us reparations, which is wealth? Why not just give us what was promised and owed? Well, if we look at his-story we find that after the emancipation and proclamation was issued by the Republican president Abraham Lincoln, for our ancestors’ contribution to the Civil War. Lincoln promised African Descendants of Slaves in America 40 acres and the mule (reparation). Shortly after, the Democratic president Andrew Jackson who took office after Lincoln’s assignation overturned Lincoln’s policy. Thereby paving the way for the Black Codes and the horrendous Jim Crow era.

So, there you have it. The system is not broke. It was designed to keep a specific group in power while systemically locking another out.   Sidebar: For the record, I believe that voting in local elections is effective, but national ones are a sham.  

What Trump is offering is a paycheck but we should want wealth.  $500B is not wealth when you consider the fact that the average black family’s net worth was in 2016 $17,150. While the average white family’s net worth is ten times this number and is growing.  

In other words, the reason it seems like our communities have gone backward since the Civil Rights Movement is that we have not made any progress in the past 70 years.  This is the reason our communities continue to suffer.  Do you think $500B will fix this problem now? Hell, health insurance and health cost would eat up most of that money due to disparities in health care! 

We have to understand that  Trump is offering a “new deal” because the only way the system works is if we buy into it and presently, more and more people are opting out of it. Understand. When you opt-out of the system, you don’t have to play by their rules. You can make your own game.

I am not a political analyst nor an economist but I know a little history, and I understand how wealth grows.  

So, just give us our reparations so those of us wanting to repatriate to Africa or to some other region and rebuild or build our own Afro-Nation.


How to Nurture the God-Goddess Seed in Children

13 09 2020

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

As most of you are aware, the basis o spirituality is to overcome one’s ego or Set, but this brings to mind the questions, “What exactly is it that we must overcome?”

Well, first let’s define what ego is so that we’re on the same page.

First, the term “ego” is Latin for “I”. If you were saying, I love you in English, in Latin, you would say ego amo te. However, in psychology, Sigmund Freud used the term “ego” to denote the part of our personality that arbitrates between our animalistic desires and moral and social standards. For instance, it is the part of our personality that strongly encourages us to eat that piece of chocolate after we have decided not to do so for health reasons. 

Child has temper tantrum at the white house

So, if we think about everything that’s, Right. The ego is the part of our personality that discourages us from doing what is Right and encourages us to do what is wrong based upon how we feel. Think about the children. If you gave a child a piece of candy, most likely they would instantly fall in love (pun intended). If you left the jar of candy out, that same child would continue to eat as much candy as they want.

Child having a tantrum because they cannot get what they want.

Why? Because they have not developed self-discipline skills yet, and do not understand that candy is not nutritious. Children are completely engrossed by the emotion that candy tastes good. In other words, they are completely enthralled by their little ego.

This means the ego is both childish and animalistic. This is the reason the ancient Kemetic sages called the ego Set, the youngest divine sibling (ode for a childish), and the Lord of Chaos (code for animalistic, hence lack of self-control and self-discipline).

Now, how does the ego manifest itself?

Well, think about it. 

What makes an animal and child have a temper tantrum?


When they can’t get what they want.

Something they don’t like.

And we can go on…but it all basically boils down on one-word FEAR.

When animals and children are afraid and do not know how to properly address their FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of acceptance, FEAR of denial, etc. They react and become chaotic.

So, when I say that we are living in a Setian controlled society. I am saying that we are living in a society where people are totally governed by their animalistic and childish emotions.  From the highest official to the lowest, people do not know how to manage their emotions.  Instead, the whole society is battling for self-acceptance and approval from others because they do not know how to properly address their FEAR. Yes, our society has become a nation of animals and children ran by animals and children. Society glorifies all animalistic and childish behavior in all areas of life, and as a result. We have become a society that does not consider content, will not read, or study anything. If it does not have a cool title, we pass on it and wait for others to tell us what and how to think.

We have become a nation of animals and children, ruled by animals and children.

The ones hurt the most by this is our children.

Our children are going out of their way to be “liked” and socially accepted because they do not think they are pretty, smart, have the right complexion, or texture of hair. Meanwhile, suicide rates among children are rising and it is not that experts don’t know why. It is that they are not funded like the athletics and entertainment industry.

To add to the dilemma. More and more news of corrupt religious leaders has put such a bad taste in our mouths. That most people have simply thrown the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to anything and everything church-related.

I know this is going to sound cheesy and cliché but the only way to end this destructive cycle is to teach about LOVE, which is the opposite of FEAR.

The symbol of moral and social upright is the column of Osar called the djet. (Note is the root word of the White Hedjet crown. See Lesson 4: the Maa Aankh).

True LOVE comes from within which means properly educating that self-acceptance, self-approval, etc. comes from within. 

We all need Djett: Osar’s Backbone in our life.

This will also help with discipline because physical discipline like everything else has its shortcoming.  The symbol for self-discipline as with social and moral upright is Osar’s backbone called the Djet.  (Note it is the root word for the White Hedjet Crown. For more on the Kemetic crowns, click here.).  It should also be noted that the Djet is also a Kemetic pun for meditation, hence upright posture. You got to love our Ancestors metaphorical thinking! 

Bad things happened to all of us but as Gods and Goddess. We must understand that these problems occurred to make us who we are today. They were not meant to define us.

Anyway, it is best to teach children how to listen to their Higher Self, so they can discipline themselves and manage their own emotions.  This is the meaning of Hru defeating Set.  We must remember that our children are Gods and Goddesses who have returned.  This means they incarnated already KNOWing  a lot of things, we are just trying to teaching them how to navigate on this dust ball we call earth. We have to make sure that we don’t “condition” their KNOWing out of them.  We need to teach them to trust the ultimate voice that matters and that is the God/Goddess within. 

And, one way to do this is by teaching children how to go within.  This can be done by  teaching them to pray every day and night, but unlike how we were taught to pray (back in the day). Teach them to pray to them Self or their Osar. Osar like the Yoruba Obatala is androgynous  meaning Osar (the Higher Self) can be both male and female. 

Teaching our children to go within is essential for their survival.

For instance, since the appellation “lord” was used for men and “lady” is used for women.  It is a perfect hack that our Ancestors used which is the reason the Psalms is the most popular part of the bible. 

For instance, little girls can replaced Lord with Lady and say (of course little boys would say Lord):

The Lady is my shepherd I shall not want. She maketh me to lie down in green pastures: she leadeth me beside the still waters. She restoreth my soul: she leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his/her name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.   Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lady forever.

We must understand that this Setian society is making every attempt to drown out the God/Goddess Conscience, and one way to counter it is by teaching our children that the Lord/Lady is their Higher Self.

This is the Perfect Mind Hack to counter the Setian society we live in.

When we and our children start praying to our Self or Osar, our Ancestors will begin to speak, guide, empower, protect, and help us to create our reality.


The Kemetic People Were Black, Now What?

13 09 2020

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family. 

Family, the change is coming.  I know you feel it. More and more people are pulling the wool from their eyes.  So, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a friendly reminder of  why it is important to really move beyond the cultural and historical aspect of Kemetic Spirituality. 

Lately, a lot of Christians are losing their “lunch” because they just found out that in Numbers 23:22 and 24:8, the Bible speaks of the strength of a unicorn. Then, in Deuteronomy 33:17, Psalms 22: 21 and Psalms 92:10, the bible speaks of a unicorn’s horn. Also, in Job 39:10 and 39:10 both speak of the unicorn not tilling the earth, and in Psalms 29:6, the bible mentions that a unicorn is likened to a young calf skipping. Again, in Isiah 34:7 mentions unicorns in the same context as bulls and bullocks.  Oh, dragons are also mentioned in the bible. In Isaiah 27:1, Ezekiel 29:3, Job 41:1-34 and 21, and there is numerous mention of dragons throughout the book of Revelations. 

It is quite earth shattering for these people because they were taught all of their lives that the bible is historical truth. Now many of them are realizing that there is no way unicorns and dragons could be real.  Many Christians are forcefully being driven to the crossroad to either continue to believe in a false god or embrace their true lord and savior, the Divine within them.   In other words, people are seriously beginning to use commonsense and realize that the same people who enslaved and  oppressed our African and Indigenous American ancestors, would not give us a religion that would truly empower us.  

Part of the reason so many within the Christian faith are falling out, and having so much difficulty is because the authors of modern-day Christianity at the Council of Nicaea purposely chose to adopt, borrow and steal Kemetic and other ancient concepts for the sole purpose of social control. 

Understand, to accomplish this magical, sleight of hand feat, or level of mind-control, the early biblical writers led by the military emperor Constantine,  hashed it out and agreed to make everything within the bible historical, instead of fictional, mythical and metaphorical as it had been in the pre-Christian era.   By doing this, the Gods, and Goddesses, or the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine who have always been depicted as beings within were marginalized and made into one masculine Solar Deity who exists outside of our being, millions of miles in the heavens. (It should be noted that prior to the rise of the Christendom religion and spirituality were Lunar influenced, and emphasis was placed on the Moon.)

The interesting thing is that the early Christian fathers also stole the monotheistic template for global social control from Kemetic ruler Akhenaten, which is the reason he is considered to be the heretic king, (see Akhenaten is Not a Kemetic Hero) but I digress.  

The point is that here lies the reason it is so important that we move beyond knowing the ethnicity of the Kemetic people.  If not, you will find yourself in another trick bag like Christianity with just a Kemetic name. To be more specific, I have seen people actually honoring Akhenaten without understanding that the Aten religion and monotheism is anti-Divine because it teaches that the Divine is outside of your being. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. It is great to know that the true authors of Western civilization are the Kemetic people and that these ancient Nilotic dwellers were black and brown-skinned Africans. But, these facts do you no justice and they do not improve the quality of your life.  

So that we do not slip off the proverbial cliff as those who believe that the bible is historical, and do not understand that it is an astrotheological book. It is important to understand that if we embrace Kemetic Spirituality for the sole purpose of debating ethnicity and history. We are only boosting our ego or Set, and making a true ass of ourself.  Most people know that the Kemetic people were black and brown skinned Africans, so most discussions about this subject matter is nothing more than a diversion.  So, don’t waste your time trying to convince others what you and they know is true, but they choose not to accept and believe. 


Instead, our focus should be on educating ourselves and our children about the power of Self, so that we can decode the numerous messages that signal Osar’s (Osiris’s) return.  


Gods & Goddesses Don’t Care Who’s the President

30 08 2020


Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family. 

