The Kamitic Shaman Way of Working the Superconscious Mind to Improve Memory, Solve Problems Intuitively and Spiritually Grow Through the Power of the Spirits (Volume III)

There are many among us that are trying to make us believe that the Kamitic or ancient Egyptians simply vanished off the face of the earth, and that their culture faded into obscurity. The truth based upon archaeological and historical research is that many of their descendants migrated to Sub-Sahara Africa, and took with them the core concepts of the Kamitic Way of Life. To outsiders the Kamitic Way would seem to be a magical practice reserved for a privileged few, consisting of foreign holidays, and dogmatic rules of dos and don’ts based upon Western ethical beliefs. True practitioners know that although Africa is not homogeneous, the Kamitic Way is rooted upon core shamanic African concepts and principles, such as the belief in God, the ancestors, divination, altar or anointing work, etc., which are all based upon understanding man and woman’s divine higher self or superconscious. Learn a practical way how to use your superconscious mind to improve your memory, build spirit pots, foresee the future using simple divination techniques, and much, much more. Discover how to wake up the Divine within you now and forever more.


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Book Excerpt

Book excerpt from page 36 of Maa Aankh V3.

Understanding the Deeper States of the Mind

Remember our tree example from the last chapter? Remember that our sahu governs the lower level of our being and our ba the higher parts?

Well, our brain is an electromagnetic organ, which researchers have discovered generates as much as 10 watts of electrical power. What this means is that if each one of the nerve cells inside of our brain were hooked up they could power a little light bulb, because as an engine it is able to emanate electrical frequency called brainwaves. The brain has several brainwaves that it is able to function from. The faster the brainwaves the less activity it emanates, while the slower the brainwave the more activity it emanates. The four brain waves are:

Figure 5: Trance States

  • Beta– this is the brainwave that we use to function in our daily life. Beta waves range between 15 to 40 cycles per second, indicating that the mind is highly active. When an individual is debating, teaching, speaking, etc. their mind is functioning from this state.
  • Alpha– is a relaxed state of awareness. Alpha waves range between 9 and 14 cycles per second and the amplitude higher than beta.  This is what is commonly referred to as the twilight state.
  • Theta– is an even more relaxed state of awareness. Theta waves range between 4 and 8 cycles person second and amplitude of the waves are much higher than alpha. If you have ever driven for a long period of time and found yourself daydreaming, but unable to remember the last few miles. It is because the constant repetitious act of long hour driving has become so automatic, that it induced a state of trance. Theta is our dream state or where REM (Rapid Eye Movement) occurs.
  • Delta– is the slowest and most relaxed state of awareness. Here the brainwave ranges between 1.5 and 4.  It never goes to 0 because it would mean that you are brain dead. This is where deep non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dreamless sleep occurs. 

So whenever we fall asleep, we move from Beta, to Alpha, to Theta and finally Delta. When we awake from a deep rested sleep we move in the descending order from Delta back to Beta. When we compare these states to the Maa Aankh we see that Beta state we see is above the sahu region, which explains the reason the sahu contradicts our will so much. 

Therefore, Alpha state is the most optimal state that we want our brain to function in, in order to sow declarations of change or any idea. If you repeated a declaration and it worked, most likely it was because you repeated it while in the Alpha or deeper state of mind.  However, if we go deeper into KAMTA, meaning are brain cycles between 1.5 and 8 – the Theta and Delta state we are able to do much more such as receive insightful dreams and visions, improve our learning skills, and even heal our body, because we are descending closer to our pure state of awareness, the source – Amun Ra.

The ancients knew this which is the reason throughout the world before the birth of organized monotheistic religions.  We find that most traditional societies conducted religious performances by chanting, clapping, using rhythmic drumming and flickering light produced by a bonfire, torch or candle, because they were all methods that could put us into an altered trance state. This is the reason to this day; many of these methods like candles are either used separately or in combination with other methods for religious ritual.

The reason this is important to know is because whenever we enter into an Alpha trance state. Our mind – spirit is the most receptive and any message can be sowed into it with little resistance. That’s right. Any message can be sewn into your mind – spirit by either you or someone else (community, media, society, etc.), which influences your beliefs and actions.

Book excerpt from page 81 of the Maa Aankh V3.

Respect is Not Given, It’s Earned

The reason more people aren’t healthy, prosperous, successful, etc. is because if you will recall.  The ab – soul (the conscious part of our being) is not in charge of our memories, but decision makings. The reason most people haven’t been able to change their lives even after learning about the powers of the mind is because they forget that the ab – soul can’t remember to do so. It has no real power. It has authoritative power but everyone that has ever worked a job knows that this power comes from others. Let me give you an example.

There is a popular saying that “Respect is not given. It is earned,” which basically means just that, you have to earn respect and power. Just because you say your name, no one is going to drop down and treat you like a king or queen. Well, the same occurs within our being. Our sahu (subconscious self) has been running the show – that is our life – ever since we were babes. Then something extraordinary happened. All of sudden, we said when we became teenagers, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to do that.” And, as soon as we declared our will, the sahu part of our being felt threatened, so it rebelled. It rebelled because it was like, “How dare you tell me what to do.” It didn’t and still doesn’t respect your ab – soul, just like when employees don’t respect their boss, soldiers don’t respect their commanding officer and so on. Does it make sense now why every time you affirm and declare your will, you have to prove it to yourself now? It is a fight between the selves.

The Big Me and the Little Me

The famous Italian opera tenor Enrico Caruso (February 25, 1873 – August 2, 1921) referred to this as the Big Me and the Little Me. According to the story, one night Caruso was suddenly struck with stage fright.  Caruso claimed that all of a sudden his throat just became completely paralyzed because of his fear, which caused his throat muscle to spasm. Ashamed and trembling with fear, thoughts began to come to him that people would laugh at him because he couldn’t sing. Behind the stage, he shouted to those near him that, “The Little Me wants to strangle the Big Me within.” Out of defiance, he yelled, “Get out of here, the Big Me wants to sing through me.”

            I am sure you all have figured it out by now but, the Little Me that Caruso was talking about is, of course, our sahu, while the Big Me is our ba.  It is said that Caruso continued to shout, “Get out, get out, the Big Me is going to sing!” When his name was announced, he proudly walked on to the stage and captivated his audience by singing. 

We all have a Big Me and Little Me inside of us because the conflict has always been within our mind – spirit. This same age-old conflict has been described all over the world as the fight between good and evil.  The Big Me and Little Me are described in the old Cherokee tale as the Good Wolf versus Bad Wolf.  Of course good and bad are simply used to help explain how the classic masculine and feminine or positive and negative energies exist.

As you may have already guessed, the reason you understand the above allegories is because they are metaphors. Metaphors you will recall are one of the most ingenious methods used to bypass our sahu.  To help aid in the process, using the Story of Osar as our guiding and instructional myth, Osar will be used to represent our Big Me, Good Wolf, and our ba. Set will be used to represent our Little Me, Bad Wolf, and sahu, while Hru will be used to represent our ab – soul.

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