Lesson 2: The Story of Osar

Lesson 2: The Story of Osar

It has been called the Osiris Myth, the Legend of Osiris and Isis, the Legend of Osiris and Set, the Tale of Two Brothers, and so on because archeologists, historians, and various Western scholars have grossly erred in assuming that the Kemetic stories were myths about how life began. They did not understand that Kemetic stories were all about how human beings became conscious.  Therefore, from a shamanic perspective, the Story of Osar is about the shamanic journey to enlightenment.  The Story is to read together with the Story of Ra and Oset to get a complete and holistic understanding of the human soul.   From this perspective, the Story occurs in three stages known as the Age of Ra, the Age of Geb and the Age of Osar. 

The Age of Ra and
the Story of Ra and Oset (Isis)

According to numerous Kemetic resources, after the Nebertcher “The Lord of Everything/ Supreme Being” had created the Universe and everything within it. The Divine placed Rau (Ra, Re) to be king over the two lands  (physical and spiritual realms) and the lives of human beings. Legends state Ra was a benevolent ruler but at times his rule was seen by his subjects as cruel and tyrannical, which resulted in Ra’s subjects plotting against him. The most famous plot was the Story of Ra and Oset (Aset, Auset, Isis).

In the Story of Ra and Oset, Oset had come to understand that if she knew Ra’s real name then she would be as powerful as him. So, Oset devised a plan where Ra would reveal his name by creating a poisonous serpent that would bite Ra when he passed by it on his daily survey of his kingdom.   As planned, one day when Ra was surveying his kingdom, he came upon the serpent, which bit him. Ra used did everything he could to relieve himself of the pain and the poison racing through his body but to no avail. So, he called all of his subjects to come to his aid and rid of the poison but none could. Finally, Oset emerged by her grandfather’s side and told Ra that she could drive the poison out of him but that she needed him to reveal his secret name to her, to which Ra staunchly refused by saying “RA responded telling Oset: “I have made the heavens and the earth, I have ordered the mountains, I have created all that is above them, I have made the water, I have made to come into being the great and wide sea, I have made the ‘Bull of his mother,’ from whom spring the delights of love. I have made the heavens, I have stretched out the two horizons like a curtain, and I have placed the soul of the gods within them. I am he who, if he openeth his eyes, doth make the light, and, if he closeth them, darkness cometh into being. At his command the Nile riseth, and the gods know not his name. I have made the hours, I have created the days, I bring forward the festivals of the year, I create the Nile-flood. I make the fire of life, and I provide food in the houses. I am KhepeRA in the morning, I am RA at noon, and I am Tmu at evening.”

But, as the pain became more intense and the poison raced throughout his body after much deliberation Ra conceded and revealed to Oset his name in secret. Upon receiving Ra’s name, she quickly healed the ailing king and would later share his name with her child Hru. 

Later, it is said that after so many attempts to usurp Ra, the aging king decided to leave human beings so he climbed on the back of Nyut and ascended into the heavens, thus passing the throne to his son Geb. 

The Truth About the Age of Ra: It should become obvious after reading the story that Ra is symbolized as the sun but he is not the sun, the so-called sun god, nor is he the Supreme Being that can be tricked and attacked.  Ra (or Rau plural) is the Universal Life-Force known in Taoism as Chi and Hinduism as Prana or Kundalini, which is called in Western occult Serpent Power.  The Age of Ra refers to a period in time when the Universal Life-force was unstable.  For instance, our planet was a hot and sweaty marsh. As one could imagine, life for human beings was harsh because they were restricted from doing anything and preyed upon by all sorts of beasts, hence the reason for the constant revolts against Ra. 

The Truth About the Story of Ra and Oset: The Story of Ra and Oset is another classic story that has been retold in other cultures. Those familiar with the biblical story will see that Ra revealing his name is similar to the Yahweh revealing his name to Moses.   The difference being that in the Story of Ra and Oset it appears that the story ends without Ra revealing his name.  But Ra’s first response to Oset was a riddle that revealed that Ra’s secret name was “Hidden,” hence “Amun.” In other words, Ra’s secret name is Amun Ra, which is the opposite of Ra on the Maa Aankh.  

The Age of Geb

When Geb claimed ownership of the throne, like his father before him. Geb tried to provide everything that he could to his subjects but the human beings found him to be an unjust ruler as well. So, Geb decided to relinquish the throne and pass it to his sons Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris) and Set. 

Osar’s land is symbolized by the white Hedjet, while Set’s land was symbolized by the red Deshret crowns.