So my wife and I were talking the other day and we were looking at something. If a person tells a lie, how do you know if it is a lie? The answer is that you disagree with it based upon what you know and your observations. So, when does a lie become truth? When everyone accepts the lie as being real based upon observation. Right?

Well, if you are reading this article, you most likely have read about our history. You probably know a considerable amount of history about the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptians), the Kushites (Ancient Nubians), and other great civilizations. You most likely know about the ancient Blacks in Sumer, Indus Kush, and other great black civilizations. You have learned a great deal about our historic ancestral past and the numerous contributions that have been made by black and brown people.

Then, after reading, learning, and studying about our glorious ancestral past, you close the history books and look outside to see all of the tragedies affecting black and brown people throughout the globe. You are taken back by the constant reporting of crimes and acts of violence occurring within our communities by one another and the various disparities due to racism.

The question I would like to ask you is how did we fall so low and why?

Think about this for a minute Family because if history reveals that our ancestors (or We) were at least 3,000 years ahead of Westerners. Then, how did a group of inferior individuals conquer the planet? Or did they?

If we go back to the Kemetic Story of Osar, you will recall that Osar became conscious and taught everyone the science of Maa. Then, he was murdered by his envious and inferior brother, Set. When Set usurped the throne, he ran the kingdom into the ground because he did not know anything about the principles of Maa, which Osar built the kingdom upon. The Osarian kingdom was eventually revived or resurrected when Osar’s heir, Hru, fought and defeated Set through the guidance of Djahuti.

The point that I am making is that why are so many of us complaining about this failed system of Set? In the past two weeks, I have had so many people upset with me because I told them that I don’t give a damn about the presidential election. And, these were people who are supposed to be “conscious”! They fell for the trick or forgot that the reason they keep showing all of these problems is to make us believe that voting (and other buy-ins into their system) is going to work.  I mean, I really cannot believe that Family is sitting up here trying to decide on which is the lesser of two evils, Biden or Trump, instead of siding with getting rid of the whole system.   

People forget that when the first Europeans came to this country, they did not have a Maa bone in their body, so how in the hell can make something that is corrupt in the beginning righteous? You can’t! 

The system is failed because it is not built upon the principles of Maa, which means it does it matter who is president? The Dali Lama could be president and things would still not get any better because the system is not built upon the principles of Maa.

Family. If we truly are the Children of Osar (Hrus). We should be celebrating the decline and fall of this system.  We need to remember that Osar deals with abundance symbolized as the black fertile grounds of KMT and the Universe, hence KAMTA.  Set on the other hand, deals with lack symbolized as the desert TASETT

So, if this system is built upon lack, there will never be enough resources because they lack the creativity of a GOD/GODDESS to foresee it. There will always be disparity because they do not see from a GOD/GODDESS perspective the divinity of all things.  

Again, my wife and I were talking and we were discussing why America banned the importation of African slaves.  We recalled that it was because as soon as the Africans got around the other slaves, they immediately incited a revolt. Why? Because the Africans had not been conditioned as the other slaves had been to think of having a master. 

What I am saying is that the reason for adopting Kemetic spirituality, is to liberate us from our conditioned slave mentality.   Seriously. What’s the purpose of having a Kemetic name, and claiming about being Kemetic if you still have the same slave mentality? 

You have not personalized the Story of Osar, to be Kemetically free. Just like to be Jewish you have to identify with Abraham. The slave perspective is the belief that we can make things better. 

We should be focusing on building our reality regardless of who the president, prime minister, etc. is or is not. 

We need to stop thinking that everything that we do is contingent upon what another group does. If we claim to be descendants of greatness, we should not be focused on something as minute as the presidency or any other thing. We should focus on world domination but from a higher perspective. Yes, I am talking about applying the Laws of Attraction, which our father’s vizier, Djahuti,  taught us. 

Stop giving into their reality and create your own.  Since 1619, when the first African was brought to this country,  they have historically continued to place us on the bottom. Our greatness will never be promoted by them, just like Set never promoted Osar, so stop looking for validation from them.  Expect them to always give you the shaft, to backstab you, dishonor you, etc. because Set has no honor, is not fair, and does not know Maa. 

So, stop being surprised that they appropriate your culture and other belongings, and recall that Set usurped Osar’s throne. 

Right now, a lot of people are concerned about the unemployment rates keep rising, disparity, violence, etc. are occurring but this is the time to really implement the Laws of Attraction and do for self.  Let me be clear, all of these real because we have not implemented our reality but continue to dwell in someone else’s. 

We have to understand that the best way to help ourselves and our people is by tapping into our Divinity and ancestral wisdom.


Are People Who Commit Crimes Still God?

21 08 2020

dead Osar

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

The beauty of the Kemetic tradition is that it was the first spiritual system in the world that taught about knowledge of self and true redemption.  According to Kemetic beliefs, our Superconscious or Higher Self is our God Self, which is what the Kemetic sages personified as Osar (Asar, Osiris). However, the subconscious or lower self is the animal, human or ego-self that is personified as Set (devil). 

This simply means that both God and the devil exists within our being.  So, when an individual is on an isfet (imbalanced) path where they are commit all sorts of heinous crimes and evils.  Kemetically speaking, their Set has usurped their Osar, which is code for Osar is dead within them.  In other words, we have all done some 

pretty wicked things because it was only because we did not know any better, due to being ruled by our Set. 

Malcolm X is proof that Knowledge of Self can redeem the Criminal Heart

To remind us of redemption, above is an image of the young Malcolm X (former Malcolm Little), who was involved in all sorts of self-destructive and chaotic behavior because he did not have knowledge of self. This is the state of many of our people. It does not mean that they are not God, it simply means that God is dead within them and has yet to be resurrected.


The only way that Osar can be resurrected within them is through Oset (Aset, Isis), who will magickally conceive Hru (Horus).

This simply means that when you get tired of sh** going the way it is. That’s when things begin to change. For instance, when Black people get tired of the American political system giving them symbols of hope while taking advantage of them for economic and political gain, then that’s when the revolution will begin.

When Hru matures, he will fight to resurrect Osar, which means you have to consciously choose to follow your Osar and do what is Right (Maat).

This must be understood because some people get it twisted and believe that if they give their life to some deity or cause that they are now Osar. No. Not at all. Remember, Malcolm was betrayed by those who were closest to him because these individuals were jealous (Set), hence not fully Osar, or rather. 

Osar was not fully resurrected within them.  Understand. Just because you are conscious does not mean you are Osar. That is just one step in several flights to full enlightenment.

True consciousness in Kemetic belief means that you are constantly working on resurrecting your Osar so that you have no fear and without any doubt, you follow your Osar.  It is a constant fight between Hru and Set.

Hru and Set – Fighting the Devil Within

As you can see, many of us are nowhere near this level because it took at least 18 years for us to be conditioned to follow our Set. So, just denouncing your ways and declaring your faith is not going to get rid of those conditionings that easily or quickly.

It is a work in progress. A lifelong work in progress, which is why the Scribe Ani recited daily his personal 42 declarations. So, when you see your brothers and sisters in the street, on the corners, on TV, etc. living a chaotic and confusing life. Don’t judge them but understand that their Osar needs to be resurrected. So don’t waste your time trying to save them if they don’t want to be saved.I know this sounds cliché-ish but the best thing you can do is lead by example, and hopefully, they will strive to be Osar as well.


How the Moors Betrayed Kemet

16 08 2020

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

I have said before and I will say it again, but I call you Family because regardless of what you believe, your background, etc. You are still kin to me in Spirit. I love you and want to see us all do better together. You see, I a follower of the Kemetic path, have read and read, and read the Story of Osar (Osiris) so many times, that it has become imprinted on my spirit like a favorite bible verse. So, I see the children of Osar as anyone who is trying to unify and improve the lives of people. I understand Osar’s youngest “brother” as anyone who looks, talks, sounds, eats, sleep, dress, etc. as Osar but has an envious heart. In other words, “Every brother (sister) is not a brother (sister).”

We are in a very powerful time, and our rich history is coming more into the light. It is important that we do not idolize those just because they were African. We must never forget that Africa is not a country but a continent with a host of ethnic groups.

The Kemetic people as you know are the descendants of the Kushitic people (Ancient Nubia). Archaeological and historical research reveals that the indigenous Kemetic people actually migrated northwards towards the Mediterranean Sea from the Kush region. So, Kemet is the daughter of Kush.

But when Kemet finally fell after several invasions, political upheaval, and civil strife. It was the Moors who basically became the owners of the Kemetic sciences, which they used to conquer various areas in Europe and northern Africa.

The Moors were Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta during the Middle Ages. There were Moors who were Black, but they were also Arab and European Moors because these were all people who had converted to Islam.

The reason there were so many popular images of Black Moors commonly called blackamoors is that Arabian Moors employed them to serve in their military. History reveals that the blackamoors were fierce fighters and their presence was phenomenal. It is true that the Moors were responsible for civilizing Europe but it is also true that the Moors are partially responsible for the enslavement of many Africans.

Now there is this belief that every African was a Moor and that they simply enslaved one another. This is not correct. The only time Africans enslaved others was as a prisoner of war but there are no historical records that indicate that the Moors were at war with any African nation. The reason these Moors enslaved Africans because they were not Muslim. This is the same attitude that the Libyans have adopted as they enslave numerous Africans in the present day. 

What people are getting confused because of the identity politics of today is a Black civilization with Islamic civilization. The Moors were a vital part of Islamic civilization, and therefore contributors to the African holocaust.

This whole argument that the term Moor means Black as in people, I have found is not totally correct. It is interesting how people use the information to justify their point while ignoring others. For instance, I found that Europeans used the term Moor which means Black but is used to refer to anyone who is non-white and Muslim. It appears that the term had more to do with Christianity than with race and ethnicity. In other words, it was Europeans way of calling Muslims savages or wild and Christians civilized. 

This explains the reason why there are Moors in Japan, Moors in Sri Lanka, and so on. Have you ever heard of the moorlands? No, it is not called that because the land is black like KMT or Kam Ta (Kemet). No, it is called that because it is considered to be a wilderness.

So, I know you are probably wondering how did the Moors betray Kemet?
It is simple, many of the Africans who were enslaved could have been elevated had the Kemetic mysteries been returned to the people. This is once again is proof that the Moors were not Africans but devout Black, Arab, and Berber Muslims.

What is Kemetic Spirituality?

