MAA: A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal Transformation


A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal Transformation


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In many Afro-Diaspora spiritual practices, your Calling is in Spanish your La Manera , your Way or in the Kemetic language Maa, meaning your Truth, Order, Balance, Law, etc. For instance, the 42 laws of Maat were the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Scribe Ani’s La Manera, Way or Maa, which is why reciting the 42 Laws of Maat like the Ten Commandments only brings very limited spiritual growth.

To find your Maa, you need to familiarize yourself with the Seven Codes of Maa.

Discover your Maa so that you can write your Laws of Maat pertaining specifically to you.

Book Excerpt

Book excerpt from page 92 of the Maa.

Removing Guilt 

As I stated in the beginning of this discourse, I am not a trained medical physician, psychologist, sociologist, licensed theologian, or clergyman. I say that because I want you to understand that we have all experienced or have done some things that we may not be proud of, which is a part of life. This is because we are not perfect.  If we were perfect we would not be here, so the first thing to do to remove guilt is to:

  1. Recognize what the transgression is that makes you feel guilt.
  2. Forgive yourself for committing the transgression. Understand a lot of when we do wrong it is because we simply didn’t know any better. If you had known better you could have acted in another way, so forgive yourself.
  3. Forgive the other individual (or individuals) that you have wronged. If it is possible try to apologize to the individual in person and make whatever means to restore the Maa. If they are no longer living, pray to God and then imagine individual. Then offer them your deepest apologies and ask that God forgive you.
  4. If you were wronged by another forgive them for not knowing any better, rather they are aware of their actions or not. If you need some help, ask Nebertcherfor strength in doing so.
  5. To ensure that the guilt does not return. You have to make maa aankh, which is “Swear an oath to live truth.” There are many ways to do this but the whole idea is that you make a commitment to God, your ancestors and yourself, not to commit the same transgression[1]. The simplest way is to imagine standing on the maa aankh, while placing your right hand on your heart. Then you state aloud that you promise not to make the same transgression.  Now, only make maa aankh if you are serious about growth and change, which signals to the universe that you are for real.  

These are some simple ways of clearing your ab. Note that if the guilt is really strong, you might want to consider seeing a professional. Whatever the case, you need to deal with this issue because if not, the guilt will tear you down. It will ride you hard and you will constantly be thinking about the individual that you either wronged or wronged you, and thereby not able to progress in life.

            Another way to ensure that the guilt is removed is to pray daily. I cannot overstate the effectiveness of the Lord’s Prayer, because it is a very general, simple yet powerful prayer that can be prayed by anyone regardless of their beliefs. When prayed daily it makes a very effective way of removing guilt before it becomes too strong. The other way to keep guilt at bay is through the Seven Codes of Maa.

[1] A similar type of ritual is done in most churches but the guilt usually returns because the pious is told to cast their entire guilty burden upon Jesus, and then they return to their hellish ways.  Spiritual growth occurs, thereby removing guilt, when we see the errors of our ways. So, in lieu of giving one’s burdens to Jesus they should also ask for forgiveness from those whom they wronged. This makes for an effective ritual.

Book excerpt from page 118 of the Maa.

The Purpose of a Ceremony and Ritual

So before we move on, let me state again so that while you are dancing, burning candles or doing whatever it is you do.  The purpose of doing a ritual (all of these abstract, interesting, strange, and weird practices) is to create the emotions in order to make a deep impression upon your sahu.   Why are you trying to make a deep impression upon your sahu? It is because the only way our sahu remembers (or learns) what we want is by associating it with an emotion. This is how we learned how not to put our hand over an open fire because a strong impression was made upon our sahu that if we do it our hand will get burned.  

            Why do we have to do this or why are rituals important? It is because this is one of the most effective ways to influence our beliefs and tie in what we want with our ba. Another effective ritual is done through repetition, which is how habits are formed.  

            The key to a successful ritual is to keep your sahu from obsessing over the problem.  Remember, it be Divine design tries to figure out what is going on, but it lacks the unlimited ability to do so. If you don’t want to think about an elephant, what pops in your mind is an elephant. It is best simply not to worry about the problem and that way you won’t think about it either.

How do you know when your ritual is effective? You will see the physical results.  Now, let’s begin.

Colors and How to Use Them

The basic symbols used in any rituals are colors. Colors have a long historical use within our sahu and every time we see them. They reinforce what we already know. This is why we’ve known since we were children that the color red symbolizes hot, fire and means “to stop.” As a spiritual tool, colors can be imagined or used as a tangible object like a candle, piece of cloth, food, etc.  To bring money to an individual you could baptize a penny in a person’s name and sprinkle green grass on top of the penny. As you can see there are endless applications using the simplest of symbols.  Below are the common beliefs about colors along with the appropriate command that can be used in trance to create change.

  • Black – is used for repulsing, freedom from evil because it resembles the stillness of KAMTA. It, therefore, symbolizes the desire for a miraculous outcome from a grim situation. Commands associated with this color are “Absorb!” and “Release!”
  • White – is used for healing, spiritual blessing, purification, and self – knowledge. Commands associated with this color are “Balance!” “Bless!” “Purify!” “Heal!” and “Enlighten!”
  • Royal Blue – is used to create peace, joy, promote healing and harmony. It is associated with sea. Commands associated with this color are “Expand!” and “Empower!”
  • Light Blue – gives a feeling of tranquility, inspiration and devotion. It symbolizes the sky and the command associated with this color is “Inspire!” and “Devote!”
  • Green – associated with nature’s bounty is used for increasing fertility, prosperity, improving business, and looking for a good job. It corresponds to having a new outlook or a fresh start. Commands associated with this color are “Bless!” “Repeat!” “Refresh!” and “Renew!”
  • Yellow – is associated with the rays of the sun is used to symbolize money (gold), attraction, creativity, the intellect, the imagination, harmony and prayer. Commands associated with this color are “Adapt!” “Bend!” “Center!” “Create” and “Chase Away!”
  • Red – the color of fire is used for enhancing affection, love, and passion. It also symbolizes radiant health, aggression, power, courage and strength, which all emotions used when we our early ancestors first learned about fire. Commands associated with this color are, “Clear!” “Conquer!” “Defeat!” “Protect!” “Remove!”
  • Pink – is used for romance, attraction, gentleness, honor and clean living. The command associated with this color is “Clear” which can be used to remove stubborn emotions of gloom.
  • Purple – is used for mastery, power, control and command. It symbolizes the deep redness of blood and is used to banish, chase and drive away anything undesired. The commands associated with this color are “Assist!” “Chase!” “Drive!” “Break!” and “Destroy!”
  • Orange – is used for opening the way, change of plans, and prophetic dreams, as it symbolizes the midsummer sun and thus excitement, fun, and vitality. The commands associated with this color are “Attract!” “Direct!” “Draw” “Focus!” and “Open!”
  • Brown – the color of the earth and therefore the physical plane. It is used for financial matter and for settling disputes over natural resources, hence court matters. The command for this color is “Balance!” This is why things taken from the earth from an indigenous perspective, are giving special offerings of thanks, like a few coins, tobacco smoke, etc.

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