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What is Kamta?

What is Kamta?


KMT, Khem Ta or Kamta, which literally means “the black lands” physically refers to the southern region of the Kemet (Ancient Egypt) whose soil was covered with fertile black silt after the inundation of the Nile River. From the Kemetic perspective, the color black does not mean negativity and evil.  According to the ancient Kemetic sages, alchemically and metaphysically speaking the term “black” was used to refer to that which is hidden, a mystery, mysterious, invisible, regenerative, unlimited, rebirth, darkness, original place of origin,  etc.  To learn more about the metaphysical application of Kamta click here.  


Contrary to popular belief the Kemetic (Ancient Africans of Egypt) did not vanish off of the face of the earth. Archeological and historical evidence indicates that they migrated throughout the Sub-Sahara Africa.  To learn about the cultural connection between the Kemetic and Central African BaNtu people brought to the Americas, click here.  

Ancient BaNtu Connection

Ancient BaNtu Connections

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