The point that I am making is that it is a disservice just to repeat something you heard because it sounds good, and idolize it without investigating it because it does not empower us. Many people who hold the Moors in high esteem only do so because they are ashamed of African spirituality.

We do not need to play the color game and claim that because someone had the same skin complexion they were for us. When we really delve into our history and embrace Kush, Kemet, Axum, Punt, and many others. It is enough to restore our heritage.  and we can definitely use as a guide an oracle. 


How to Worship Black Jesus

9 08 2020

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

You know the more I read and learn about our ancestral spiritual history in the United States. The more I understand how we have been lied to, manipulated, conditioned, and programmed today.  All of which makes me appreciate my ancestors that much more in realizing how we did not lose our culture but, we lost the philosophy and theology behind it. 

To understand what I mean, did you know that when the first Africans were brought to North America? That out of fear that our ancestors would interpret salvation as freedom from slavery, white plantation owners refused to push conversion to Christianity. According to historical records, it wasn’t until the First and Second Great Awakening that African Americans even began converting to Christianity.

This means that from 1619, when the first Africans were brought to the British colonies, to around the mid-1800s, early African Americans continued to practice their ancestral tradition for around 200 years.  Not only that, when early African Americans got hip to slave preachers only preaching “obey the slave master teachings”. They began reformulating the biblical teachings to express their condition, and conducting illegal religious services in secret (the dark) at the groves, ravines, fields, and hush harbors, hence this is one of the reasons for referring to our ancestral tradition as Kamta. 

It was during this time in the groves, ravines, fields, and hush harbors, that the biblical character Moses was conjured to be the greatest conjure man of all times. After Moses, Jesus, or Black Jesus was seen as being the next best conjure man.  I found that Black Jesus was worshipped all the way through World War 2 (1939-1945), and the reason he was so popular was that he was identified early with the Higher Self. Then, when African Americans serving in the military went to other countries and saw images of Black Jesus (and other Black Roman Catholic saints). It strengthened their belief in their tradition, but then something happened. 

Isaac Hayes as Black Moses

You see what people don’t understand about African American Conjure culture is that we never focused on the literal interpretation of a character, but the idea. This is the Kongo-Angolan element that white plantation owners were trying to suppress. For instance, our enslaved ancestors conjured the Spirit of Moses which possessed many of those who escaped slavery and to deal with that particular time period.  They conjured Black Jesus to deal with a particular time as well.  

It was only due to the identity politics of the postwar era, where everything that had to do Christianity was abandoned for cultural and gender politics. That people threw out the baby with the bathwater, which created a spiritual void for many of our ancestors who were still working with Black Jesus but had not taught succeeding generations how to conjure their culture.

You see, despite what many claims, Black Jesus like Moses with syncretized with our ancestral cultural understandings.  It wasn’t until the late 1960s and 1970s that people began associating images racially.  For instance, even when there was a Caucasian image of Jesus displayed, it masked the true understanding of Black Jesus, and mislead whites, similar to how the Catholic saints were used to mask the orishas in Cuban Lukumi (Santeria), orixas in Brazilian Candomble, loas in Haitian Vodun and the misterios in the Dominican Republic 21 Divisiones. Now, the reason most people miss this is because they continue to separate Conjure from African American spirituality, and treat the former as a superstitious folk practice. As a result, they don’t understand how syncretism works and how any image can be used to communicate with the Higher Self. Failure to recognize this is the reason so many people convert to other religions and try to superimpose their western ideologies upon them. 

As I have mentioned, the abandonment of Black Jesus has created a spiritual void for many of our recent ancestors, resulting in many of us not venerating our ancestors per their needs. For instance, many of us refuse to serve our ancestors foods that they liked, like pork because we don’t eat pork. Or, we refuse to read biblical scriptures because we detest Christianity. This not what ancestor veneration is about. Ancestor veneration is about helping your ancestors to evolve and elevating their souls.

Understand. When you make offerings to your ancestors and recite prayers such as the Psalms or the Lord’s Prayer, it elevates your ancestors’ soul, which in turn elevates your soul. We need to understand that in a true conjure mindset, it was the Spirit of Moses who led our ancestors through slavery and to emancipation. It was Black Jesus that led our ancestors through the Jim Crow and Civil Right era. It is Osar who is responsible for leading us through the post-Civil Rights era, which is now.

If you see the connection, you will understand that the reason so many of our elders are tied to the image of Christ, is because they have not finished doing what they need to do. But, also Black Jesus is not finished with them yet.  If you understand how Kemetic spirituality works, you will respect your elders and recognize that Black Jesus is obsolete for you and our emerging time, but he still has a job to do.  

So, let Jesus do his job for our parents and their generation, and prepare for the time of Osar. 

To learn more about Black Jesus and how he relates to Osar, meditate on his image, and watch how many of your ancestors will begin speaking to you.


Why They Don't Want You To Remember You Are A God/Goddess?

20 02 2019

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family
I hope that you are all doing well upon reading this post but this is something I have been struggling with for a while.  And, I thought it would be a great time to discuss it as we come to another end of another Black History Month.
So, let me begin by saying that I am grateful for all of the contributions that were made by our historical ancestors such as Fredrick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and the list goes on, but question. Why does Black History begin with our ancestors as captives in this country?
I mean, it is a known fact that majority of our African ancestors who were abducted, kidnapped, enslaved and brought to North America were from Central and West Africa. So, why don’t “they” start Black History stories by stating that Europeans abducted, kidnapped and enslaved people from the Kongo Kingdom, Akan Kingdom, the Kingdom of Benin, the Wagadu (Kingdom of Ghana) and so on?
Again, I am grateful for the inventions made by Garret Morgan, Charles Drew, George Washington Carver, etc. but why don’t “they” state in the beginning that “they” abducted, kidnapped and enslaved scientists, engineers, artists, musicians, inventors, doctors, priests and priestesses, etc.? Instead of alluding that these Garret Morgan, Charles Drew, George Washington Carver, and many others were an exception to the rule?

I mean, I tried watching Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History twice and I simply had to turn it off because it was not a guide but it was the same black history propaganda that you find in most history books.  Please note, I am not knocking the special but simply stating that this is not our purpose.
So, it made me ask why they do not want to talk about real Black History, and the answer that came back is because a lot of people simply do not want to know.
It is easier to accept that Black History began in this country as a slave because to admit that it doesn’t would mean that we were tribal Africans, which in the minds of a lot of people conjures up stereotypical images of black people dancing around fire. In other words, it is easier to accept that Black History began with our ancestors beings slaves because folks don’t want to be African.
And, I get it. It makes sense. Who wants to admit to being an African who lived in a mud hut back then? Who wants to claim that they descended from a people that simply warred and sold their own into slavery? Who wants to align themselves with a “people” who had gold practically falling out of the sky, yet they walked around not valuing it but instead would fight over trinkets? Who wants to align themselves with a people that simply stick pins in dolls and focus more on revenge then on spiritual development? No one does. At least not anyone who is in their right mind.
But, why admit that Black History began before slavery? Because it ties us back to Africa by indicating that our ancestors were members of a tribal nation, who are the descendants of the people that migrated to Central and West Africa from Kemet (Ancient Egypt), initially out of Kush (Ancient Nubia/Ethiopia).

In other words, the reason “they” always start Black History when our recent ancestors were enslaved is to make us forget how old we are and thereby forget our true identity as Gods and Goddesses.
Do you know that the only reason Garret Morgan, Charles Drew, George Washington Carver, and many others were able to advance is because they were given a chance? Please note, I am not trying to take anything away from them and I am not claiming that they did not have any struggles that they had to overcome because I know they did, but think about this.  What would happen if we were all given equal and equitable opportunities? What would happen if we were all given the same chance? Yes, the world would change instantly.
So, when Dr. Carter G. Woodson started Black History week, it served a purpose but now.  Black History month is simply a carrot on the stick to make us chase after the “American Dream” of being accepted as equals but we need to realize.
We are not equal.
There is no one in this world that has undergone the same experience that we have gone through. No one will ever be equal to us and why would we want to be equal to someone in the first place? To be equal means to be ordinary and to be ordinary means to be like everyone else, a follower.
So, where did we get this notion that we should be followers?
From religion.  Religion is a tool for social control and slavery began when our ancestors chose to believe that God existed outside of themselves and not within. We can blame Christianity as much as we want to but the facts are that our ancestors were prepped to be slaves before Christian and Islamic missionaries step foot on African soil.
What I am saying is that we have all been fooled into thinking that slavery was about particular period in time where our recent ancestors were forced to labor in this country and abroad. No, Family. Slavery is a system designed to make people forget who they truly are by taking away their will and desire to be free.
Family. We are Gods and Goddesses, which means all we need to do is decide that we want to do something and do it. If it works for us and helps others that is all that we need.  We don’t need anyone to validate what we do because we are the first to do it, hence the meaning of a God and Goddess. It is time to stop studying history and start invoking it. Instead of just teaching our daughters about Madame C.J. Walker, how about we start teaching our daughters how to be a Goddess like Hatshepsut?  Instead of teaching our sons about Seqenenre Dao who fought against the Hyskos?

It's Not Easy Being A God/Goddess (Why We Work With Spirits)

7 01 2019

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
I just wanted to offer you some words of encouragement that my spirit guide just shared with me and it is that it is not easy being a god or goddess. Just because you are on a spiritual path does not mean things get easier.
Maa Aankh with Utchat
In fact, life for human beings is hard because we are restricted to time and space. If you look at the Maa Aankh (above) and think about how we all incarnated to this physical plane (TASETT).  We see that as children, prior to incarnating to the physical plane, we came out of the spiritual realm (KAMTA) and from the Amun Ra moment, which means we were all, all knowing and powerful.  We could see everything and do anything because we did not have a physical body.  Then, as soon as we were physically born through the Khepera moment.  We slowly and surely lose all our wisdom and power as we grow older.  Then, as soon as we become fully accustomed to our physical body, we totally forget who we are and become conditioned to life in TASETT (the physical realm). So, the living have the physical means to make change but through the birthing and conditioning process lose the knowledge and wisdom to implement change.
For ancestral spirits and spirit guides, there existence isn’t that much better either because when people physical die. They are no longer fretted by their physical body and are able to express themselves and go anywhere freely because they have returned to their spiritual nature. But, in order to create physical change they need a body, so they lose the ability to do this. Not to mention the fact, that if they do not have anyone who remembers them, they do not receive offerings regularly.  So benevolent ancestors and spirit guides acquire the knowledge and wisdom to implement change but lack the physical means to do so.
For gods and goddesses it gets worse because most gods and goddesses were once upon a time human beings. But, after many successful incarnations they no longer need to enter the wheel of reincarnation.  When gods and goddesses return they must go through the birthing and conditioning stage, but because of their high and exalted status.   They are able to retain their knowledge and wisdom as benevolent ancestors and spirit guides, and use it beyond the Khepera moment. Since they have gone through the birthing and conditioning phase, unlike benevolent ancestor and spirit guides, they are able to implement physical change. Since gods and goddesses have the knowledge and wisdom of benevolent ancestral spirits and spirit guides, combined with the physical means of the living.  Most gods and goddesses only return to the physical realm when great calamities strikes and when they physically die. Gods and goddesses are remembered as learned men and women.
However, life for a god and goddess is hard because usually people do not recognize them when they are walking amongst them. As a result, most gods and goddesses are either robbed, wrongly persecuted and at times murdered by the very people they are trying to save.
This is the reason it is important for gods and goddesses not to get too attached to this physical world.
Therefore, we venerate our benevolent ancestors and spirit guides, so that they can share their knowledge and wisdom with us.  While we through our physical body make the necessary physical changes.
I say all this to say, that if you are experiencing any type of obstacle, know that it is meant to remind you that you are a god or goddess.  Remember who you are.