White Hedjet Crown of Osar and the Red Deshrett Crown of Set

 The Truth About the Age of Geb refers to a period of time when human beings were controlled by their physical instincts but had also began to develop a sense of intelligence or consciousness.  From another perspective, the unjust rulership of Geb can be seen in the fact that some people seem to be born lucky, whereas others are not and so on.  Therefore, Geb splits the kingdom and passes it to his two sons who desired to rule. Osar represents those who are developing consciousness and Set symbolizes those who are relying on bruteness and fate. These two sons represent the two lands. 

The Age of Osar 

When Osar came into power he saw that his people were in a horrible state because they were constantly warring with one another and fighting over resources. So Osar sought a way to bring his people together peacefully and introduced to them Maa, which the people used to govern themselves.  Osar later taught them agriculture and how to care for their dead instead of abandoning them like animals. Almost overnight, the teachings of Osar had spread throughout the kingdom and united all of the people. Everyone who lived by what Osar taught became prosperous. Osar was loved by all except Set, his youngest brother, who was very envious of Osar. 

After Osar had taught his people, he decided to spread his teachings to people outside of his kingdom. On his way back home, Set had sponsored a return party in Osar’s honor, but unbeknownst to Osar. Set had 72 conspirators who were working to murder the beloved king.  When everyone was full of food and ale (dulled senses), Set presented a beautifully decorated chest and stated that whoever could fit inside it perfectly could own it. One-by-one everyone tried to fit inside the chest but no one could. When it came to Osar’s turn, Set insisted that Osar lay in the chest, knowing all along that Osar would fit inside. When Osar laid down in the chest, his conspirators quickly sealed it and threw it into the Nile, thus killing the glorious ruler of Kemet. Later, Set usurped the throne. 

Oset and the Child Hru

When news of Osar’s death reached Oset, she put on her mourning clothes, cut a lock of her hair and went in search of her king. There are numerous tales of Oset’s adventures such as how she met Npu (Anubis) who became her guide and nightly protector. However, the most memorable is how Oset found the body of Osar and upon bringing it home. She changed herself into a swallow and magically caused the dead Osar to impregnate her so that she could birth Osar an heir, who would be called Hru (Heru, Horus).   


In the Story, while Oset is giving birth to Hru, Set finds the body of Osar in the chest and hacks it up into 14 pieces.  When Oset returns and learns of Set’s atrocity, she searches for the body parts of Osar and is accompanied by her sister and Set’s former wife Nebhet (Nephytys). 

Now, remember that Oset had the secret name of Ra whom she also passed on to her child. So, when Hru came of age he challenged his Uncle Set for the throne and every battle he engaged in ended in a stalemate. Then, in one epic battle Set managed to get close enough to Hru to gouge the young avenger’s eye out and force him to retreat. 

So Hru fled and he found his father’s old friend and vizier Djahuti (Tahuti, Tehuti, Thoth), whom Set feared. Djahuti fixed Hru’s eye perfectly so when the young prince faced Set on the battlefield this time. He knew exactly what to do to defeat Set. 

The Left Eye of Ra (also called the Lunar Eye corresponds to intuition and spiritual sight, hence insight.)

The Left Eye of Ra (also called the Lunar Eye corresponds to intuition and spiritual sight, hence insight.)

But, Set would not relinquish the throne so easily and instead claimed that Hru was not the true heir of Osar. Set ridiculed Hru and spread propaganda about him to the point that the issue was taken to court.  But, after hearing both sides, the tribunal would not arrive at a fair and just decision. So, Djahuti made it possible for Osar to speak from beyond the grave to which Osar stated that Hru was his heir and criticized the judicial proceedings.

After hearing the testimony of Osar, the tribunal ruled in favor of Hru and awarded him the double white and red Pschent crown (Check out Which Kemetic Crown You Wear).  

The Double Pschent Crown

The Double Pschent Crown

The Truth About the Age of Osar: There are many truths that can be drawn from the Story of Osar, which is the reason it is considered one of the greatest stories ever told. However, from a Kemetic shaman perspective, Osar symbolizes an individual who is too spiritual to the point that they are naive, delusional and oblivious of their physical needs.  Set on the other hand symbolizes an individual that is materialistic and focuses on everything that is spiritual.  When Oset received the secret name of Ra and shared it with Hru.  Hru became the first immaculately conceived child born with a soul from Amun Ra. 

In other words, Hru was the first of creation to be created with a soul thus giving him the ability to choose to be in alignment or not. Therefore, the reason early human beings revolted against Ra and Geb initially was that they did not have a soul thus allowing them to do whatever they want. Thanks to Oset, who is the Mother of us All, we all have a soul that gives us the right to choose and make decisions to do whatever we want, thus expressing our divinity. 

Lessons: 1, 2 (You are here right now),  3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

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