A Practical Kamtic Path for Obtaining Power


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When Derric Moore became deathly ill due to the debilitating dis-ease lupus, the last thing he wanted to do, was to accept that it was “God’s will.” He needed something new and he needed something fast! So he appealed to God for help, and his ancestors and guardian spirits responded by giving him a spiritual system based upon Ancient Egyptian (Kamitic) theology and Afro-spiritual practices, which he used to improve his health. In this follow-up to his powerful memoir Maa Aankh: Finding God the Afro-American Spiritual Way, by Honoring the Ancestors and Guardian Spirits, Moore presents a practical guide to the Kamitic philosophy from a shamanistic perspective.  In this book you’ll learn how: 

  • To tap into the Power of God within you
  • How to effectively pray and get your prayers answered
  • How we subconsciously make our bodies ill, but with a little effort can improve our overall health 
  • How to change your dreams 
  • Foretell the future through divination practices described in the book
  • How to build sacred space to attract positive influences into your life
  • And, much, much more.

Book Excerpt

Book excerpt from page 52 of Kamta.

Exercise: How to Talk and Listen to God

KAMTA is our place of refuge. It is our place of rest and where we can find the solution to any problem we face. We can enter into KAMTA at any time and anywhere by simply holding a thought, idea, symbol, etc. in mind. Two of the easiest ways we can enter into KAMTA is through prayer and meditation.

    Praying and meditating does not have to be difficult.  The problem that most people have with praying and meditation is that they don’t understand that both are simply forms of communicating to God.  It is because of this misunderstanding, most people usually don’t pray unless it is their last resort, and when they do simply repeat a set of meaningless words. Their prayer has no conviction and no sustenance because they entered into prayer they have doubts, fears, and worries on their mind.  The prayer ends up coming out of their mouth as:

Oh heavenly Father.  I your humble, dragged and undeserving servant ask can you please bless me with some change, bread and water.  I would be ever so grateful for whatever you give me. Thank you…Sir?

            This is not a prayer! This is a plea from a beggar! What comes to my mind is Charles Dickens’s fictional character and the story of the same name Olive Twist. Olive Twist remember was a thief, which means when we pray like this, we feel automatic that we are not going to get what we want anyway, so it is part of a ploy to steal it. This is not the correct way to pray. If you remember what was said about the sahu. If you want something, you have to enter into prayer with complete conviction.

            You have to pray to God or talk to God like God is right in front of you and is your closest friend. You have to dispense with the “niceties” and just talk with the knowing and understanding. That there is only One Supreme Being, who knows all, sees all and is everywhere. That will provide us with everything we need and want, at the right time, in the right space and sequence. At the same time, we have to understand that communication is a two-way street. If we talk, we have to be willing to listen. The listening part of praying is meditation.


The easiest prayer that you can say is by expressing your gratitude simply by saying, “Thank you” for everything that you are pleased within your life.

By saying, “Thank you” for everything that you are grateful for, you are creating a thought through your ab that will generate an emotional feeling of happiness in your sahu, which will unite with the ba and inspire more blessings. From a spiritual perspective, this means that God upon seeing that you are grateful for what you have will then send you more blessings along the same line.  If you express gratitude for food, friendship, etc. then you will continue to receive food, friendship, etc.  It may not make sense but try it for your self and see if it works. 

Once you have experienced joy from expressing your gratitude. You may either continue saying this same simple prayer or use some of the more popular prayers that exist to express your authority like the Lord’s Prayer or Twenty-Third Psalms. Avoid prayers that are expressed as wimpy pleas for help and make you feel like you are weak and have no control in your life.  These types of prayer will not only make you feel like you are weak, helpless, but also that if God chooses to save you it is because God pities you.  It is not a matter of God choosing to help you or not. It is a matter of believing that you deserve to be helped.

You must understand that it is in God’s best interest to make you prosperous, successful, and healthy, etc. because it only glorifies God and makes you a stronger surrogate or vessel. So, don’t pity yourself. Reject all forms of negative self-talk and learn how to talk to God.

Book excerpt from page 61 of Kamta.

Using Natural Signs as an Oracle

Just like verbal symbols (fables, legends, myths, and stories) can provide flashes of insight. Visual symbols when contemplated upon have the ability to do the same thing.  We all symbols that are precious to us and we also have symbols that we share. The color red for instance is an example of a symbol that we all share because the very mention of it makes us think, “Stop, danger, hot, fire, caution, etc.” An owl is an example of a symbol that may be precious to us. For some people the owl symbolizes wisdom but for others, it may symbolize death, but which one is right? Neither because it all pertains to the understanding of the individual and what the symbol means to that individual.

    Let me give you an example.  I use to believe that owls symbolized wisdom, but when I met my wife and learned that owls to her symbolized death. My understanding of this symbol changed and I began to see owls as a symbol of wisdom, but if one did not heed to the wise ways it would lead eventually to death.

    So, learn how to appreciate and interpret what symbols mean to you.  The easiest way to do it is by studying the symbols found in nature. Since every place in nature radiates a certain type of energy and when you develop your intuition, you can pick up on these influences and use them to initiate change. By studying nature especially the behaviors of animals, it will become easier for you to interpret how events will play out. 

Another way to use natural signs is based upon the maa and is an exchange of energy. Since what goes up must come down, what goes in must come out, etc. With this method you ask your question such as “How do I do this?” Then even though you do not have the answer for the question but have faith that you will receive an answer. You offer a glass of water, a piece of fruit, a candle of your choice, incense, coins, money, etc. (whatever you feel to give).  This simple gesture implies that you have faith in God that your request will be answered. It also sends energy into your ba, which will return its way back to you because the energy in KAMTA flows northward towards TASETT. Again, be sure to express your gratitude once your objective is achieved.

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