Oset (Isis) says, "Don't Sweat the Little Stuff!"

17 10 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
Recently, I have had some unplanned events take place in my life, which have caused some major issues with my family.  Reflecting back on the Maa Aankh and remembering that peace does not last always, I understand that I am going through the rebirthing process, which is the Ra Atum (Dying RA/Setting Sun) to Amun Ra (Rebirthing RA/Midnight Moon). It is the most mysterious period that we all must go through in order for our conscious/Ab-soul to evolve. This is the time when we receive the most insight and visits from the spirit world, so I am reminded to keep my eye open (stay openminded) and stay persistent because jewels of wisdom can come at any moment.
Then it happened. The other day I was reminded of how I began this journey.  Out of the blue, I began thinking about all of the accomplishments that the Kemetic people achieved. I remember that I was introduced to Kemetic history by an architecture instructor at college. It was through him I learned that despite what I was told about the Kemetic people being so-called pagans, these ancient dwellers on the Nile had been practicing architecture, engineering and medicine centuries before the Greeks and Romans stepped on the world stage.

I thought back and remembered that so much time was spent listing the accomplishments that the Kemetic people made and studying the works of Cheikh Anta Diop because: 1) during the late 1980s and early 1990s there was a lot of people who were trying their best to discredit many of the Afro-centric scholars by claiming that the Kemetic people were not black and brown Africans, and. 2) These same individuals who backed by renowned US institutions also try to claim that people of African descent did not make any contributions to the world. In other words, they were trying to disprove that there was a cultural connection between the Kemetic people and other Africans throughout the Afro-Diaspora.

In other words, it was meant for many of us to go through this period of learning the facts, dates, etc. so that we can build our cultural intellect.  To which I am grateful for all of the scholars (John H. Clarke, Dr. Ben, Carter G. Woodson, George Jackson, Amos Wilson, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Bunseki Fu-Kiau, and many more) who have paved the way for us to have this conversation. But, I am reminded that this is not why I am here.
As I engage in conversation with the Spirit I am reminded that the Kemetic people were meticulous about keeping records and writing down important texts but in their thousand year reign.  They did not write any texts on how to get more money, how to get a better job, how to have a successful marriage and how to raise your child.  Surely, they had many of the problems that many of us face today by evidence of the various proverbial texts that have been recovered. But, there were no texts that specifically explained how to do certain activities, which led me to ask the question why?
Why didn’t the Kemetic people write any texts on business, money, health, diet, marriage, childrearing, etc.? Why didn’t the Kemetic people write a text on how to live? Answer: They did not need to because they had developed a culture that addressed these issues automatically.
Many of us who were raised by devout Christian parents know the saying, “Put God first and family second.”  It appears that the Kemetic people practiced this same philosophy but took it to another level. God in the Kemetic mindset was not the Supreme Being but the Divine Spark or the Higher Self, whom they called Osar (Osiris). When the Kemetic people put Osar first, they meant consider the highest aspect of every human being or their greatest potential.
What this means is that the Kemetic people did not look at all of the wrong that an individual had done, but what was it that this individual was capable of. Imagine that. Imagine marrying a man or woman based upon the potential to do great things together instead of based upon the idea that your spouse has a good job, is good with your family and friends, etc.
Imagine applying for a job and the employer focuses on your potential to enrich the company instead of your skill set and experience.
Imagine an ill person being told that they are a god or goddess and that the illness is just a test of their will, instead of the grave news that most doctors give their patient by focusing on the illness and not on healing.
Basically, where I am going with this is that the Kemetic people did not spend a lot of time or energy devoted to these things because to them they seemed trivial. And, they are trivial when you look at these activities from a god and goddess’ perspective.
Please note that I am not saying that they are not important. This needs to be clarified because a lot of people who claim to be spiritual categorize things as either being spiritual or secular. Consequently, most people in the conscious, spiritual, occult and metaphysical community are flat broke to the point that many of our leaders have to receive charity for their body to be buried. That’s not cool and it shows that there is a serious imbalance in these individual’s life regarding the spiritual and material world. So I am not saying that at all.
What I am saying is that this is not our end game. Chasing money, getting a good home, a great job, the diet, chasing after a relationship, etc. are not the end game.  We did not incarnate to this dust ball just to do these things. Remember, we are gods and goddesses who have returned for a purpose, which means it is all controlled by the Divine.
I was posed this question so I will ask you it as well.  Do you think a god or goddess is worried about getting money? Do you think that a god or goddess worries about his or her health? I mean imagine Oset (Isis) coming down in the flesh, do you think that she is worried about getting some money? Surely, she understood that money was important but do you think she was worried about it?

Oset and Hru

I was shown that she was not because her ultimate concern was birthing a hero and heir to challenge Set. That was her end goal meaning she understood that everything that she was experiencing was preparing her to birth Hru (Horus).
In other words, we have to remember that the Divine is omnipresent, all-knowing and omnipotent, which means everything that we are going to do has already been written. We are simply going through the motions or the steps. Why? Because someone has to do it and it was you and me who chose to incarnate here and do it.  It requires faith and that’s why we are here.
The Kemetic sages tried to show that it was all about faith in the Story of Osar by indicating that every time Oset experienced something a blessing appeared out of nowhere from Ra or some other divinity.  Remember, she started looking for the body of Osar and Npu appeared to help.  She started looking for the chest containing the body of Osar and she gets a dream to go to Byblos.  Oset received all sorts of help because she had faith in Osar (her Higher Self).
I know a lot of people don’t like to hear anyone talk about faith because Christianity has made faith into a dirty word by teaching us to have blind faith but, when you get deep into our ancestral way of living.  You learn that faith is pivotal to our success and wellbeing.  You also learn that we do not need to have blind faith because we have aakhu (ancestors and spirit guides) who work using the laws of synchronicity. In other words, we receive omens, dreams, visions, premonitions, etc. and this is the main reason we work with these entities.
The Divine already knows what we are thinking and what we want to do to accomplish our goals.  It has already been written.  We need to keep in mind that coincidences do not exist. Everything is part of the Divine Plan, so we need to trust and have faith that everything works out on our behalf.  We are simply going through the motions to birth our Will (Hru).
So, how do we stop sweating the small stuff?
Well, whatever you consider to be small stuff.  I just want you to know that Oset reminds me that all mothers go through this the day after they learn that they are pregnant.
As soon as mothers discover they are expecting, they began making plans. They change their diets consume foods that will nourish their baby. They start choosing names and toying around with color schemes. They imagine how the baby is going to look and how their life is going to change when the baby arrives. In other words Family, they have faith during those long nine months.  They do not sweat the little stuff because the end game is for the healthy delivery of a child.
We need to follow suit and focus on the big instead of on the small.  We need to stop worrying about the details of how we are going to get to the end goal and just focus on the winning the race. We should all place firmly in our mind the end goal and then let our Osar (Osiris/Higher Self) guides us to it.  For instance, when I put out an order to be protected. I do not sit and dwell on how I am going to be protected. I simply say, “Thank you for protecting me” and go about my business.  I do the same thing for healing, success, etc. because it is not my job to know the details of how it work. That’s what the Spirits are here for. My job is to go through the motions of being an instrument for the Divine Plan because the Divine works through us all.
The Divine needs us as much as we need the Divine so that we can pinpoint that divine potential to achieve a goal. So, I hate to sound cliche-ish but stay encouraged and don’t lose sight of the end game.  Don’t sweat the little stuff because if you do you will never understand how the pyramids were built.

F*** Karma! (What People Don't Tell You About Karma)

13 10 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

OMG! I keep running into people who are ruled by this warped concept of karma.  I mean, I get it and I understand why so many people are stuck on it because we live in a western society that teaches us to focus on the superficial and the physical. In other words, we are taught to focus solely on everything that we see (and can assess with our five physical senses). Consequently, since most of the western religious institutions in the west only focus on what is “physically real” it creates a void in our spiritual education, which forces us to ask the question when things go wrong, s*** hits the fan and everything starts deviating from our plan:
“Why is this happening to me?”
“What did I do wrong?”
“What did I do to deserve this?”
That is when someone comes up and says, “It’s your karma.” Then, they explain it as such, “You are being punished for something you did in your past life.”
That’s BULLS***!  And, what’s worst is that they try to tie this BS karma concept to the Kemetic Maa.
Like I said, I get it! I used to err the same way until Spirit posed a few questions to me:

  1. Was it karma that brought about the genocide of many Amerindians (Native Americans) nations at the hands of the Europeans?
  2. Was it karma for the Africans to be bought, enslaved and forced to relinquish their cultural way of life by Arabs and Europeans?
  3. Is it karma for an antelope to die at the jaws of a lion, a sheep to a wolf, a chicken to a fox, a fly to a spider, etc.?

The idea that something wrong was done in the past, so to right the wrong suffering must exist in the present falls apart because if you know anything about history. Native Americans are not a homogenous group of people. I have not come across anything that states that one or several of their nations devastated and waged a genocidal war on another group of people or species.

Even, though we know that Africans (as well as other indigenous people) practiced a form of slavery, there are no records or stories that slavery was practiced  with such cruelty, brutality and so sadistically as it was practiced by Arabs and Europeans.   In fact, in the few African nations that practiced slavery, it was supposed to right the wrong that these individual committed, which is why after the enslaved individual served their life of servitude.  They were allowed to leave and/or rejoin the society. This was the case for both Native Americans and Africans.

My point is where was karma for these people who were done a great injustice and how come karma is not righting the wrong done to them by others?
Family. We have to understand that the whole idea that something bad happening to you is karma or the Universe punishing us for past life crimes is STUPID because it would mean that we are all locked in a vicious cycle of return. Meaning for instance, someone wronged me, so in the next life I am going to get them back, but in the next life. They are going to get me….but hold up! I am going to get them back in the next life and have the last laugh, or will I? Where is the evolution and growth in that? Answer: There is none.
I always wondered if karma would have existed if the Amerindians and Africans never heard of it?  I mean, before our ancestors met the Europeans and Arabs, I wonder did karma or the Christian concept “you reap what you sow (which functions along the same lines)” exist? Think about it, many of our Amerindian and African ancestors followed loosely an “eye for an eye” principle, which is the reason magick can be used to protect but also to retaliate against those who have wronged them. In fact, in most indigenous spiritual systems around the world, this is how balance is maintained because if an individual knows that if they wrong another, the victim is justified to retaliate (so long as the punishment fits the crime). It deters the offender or perpetrator from committing an injustice.
Where am I going with this? I propose that karma (and the whole “you reap what you sow”) is a cancerous thought seed that was deliberately designed for social control.  In other words, to put it bluntly…people don’t get what they deserve, they get what they attract. The atrocities that happened to our ancestors (the Amerindians and Africans) was not punishment. It was the result of them being taught by the conquerors that they were wrong for their way of life and wronged others.  Consequently, they thought they deserved to be punished by the Christian deity God or the Muslim deity Allah.
On the flip side, it is this same thought seed that allows people to continue to go through the world harming others and never feeling bad, never getting caught or righting the wrong for the crimes they have committed.

I am a firm believer that no one gets what they deserve, we get what we attract.

So what is karma? Karma means Cause and Effect but it is about what you attract to yourself. For instance, if you embrace the thought that you are healthy for a long time by saying something like “Thank you for perfect health.” This is the Cause and it will have the Effect that you will be healthy no matter what is going on. You will become conscientious about the food that you eat. You will become conscientious about your health and wellbeing. You will even be conscientious about the company you keep because it all corresponds to your original Cause and will manifest the appropriate Effect.  You made your own karma or your own Truth a physical reality. Your truth will continue to exist so long as you do not accept someone else’s truth.  As soon as you accept someone else’s truth (e.g. you have to adopt this or that dietary lifestyle or else, if you don’t get a flu shot (blank) will happen, etc. Things spiral out of our control because you have no confidence in your own truth.
Sidebar: Think about it. In honor of Christopher Columbus day (October 8), how could someone from an impoverish country go to a prosperous people and take their land?   Those who understood history and how psychology works knows that the Europeans created a loss of faith. Since our subconscious is both illogical and unquestioning, which means it will accept anything as truth especially when presented by someone who is in a position of authority. When the missionaries presented their truth and professed that the European culture was more advanced because they had clothes, weapons and ships, and that the Africans and Indian culture was primitive.  It resulted in the Africans and Indians losing faith in their ancestral ways and accepting the western truth hook, line and sinker, which led to their ultimate demise.    The only reason everyone did not fall for this allusion and most of us are waking up out of this allusion is because western religions have repressed our cultural expressions and practices by calling them evil such as, the veneration of ancestors.

How Did We Go Wrong? 

The reason most of us go wrong after accepting our ancestral ways because we were taught that God (or his helper Peter) has a book and is marking down every offense we made.

This concept was originally misunderstood from the Kemetic Judgement scene thousands of years ago, but since it was never corrected many people attracted to Kemetic spiritually today have superimposed their Christian understanding of the concept on to their interpretation of Kemetic philosophy.

But, we have to remember that the Creator is the creator of all things both the good and the bad because these are concepts (good/bad) based upon relative perspectives. For instance, you see an antelope being chased by a lioness. Well, that’s bad for the antelope if it dies because it could be a mother but it is good for the lioness who has to feed her cubs.   In other words, the Creator does not play favorites and good and bad does not exist in the Divine’s mind. They are both two different sides of the same coin, so the Creator is not punishing and rewarding us for anything because technically speaking. We cannot offend our Creator.

Copyright: Sony film Men In Black

To understand what I mean by this, remember in the first Men In Black where the universe was the size of a marble and at the end of the film there was this being that had a collection of marble (universes) that it was playing with.  This is how we look to the Creator.  If you really believe that our Creator is omnipotent, all-knowing and omnipresent, this means that to the Creator we are nothing more than children in a sandbox.
So, we cannot offend the Creator.  Case and point, the other day I heard a spoiled child who was put on punishment say they hate their parent. Do you know how many children have said they hate their parents and wished something happened to them because they could not get their way? Yes, it is endless, but do you really believe that the Creator is sitting back writing down these offenses so that we get punished for doing something because we don’t know any better? I highly doubt it because if so the Creator would not be as omnipotent and all-knowing as we claim it to be, but more like a cruel and tyrannical deity such as the god in Genesis, who punished his children (Adam and Eve) knowing good and damn well they are going to eat the fruit because they have no knowledge of self.  We have to understand that just like the Creator allows our parents to teach us the consequences of our actions. And, that it is through our parents we understand what unconditional love or Divine Love is all about. The Creator teaches us about Divine Love as well.
This means that if something bad happens to you, it is not a punishment. It is the results of something you did that brought you to this point. You simply made an unwise decision and here you are. You spent all your money on music, clothes and hair products, so guess what? Here you go struggling to make ends meet to eat and pay your bills to live.  I hear you. You say but, “I was born in a very bad time in a rough neighborhood.” Again, it is not punishment and it is not the result of some crap you did in a past life. You chose to be born into that situation in order for you to master a particular lesson (and usually it is to help others).
It is our Cause that generates or better said manifests our Effects, which the ancient Kemetic sages called Maa (Truth, Balance, Righteousness).
Djahuti (Thoth) is not writing down our offenses so we can be punished in this life or the next life. Djahuti, the Lord of science, wisdom, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, medicine, and writing is “Intuiting” where do we go next in our journey based upon the decisions that we have made. For this reason, Djahuti is sometimes called the husband of Maat indicating that the two concepts are intimately connected.

He is making a Judgment, hence the reason Djahuti is often shown as a guide.

We have to stop thinking of ourselves as being little, helpless human beings that are thrown around by the sea of fate and remember we are gods and goddesses that have returned. We created ourselves from our father’s seed and brought ourselves into being in our mother’s womb. We chose to be here. Let me say it again, We chose to be here. You just forgot that you made the decision but we chose every experience that we are having.  We are here so that we can master something and accomplish specific goals.  We just forgot, which is why we must relearn about Maa.
True karma or Maa is simply about giving us the opportunity to make adjustments in our decision so that we can change what we are experiencing. There is no cosmic deity punishing you for what you have done out of ignorance or deliberately.  There is not going to be any cosmic deity that is going to punish those who offend and vice versa, so stop sitting around waiting for universal retribution to occur.  You have the right to defend yourself because true karma or Maa is about giving one an opportunity to change and grow. So remember, people don’t get what they deserve, they get what they attract.
P.S. BTW. The reason many indigenous cultures practiced a sort of eye for an eye justice is because they understood that it was their actions and behaviors that offended one another, not the Creator. In other words, human beings, plants, animals, and even spirits can be offended but not the Divine who is beyond this petty thinking. So retributive justice was allowed to ensure that offenses were not corrected, which became taboos and later cultural practices and superstitions. For instance, you do not spit in the garbage can because it offends the spits who gather there. You do not whistle in the house because it confuses the spirits and offends them thinking you are calling them.  You don’t criticize people because you are offending their ancestors who made the life of that individual, and so on.

Aretha's Funeral Decoded

1 09 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
You know it has come to my attention that a lot of people have not discussed with their loved ones why they don’t go to church because: 1) they are either afraid to do so, or.  2) They don’t know how to explain it.  This dawned on me as I was flipping back and forth watching the service for Aretha Franklin and then heard the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. of Salem Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Before beginning, let me first acknowledge the obvious rituals that were performed for public viewing.  The Ariana Grande that people keep talking about was just there for eye-candy. She was basically there to make sure that her generation (following) tuned in to hear Williams’ sermon. The whole she is wearing a mini-skirt is a ploy. These entertainers have professionals around them everyday who inform them on what is appropriate/inappropriate.  She purposely wore the dress to disrespect the black church in order to get people to think about religious tradition.
Now, the public viewing was for five days and it was broadcasted in some areas for three days. Three as most of you know is the sacred number of the messenger and psychopomp spirits Npu (Anubis), Ellegua, Mercury and Hermes. Five is the sacred number of the spirit that governs many singers Nebhet, Oshun, Venus and Aphrodite.  According to numerology 5+3=8, which relates to fate.
From an occult perspective, the reason there was a star-studded funeral service is because the powers that be were trying to tap into the remaining essence of Ms. Franklin’s spirit (imo). As I watched bits and pieces of the funeral service conducted at my old church, I was reminded (for those who do not know about Aretha Franklin) that she is the last of great divas.  Aretha, unlike the other divas of her time (e.g. Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, etc.) was a preacher kid of a great Baptist preacher. She started singing in the church when she a little and her following began at an early age because of what people call in the church “the anointing.”
What is the anointing? The “anointing” is a real basic term that is used mostly in Protestant Christendom to explain an extraordinary talent. In the black church/community the term is used to signify that an individual is working with a higher spirit (commonly attributed to Jesus) to heal the sick, to preach, to minster to downtrodden, and it is extended to include intelligence as well as musical talents, which mainstream America calls prodigies or genuises.
Unfortunately, because most black churches do not delve into traditional African thought, esoteric studies and metaphysics (out of conditional religious fear and social stigma), they simply call these gifts anointing. Everyone according to African American thought has an anointing, which is also sometimes synonymous with one’s Calling. Most people have to find their anointing/calling but some of us return to this earthly plane with it.  This is because the anointing is the essence of a god, goddess or ancestral spirit. Aretha’s anointing comes from a soul of a Fon devotee of Gbadu, who is the goddess of fate, hence the number 8. In Greek mythology she is the goddess of Tyche and in Roman mythology she is the goddess Fortuna, who was commonly portrayed in a domestic context, which linked her to Oset (Aset, Isis). Now if you review some of Aretha’s iconic songs such as Bridge Over Troubled Waters, A Change is Going to Come, Ain’t No Way, Daydreaming, and Natural Woman, while keeping in mind that a spirit of fate and fortune was anointing her to see women-in particular black women-in another light other than domestic servants.

Aretha was anointed and you can hear it in her voice. All her songs moved peoples’ soul. Unlike the great soul singer Sam Cooke, Aretha got (official) permission to cross over from singing spiritual music to secular music because her music reflected our experience in and outside of church – particularly women’s perspective.  Just think about her songs “Do right woman, do right man” and the classic “Respect,” which raised the consciousness of both men and women.   The thing is, there are a number of songs that she has made and collaborated on which talk about our experience.
But, Aretha’s anointing left her sometime around the time when she did the song “Think” for the Blues Brother’s film.  If you compare her early music to the 80’s song “Freeway of Love” you will see that the latter is commercial crap. It only really became a hit because it was a crossover song to pop culture and like most crossover songs, it has nothing to do with empowerment but focuses on the superficialities of love.  So, the anointing (the spirit of Gbadu) left Aretha a long time ago and what we were really left with was a shadow or copy of the original.
Everyone in Detroit knows that like most people whose anointing leaves, Aretha started doing some weird and outlandish things that only accentuated her ego.  She didn’t go all out but her separate occasions I witnessed her showboating.  In one instance, I remember the MC of an event announced that Aretha was not going to sing because she was under the weather.  So an amateur singer sung in her place and performed so well, that Aretha mysteriously was healed and chose to sing just to put the amateur singer in her place. Lets not forget that before Aretha passed she sang the national anthem for 4 minutes and 35 seconds.  Yeah. One word.
The Ego is usually the first sign that you know the anointing has left. It is similar to when Michael Jackson started acting out and doing outlandish things. As many have noticed who study mythology, Jackson’s anointing was owned by the god Pan more specifically the avatar of Pan commonly known as Peter Pan, the childish spirit of the wild that dies once he leaves Neverland. In fact, there are many stars who have their anointing leave. Some manage to keep their anointing a little longer than others, but most eventually crack under the social pressure, which is what we call selling out.
Anyway, because most of our people don’t understand our power, the so-called “powers” that be used the Rev. Jasper Williams Jr., as a last attempt to encourage people to return to church based upon her legacy.  It was also an attempt to encourage people to return to the mosque, which is why they continued to show Min. Farrakhan even though they did not allow him speak. I am not saying Farrakhan was a willing participant of the theatrics. I am just noting that they used his image for their purpose. Question: When was the last time you ever saw Min. Farrakhan and Bill Clinton at the same function? Answer: Never.  This is a sign it is Theatrics.
Once, I saw this, it all made sense why Williams’ eulogy sounded more like a scolding for not attending church instead of being focused on Aretha’s accomplishments.  Williams’ eulogy was also a litmus test to see how many people are out of the church and feeling Williams’ message.  What they discovered was that the eulogy fell on deaf ears because they are dealing with another generation. So understand, that the powers-that-be were using the legacy of Aretha Franklin as another means of social control. I guarantee you that the same sermon will not be said when any of the other divas make transition.
Now, why don’t we go to church (kingdom hall, temple or mosque)?
It is because all of these religions place emphasis on empowering an entity that exists outside of our self. Most people cannot put a finger on it because they do not understand the nature of the mind.  But we have spent a lot of time worshipping a deity (called Jesus, God, Jehovah, Allah, etc.), meanwhile our lives and our community have continued to drastically decay.  Most people today attend religious service out of habit and social conditioning because it is programmed in their mind that it is the thing to do, or they will be punished (go to hell, cursed, etc.). Only a few people (that’s us) get it and realize that most people are following a religious superstition.
We are the generation that understands that if I want to improve my finances. I have to learn money management because Jesus ain’t going to do it for me. If I want to improve my relationships, I may have to learn how to talk to my woman/man like I want to be talked to, because Jesus ain’t going to do it for me.
In other words, we are the generation that is beginning to realize and break the religious/social conditioning, of believing that some outside force is going to magically make our lives better. If we want something different, we have to empower ourselves and this is the reason we do not attend church.

We know that a 15-minute meditation session where we focus on aligning our conscious with our higher self, is more powerful and effective than a five or six hour Sunday service that focuses solely on entertaining our Ego with singing, dancing and a pep rally sermon.
Remember, that in Kemetic thinking the Ego is personified as Set, the Lord of Chaos, Confusion and Calamity. Any thing that accentuates our Ego is only going to cause problems.
If you noticed anything else funny/weird about this funeral, please share.

You Cannot Offend God…Com'on Grow Up

8 06 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
You know back in the day there was this real popular church musical that my Mom and I remember all of her friends wanted to see called Your Arms Too Short to Box With God. The title was catchy and I remember people going nuts trying to see this sold out musical.  But it conveyed a message that sticks with many of us today despite not actively participating in the church.
The message is that somehow we think we can offend the Supreme Being.
I mean, I have come across people alleging to be “woke” and reciting the 42 Laws of Maat (the 42 Declarations of Maat) all because they do not want to offend the Creator, which is just baffling to me.
Look, it is real simple.
If God is omnipotent, omniscient and so awesome as most people say God is.  Why is it that people think that they can offend God? I mean if we could offend God by saying a cuss word, lying, being dishonest, etc. What does that say about our god who is so easily offended, yet is supposed to know everything including our weaknesses?  If you don’t want to say it because your Set (ego) has you scared and shook, then I will say it for you. If our God is so easily offended then it means that our God is WEAK!
There. I said it. I know, I am going to get struck down by lightning by God, but sorry it is actually Zeus who strikes human beings down with lightning because he is easily offended.  Not our Perfect Creator, Nebertchar or Nzambi Mpungo.
If we really knew who God was we would understand that God is too abstract and incomprehensible for us to understand. This means that God does not discriminate and does not have any likes and dislikes. God also does not give a damn about good and evil or right and wrong because if God did the same air that fills our lungs would not have filled Hitler and every other monstrous person that has and is walking the planet.
Think about that for a minute.  God gives the breath of life to both allies and foes alike, so God does not play or pick sides. God does not favor the spider or the fly. They are all insignificant to Our Creator.
So you know that this means?
It means that human beings are like ants to God, which means God is basically a “kind” version of an antbully.

In other words, God does not really give a damn what is going on in our life, no more than you would give a damn about the life of ants and the predators that ants have to deal with. Think about that.
This means one thing. If you are going through some hell, you better tap into the Divine Power that God instilled within you because if you cry out “God save me.”  God is most likely going to respond back and say,”Save yourself.”
If you are dealing with some type of indigenous spirituality God might even add, “I gave you got Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Guardian Spirits and divination.”
Kemetic spirituality is not about being in another religion. It is about learning how to save yourself by mastering universal principles such as the Seven Codes of Maa. We cannot offend the Supreme Being. We can only offend one another. Its time to abandon these childish, fanatical, spiritually immature religious belief of the Children of God, and step into our big boy and girls underoos (underwear) and become Adults of God or simply put just Gods and Goddesses.

How to Defeat the "hidden enemy/hidden hand"

23 04 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
I recently celebrated a birthday or earthday, which means in this lifetime I am over 35 years old but when I recognize my earthday from a metaphysical perspective. It means that I have completed over 35 cycles or revolutions, hence over 35 maa aankh (orders of life).
Maa Aankh with Utchat
But, when I recognize my birthday from an ancestral perspective, it means that I have completed 2,035 maa aankh (order of life/cycles). In other words, I have incarnated to this planet more than 100 times and my Ab soul/consciousness has evolved this number of times. Therefore, the true age of my soul experience is around 2,000 years old. This means that my ancestral lineage goes back at least 2,000 years ago. Said another way, when the first of my ancestors walked this planet, it was 2,000 years ago.  This means that I have over 2,000 years of ancestral memories available to me.

To comprehend this, we have to understand evolution from a spiritual perspective.  Because we have been taught that evolution occurs on a biological level in the sense that we have evolved from fish, to land mammals and finally to creatures who can walk upright and think.  But, in truth it was our consciousness that evolved, which led to our physical evolution based upon the anatomy of the human brain.

You see, the human brain is composed of three parts known respectively as the reptilian or r-complex brain (the lowest brain found in reptilaes), the mammalian brain (limbic found in mammals) and the neo-cortex (the newest part of the brain only exists in human beings). From a spiritual evolutionary perspective this means that when we incarnated to this planet we all incarnated into a low mentality (r-complex). Then when we physically die, our consciousness reincarnated back to the planet and began to climb the evolutionary ladder. Understand, someone got it wrong. Once we enter into the human cycle of reincarnation, if we break the laws of God we are not punished by reincarnating back to the planet as a worm, bird, dog, or some other lowly lifeforms (lower consciousness). This is similar to passing the 9th grade but you got caught cheating so education system demoted you back to 3rd grade or lower.  That’s not evolution. No, if you get caught cheating in the 9th grade, you don’t pass the 9th grade. You are not promoted to the next level.
Yes. If we stick with this analogy of evolution being similar to the education system. This means that most of us in this lifetime are currently in spiritual evolutionary high school and preparing to enter spiritual evolutionary college. How do we know this? For starters, this is the reason you are reading this post. You will also find that magical things occurred in your life and the reason you are attracted to these occult things is to get an explanation. Hence, you have an old “soul age” and as soon as you fill in a few spiritual voids. You will have an eureka moment or awakening and you will start doing things magically.
But everyone is not on the same level.  Everyone on this planet does not have the same “soul age.” There are some souls who have incarnated to this planet that are a little bit older than my soul, and there are others who are slightly younger.  But, there are a few souls who have incarnated to this planet that are very young and unfortunately, these are the souls who are ruling the world. These spiritually immature souls are the “hidden enemy.”
Who are the “hidden enemy”?

Well, conspiracy theorists have called them all sorts of names like the hidden hand and the illuminati, but actually know one knows what they call themselves.  For years, filmmakers have made countless films about how inhumane, callous and methodical this small spiritually immature people are such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Stephen King’s It, John Carpenter’s The Thing and They Live, The Matrix or another one of my favorites Dark City.   Some theorists like David Idke claims that they are reptiles like the characters in the hit 1980s TV series V, but these are metaphors referring to the fact that they have mastered and primarily use the reptilian brain. These images are grotesque and frightening because they rule through fear.
How did these spiritually immature souls get the power to rule the world?
Simple. These spiritually pre-K souls were bullies and when they went around the world and encountered more spiritually advanced souls, instead of humbling themselves and sitting at the more spiritually advanced souls’ feet, they destroyed the more advanced souls’ records, texts and stole all of the sacred artifacts, which sit in their museums. Then, these less advanced souls locked themselves up in their secret chambers so that they can practice our spiritual systems but they are unable to advance the way we have because they lack the spiritual maturity. Think of it this way, they – spiritually speaking- were just learning how to count their numbers and do basic arithmetic, while we spiritually speaking have completed pre-calculus.
So to halt our spiritual progress, this is the reason they demonized all traditional spiritual culture. This is the reason they will not publicly admit that the Kemetic people were black and brown Africans, nor acknowledge that the true descendants of the Kemetic people are the people throughout the Afro-Diaspora.  This is the reason they created Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all monotheistic religions that were supposed to bring peace but have instead authored nothing but wars and the destruction of the planet.

Every institution that currently exists such as the entertainment, financial, religious, judicial, legal, political, military, governmental, educational, etc. was created to halt if not destroy our spiritual progress, which is the reason none of these things that they tell us to use works for us as a whole. Yes. The world is in a bad shape because it is being held hostage by spiritual ten year olds.  It would be foolish to believe that we could physically fight them when they own everything because this is their world, their reality but, it can all change by us doing one thing.
Reconnecting to our Aakhu (Ancestors).

Het Aakhu (House/Altar for Ancestors and Spirit Guide)

When we reconnect to our aakhu, we reclaim the ancestral memories that were lost. Remember, these spiritual children want us to identify with our current earth age and not our incarnation age. This is the reason our history always begins in their history books with slavery because they do not want us to reconnect back with our ancestral memories. It does not serve their agenda but when we reconnect back with our aakhu.  Our aakhu will speak to us as voices, appear in our dreams or appear as signs to improve the quality of our life. In other words, our aakhu will help us to escape the trap that has been laid before us by these spiritually immature people.
When we begin working with our aakhu, we align ourselves with our Higher Self and gain access to the memories that will allow us to create our reality. In other words, we learn how to tap into our divinity or what people call magic.

Yes, there is a small minority that controls the world. They are performing rituals behind closed doors in order to maintain their dominance.  They are counting on us all to stay asleep and turn our back on our ancestral traditions and our ancestral culture.  But as soon as you wake up and realize that everything that they have told us about our self is a lie.  That we are not born in sin. That our history does not begin with us being slaves. That our ancestors and other spirits are not to be feared.  That God is within us all. As soon as we begin working with our aakhu (ancestors) like Hru worked with Osar (Asar, Osiris), that is when everything will change.


I Hate the "This is What They Did in Africa" Mantra (Living Maa)

12 04 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
Let’s get right to it. I am so tired of hearing people tell me that “This is what they did in Africa” to justify their crazy beliefs, ideas, thoughts and practices. I mean, I get it and I understand why people say it because in the western world where we are taught to believe only in what we can physically measure (touch, taste, smell, hear and see). It is more convenient to say “This is what they did in Africa” then it is to say, “I am trusting my Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris, the Lord or Higher Self).”

But, here is the thing….Africa is not a country. Africa is a continent with 54 countries.  The people within the continent of Africa don’t speak African. There are over 2,000 languages spoken in the continent of Africa. Nigeria alone has 200 languages that are spoken within its country.  Africa is not one gigantic forest with millions of people living in huts. They have forests, savannas and thriving metropolis and industries because Africa is composed of numerous cultures.

What am I saying?
I am saying that Africa does not have a homogeneous society or culture.
When you say, “This is what they did in Africa” what part of Africa are talking about? Are you talking about the East, West, North or South of Africa? Which ethnic group are you speaking of that they did this? When they “did this in Africa” when did they do it and why did they do it? What was the purpose? Did “They do it” a million years ago, a thousand years ago, a hundred years ago or are they doing it now?
You get where I am going with this? Stop using “Africa” like the bible and the Koran to justify your silliness. When will people understand that what they did in Africa does not mean it is going to work over here. Just like what we do over here is not going to necessarily work over there.
Now, let me be honest, and tell you that I used to say this same stupid mantra too because I came across Family who would use it to justify everything they believed from diet to religious practices. All of that changed when I met and asked my godfather who was a Lukumi (Santeria) priest and member of the Abakua Society, why the Yoruba religion was not practiced in Cuba exactly the same way it is practiced in Nigeria in Cuba. For instance, why did they syncretize the orishas with the saints. My godfather told me in the simplest terms, “Because we ain’t in Africa!”
What works in Africa works in Africa but that doesn’t mean it is going to work here. This is what I keep trying to get Family to understand about Kemet. The Kemetic people never had to deal with systemic racism, capitalism, socialism, etc.  The Kemetic people lived in an agrarian kingdom with a relatively loving ruling class who cared about all of her citizens within her border. Prior to the advent of the slave trade and imperialism, the Akans, Fons, Yoruba, Ibo, Bantu-Kongo and various other ethnic groups did not live in a society that discriminated against people because of the color of their skin. If you offended the Ancestors, the Deified Ancestors and disrupted the order of the community, then that’s when the elders took you to the side and reeducated you and everyone to correct the error in our living. It was a spiritual culture and this is what it means to live in a spiritual, holistic culture, but we do not live there anymore. This is the reason when the Africans were brought to the Americas, their religions, spiritual practices and spiritual traditions could not survive unless they became more aggressive and defensive.   In other words, the spiritual practices and traditions had to adapt to the new circumstances in order to be useful.

This “It was done in Africa” mantra is a Setian (Egotistical) approach to fixing problems.  If you will recall, our Set (lower self/ego) relies on past experiences and only believes in the physical reality.   In other words, it only sees one side of the picture. It does not see the whole, so it discourages us from aligning with our Higher Self or Osar.  One of the ways it does this is by telling us “This is what was done in Africa (or China, India, etc.)” to get us to focus on the past or past experience because Set is stubborn and does not want to change but we have to realize that Maa is about living truth based upon perspective.
Let me give you another example. If you have ever eaten the Ghanian dish fufu (coco yam) or the Nigeria cuisine gari (cassava/yucca) you know that these are two of the main starches that are consumed throughout the West and Central Africa. I love eating fufu and gari but I cannot eat these dishes all of the time as it is done in parts of Africa for several reasons.  For one, I live in the United States and I am not as active as many who eat these foods as a staple of their diet.  Second, they are high in carbohydrates, which means if I am not very active these foods may cause my body to store additional sugar/fat.  Now, notice that I did not say that these foods were bad.  In fact, they are more nutritious than the regular potato but it is because of my lifestyle and the environment that I live in, which makes consuming these foods all of the time a problem for me.  Again, does this mean that I should not eat coco yam or cassava even though they were consumed in Africa? No, it simply means that if I am going to eat them I need to make adjustments to my lifestyle or limit my consumption of them. This is what it means to live according to Maa by taking everything in perspective.
It is not Maa to live your life based upon an outdated practices and traditions. Presently as I write this, I know guy right now who is from Ghana having the hardest time trying to succeed socially because he is still doing things as if he was in Accra. This guy has upset a lot of people he has come in contact with because he tells them he is proud that the “British colonized the world.” He literally believes that the British saved humanity through their savage ways, so when he said it aloud and was verbally accosted he did not understand why. Clearly, this guy does not see the whole picture and only believes what the imperialists have told him in the history books. Now, another reason for mentioning this guy is to show that everyone from Africa is not “conscious.” Just like everyone who wears their hair natural, in braids, in dreads, etc. is not “conscious” either. We need to stop repeating this mantra because all it does is make us focus on what was written in a book or some other superficiality.
If we stopped saying, “This is what they did in Africa” and just say, “Hey, I did it.” It is more convincing and let’s people see the Maa.  The Maa is not about trying to see how many people will follow you.  It is opening peoples’ eye so that we can change the “rotation of the planet.” Stop giving in and encouraging people to follow their Set. Remember, Set wants us to do anything and everything but listen and follow our Osar (Higher Self). Set will say anything and everything to keep us from hearing our Osar by telling us what we are doing is wrong, not supported by others, not favored by the majority, not the popular thing, etc.

Maa-The Path of the Feather

Maa-The Path of the Feather

Living your life according to Maa means trusting the God within you and testing the suggestions that are given to you.  Yes, you have to test it because remember the old scripture “every spirit is not a spirit of God (spirit of the Higher Self).” So, you have to test it and try it out to make sure it is the truth that is best for you and that it is coming from your Higher Self and not your lower self and some other low influences (negative ancestral spirits or aapepu).  And, by the way, testing and trying it out does not just mean seeing if the information is in a book.  You have to try it, test it out, see if it works for you and if it works for others.  This is the only way to know that a suggestion, comment, etc. is coming from the Higher Self.
This goes for people too. Most of you know that I come from a very religious family background. I had people tell me all of the time, “God said fill in the blank.” and when I was younger I would follow these so-called prophecies and wind up broke and hurt.  So, guess what? My Osar and Aakhu (Ancestors and Spirit Guides) know that they cannot approach me like this. They also know that I am going to put to the test whatever they tell me. So, when I get messages now, it is verified. If I am doing a ritual to Npu (Anpu, Sebek, Anubis or the Divine Messenger/Trickster of the Higher Self) and receive a message telling me I need to do something. It is verified through some type of omen. Npu may send three dogs across my path or I bump into a person wearing red and black, which are his colors.  I may be at the store and some stranger comes to me out of the blue and tells me something, thus verifying what the message and pointing me in the direction I need to go.  In other words, “God does not give a vision without giving provisions.”
So if a person claims to have your best interest at heart and state that their information is truth. You can test it to see if it is Maa and that individual should not have a problem with you doing so because, if they are truly sagely and of God.  They should understand that in these days and time we cannot take nothing for face value.  If this individual gets upset and offended, then they most likely are feeding your info to boost their Set (Ego).
Understand the more you listen to your Osar, the happier and better off you will be because you are free.

What "They" Will Not Tell You About Being Conscious

9 04 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
There is a lot of confusion about what Kemetic spirituality is because there are a lot of people claiming to be conscious and “woke.”  But, they do not have an idea what the concept means.  A lot of these people are “playing spiritual” and are simply riding the “conscious” bandwagon because it is the “in” thing.  So, let me explain what it really means to be spiritual for the truth seeker.
We are told in this western society that the only reality that exist and is worth mentioning is the physical realm.  As a result, we are educated, taught, trained, etc. to assess, evaluate and measure everything that we encounter based upon our five physical senses. Everything and everyone we meet, we are told to judge them based upon what we see and hear. This approach to life is what is known as Cartesian logic and it is because of this approach, most of us are prone to believe only what we can see and touch.
The problem with this approach is that this western way of thinking it is limited because our universe is not just composed of a physical reality.  Every other non-western culture knows and understands this.  If you pick up a book on feng shui, the first thing the Chinese authors talk about is how the western viewpoint is warped.  If you pick up a book on Hinduism they will say the same thing because there is a spiritual reality that exists as well, which is hidden to our awareness.  The thing we have to understand is that everything that we physically see did not just come into existence.  It manifested itself out of the invisible spiritual reality.  Therefore, we truly “conscious” people believe that the invisible spiritual reality is stronger than the physical reality and this is why we believe we can change our physical environment.  If you do not understand this or know this, you are not being spiritual.
The whole idea of being spiritual is that we know that everything that physically exists is temporary and an illusion. This is why my ancestors told me that the physical realm is TASETT – the Red Lands which is a symbol of a desert because deserts have all sorts of mirages of oasis.  This means regardless of where you were born, what you have done, who your parents are, what side of the town you come from, etc. none of this defines who you are.  ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. Some of you have heard my testimony but I have to tell you so that you understand the gravity of the situation. Several years ago, my body was diagnosed with lupus. I remember when the specialist told me that it was lupus, the only thing I could think of was how my fellow Detroiter, J-Dilla, passed away from lupus complications. When I did some research on the ill-ness, I noticed that some people after being diagnosed had all sorts of complications, while others drove this ill-ness into complete remission. This made me think about my Mom and how she overcame cancer. When I asked my Mom how she beat the cancer, she told me that she basically had a talk with God and said that she had too much going on to leave. She said, “I told God, I need you to take this away” and shortly after it was gone.
What my mother did was tap into the spiritual realm and changed her physical reality, which is the same exact thing I did to improve my physical health. I did not rely upon what the doctors told me. I fixed in my mind what I wanted and made it a physical reality. Before this incident, I used to talk being spiritual but after I underwent my experience, I understood and became spiritual. You see, I had to learn the hard way that being consciousness is not about how many books you have read or how many books you got in your library.  But, when the sh*t hits the fan, none of this really matters. I know that our Ancestors are real because I talked to mine and this is how I know it is all about your MIND, which is the Creator’s greatest invention.
The funny thing is that I always have people ask if it was hard? My answer to them is yes, but they are surprised when I tell them that the hardest part was battling my lower self. You see, there were all sorts of negative and depressing ideas and thoughts that were trying to discourage my healing. I cannot even begin to tell you about all of the doubting thoughts that came to my mind and worse yet, the doubting and negative thoughts and energies that came from other people. Some of these negative energies were intentional but most were unintentional negative vibes that did not want me to recover. It was a serious battle but I managed to look pass the illusions and this is how I began to perceive the spiritual reality.  As I mentally fought these negative thoughts and energies, that is when I discovered that there is a spiritual realm for myself. Then, through my ancestors I discovered the Maa Aankh and learned that the physical realm corresponds to the subconscious part of our being, hence TASETT.
Maa Aankh
The purpose of our lower self or subconscious is to help us to physically survive by recording our personal experience in our memories. It is because of our lower self or subconscious, we do not put our hands into a fire because it reminds us that if we do we will burn ourselves. But, when the subconscious gets stuck with an idea or thought and refuses to change, that is when things become disastrous. For instance, imagine being afraid of fire after touching it.  As you could imagine, you would never cook your food, warm your house, warm yourself, etc. because of your fear that fire burns.
This perspective is totally dangerous because just like the physical realm, our subconscious is lopsided and does not see the complete view of the whole.  Our subconscious only can give us limited ideas from our personal experiences.  In other words, if you have never personally experienced something then you cannot comment on it.  We got a lot of people claiming they are spiritual gurus but all they have done is read a bunch of books.  A lot of these people do not even know what cosmologics is because if they did, they would not be worried about what the president does and giving into all of their fears. If you claim that the Supreme Being is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent then, you should know that we’re going to be Alright! All we have to do is seek a solution to our problems from within.  In other words, if an individual is truly about being spiritual, it will reflect in their life.  For the record, I have had my share of following fakes, which is why I am trying to get us to stop giving our power away and expecting people to save us.  Instead focus on saving our self!
This is the reason our Nilotic ancestors called it Set, which was later modified to Set-an and finally Satan.  Today, most of the world population is controlled by Set who gives us a lopsided view about family, relationships, money, health, education, government, religion, etc.  This is the reason there are so many contradictions that can be found in our health system. It is this same lopsided view, which is the reason all of these medications have adverse reactions and side effects. Relationship problems, such as high divorce rates and the attack on the nuclear family, are all due to this lopsided view given to us by Set, who is none other than our Ego.

Set of TASETT (from Maa Aankh 2)

Does it make sense why all of the violence we see occurring across the country in the school, public spaces, on the Internet, etc. are the ego amped up on 10. I mean have you ever seen so many people just go plum crazy and going berserk over the stupidest things? Have you ever seen so many people full of anger, rage, envy, etc.? It is all because we are all focused on one perspective or seeing the world from this lopsided view. We see only one side of the picture, which is the reason this realm is called TASETT – the Red Lands.  In the Story of Osar (Asar, Ausar or Osiris), this is metaphorized as Hru (Heru, Horus) battling Set and the conflict consistently ending in a stalemate because Hru’s eye was damaged.

So, we’re all living in the last days because we are controlled by our Ego, lower self or Set.  We will never find true peace, true prosperity, true happiness, etc. because no one in this lifetime has ever experienced it and since no one has any personal memories on how to get it. It is a pipe dream.  This is the reason most religious people thrive on devastation and will tell you that we are doomed.  But understand, this is only because these people are affected by Set too and can only see one of the whole picture as well.
Maa Aankh with Utchat
The truth is that we are not in the last days  and here’s where being conscious and spiritual comes into play. We all have a Higher Self and this part of our being is connected to the spiritual realm. Remember, the spiritual is more powerful than the physical, well within our being our Higher Self is more powerful than our lower self. In other words, our Higher Self, which the Kemetic ancestors called Osar trumps Set, but Osar cannot do it alone.

You must consciously and willingly call upon your Higher Self or Osar and when you do your Osar will intervene. This can be accomplished through divination, meditation and rituals. When you perform divination, meditation and rituals, you get to see the other side of reality. You see that things do not just happen. Accidents don’t just occur. Life is not full coincidences. These are all silly things that people say because they have a lopsided view influenced by Set.  If you saw the whole picture, the whole scheme of things, you will know that our world is governed by Cause and Effects. Whenever we see something “suddenly” happen, we are only seeing the Effect and not the Cause.
Divination, meditation and rituals can help you navigate through life. There is no need for Black Lives Matter or to protest when you see the whole picture because when you  inject your Osar into the situation, you can hit the enemy where it hurts. But, as long as we continue to use this lopsided view to solve a lopsided problem, we will continue to get these same half-ass results, like Hru did when he fought Set.

How to Regularly Work With Your Ancestors & Spirit Guides (Aakhu)?

5 04 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.
You know what?  When you embark upon a spiritual path sometimes you need a reminder of why you perform certain practices because we are living in peril times that encourage us to give into our ego, our lower self, or Set. Ancestor veneration reminds us that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and that whenever we cannot find a solution to our problem from the available physical resources.  We need to go within.

Courtesy of File:Horus and Osiris from a carving in Dendera Temple, Egypt.jpg …
Wikimedia Commons

So, I was talking to one of my former math students who is from Vietnam about some of the food traditions they have in their country. They were telling me how they immigrated to the United States with their parents when they were three years old and, how they made it a custom to visit their home country every two years. As we talked, they told me how their food was so different from the American diet because they prepare fresh vegetables every day to eat alongside their meats, rice and/or noodles. As they were telling me this, it seemed to have slipped but they mentioned how they offer fruit and incense to their ancestors.
Not skipping a beat to make them feel comfortable talking to me about this spiritual practice, I remarked, “Yes, I offer a candle, incense and food to my ancestors as well.”
Feeling somewhat at ease, they continued talking and began asking them more questions about how they honor their ancestors like how many days during the week do they perform this rite and what types of food are offered.  They told me that usually they simply offer a mango, which is different from the oranges that are offered by many Chinese practitioners.

Then, I asked “Do you burn money for your ancestors?” To which they replied they do but usually on special occasions.

For the most part, all they could tell me was that everything that they are doing usually tradition.  We talked for a little bit more and then parted ways because we both had separate engagements, but it got me thinking…
I don’t recall seeing a lot of Asian people living in poverty. Now, I am not saying that there are not any financially poor Asians living in the United States. I am just saying that I have not seen many and maybe it is because they regularly honor their ancestors.
Maa Aankh with Utchat
The reason my former student and I could have such a pleasant conversation about the ancestors was because as far as I could tell. The Asian understanding of the afterlife is similar to the thoughts of the Maa Aankh, which is that the dead (in KAMTA) and the living (TASETT) are dependent upon one another. The relationship between the living and dead is symbolized in the Story of Osar as Hru need for Osar in order to defeat Set.  Coincidentally, this is the basis of Kemetic Spirituality
From what I could assess from my student is that by specifically calling their ancestor by name and stating that they are giving them an offering of food, drink, money, gifts, etc., so that they can use in their realm. The hope (belief) was that the ancestor would give them the things they need in order to live in the physical world.
Remember, there is no right or wrong way to make an offering to your aakhu (ancestors) but when you make an offering to your aakhu. You are in essence giving them energy, which is basically taking something from the physical world and giving it to the spiritual world. For instance, if you wanted to offer a $5 bill, then once you put that money on the altar, it can no longer be used to buy physical things because that money belongs to the dead.  The same effect can be achieved by burning Spirit Money or Heaven Notes.

Understand, this is not say that by honoring one’s ancestors you will not experience financial hardships.  Also, do not err in thinking that all you have to do is honor your aakhu and blessings will fall out of the sky.  This is a spiritual practice that will help you to remember that everything that physically exists comes from an invisible spiritual source.  By giving your anxieties, worries and fears to your ancestors, you will find most of your problems will easily resolve themselves when this ritual is done regularly.
For more see Honoring the Ancestors the Kemetic Shaman Way.