7 Codes/Laws of Maa: The Secret to Moses’ Power and the Mysterious Books of the Dead

4 01 2013

Hetepu (Peace) Family

Recently someone asked me if I could elaborate on what the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa are and what makes them different from the 7 Principles of Maat.

Well, the fact is that all traditional healing systems function or operate by the same codes, laws or principles. Depending upon the tradition you have been called to the number of principles can range from 5, 7, 9 to 13 and so on. Most esoteric systems settle around seven because the number seven usually has a special meaning. In my own path it is Oset’s (Aset, Auset, Isis in Greek) number and corresponds to the number of manifestation. The number also relates to Oset, who was the foundation and the rock, the birthed Osar’s (Asar, Ausar, Osiris in Greek) return through his heir Hru (I am speaking metaphorically).  The number seven also relates to inner knowledge. Inner knowledge or insight is one of the principles that corresponds to Maa, symbolized as an eye for inner sight. But, inner knowledge for what you might ask?


First put aside your intellect. It has already been confirmed that the Kamitic/Kemetic people did not have slaves build the pyramids and so forth. In fact, most Hebrew Kaballist don’t even believe the story was literally true, but metaphorically it was, which is why you need to put aside your intellect to understand this thing about the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa. Ready?

Well, remember Moses according to biblical lore was supposed to be an educated Hebrew that was raised in the palace of the Kamitic/Kemetic ruler Ramses (Ra Mesh)? Remember according to legend he could do all sorts of miraculous things? Then, when he led his people out of bondage he was going to give them some laws to set them free?


Cecile B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments starring Charleston Heston.

Well, the laws that Moses was supposed to be giving his people were supposed to be the same principles that he learned in Kamit, that gave him the ability to accomplish the miraculous feats of legend. Keeping in mind what I said about sacred numbers, it should be noted that Moses wrote five books.  So, what happened? Why didn’t he teach them how to become god-like? It was because he learned that his people weren’t ready. This is why he got angry with them and threw the tablets. Actually he simplified the laws into simple commandments.  Sidebar: I remember I use to always wonder about this when I was a kid, which was why Moses had to tell his people, don’t commit adultery, don’t steal, don’t kill, etc. as if they didn’t know something was wrong with it? I use to wonder why didn’t he give the same commandments to the Kamitic/Kemetic people? It was because they already knew them, which meant the Ten Commandments is a ruse or a metaphor for something else.

Now, the Kamitic/Kemetic people (Ancient Egyptians) didn’t have a set of laws that they lived their lives by, like the ancient Hebrews did or like we do in these contemporary times. There were no laws stating, “Thou shalt not kill,” because such a commandment would not be applicable in times of war or self-defense. The Kamitic/Kemetic philosophers instead understood one thing that Moses took for granted and is taken for granted in our society today, which is that provided we all have considerable use of our five physical faculties, thus we can be considered normal.  We all have different cognizances based upon our affiliations, backgrounds, beliefs, etc., which is why we can’t generalize what truth is and is not.   In other words, you can’t expect everyone to be on the same page as you because we all have different levels of understanding based upon our knowledge and maturity.  This is why the children of Israel didn’t understand Moses.  This is why it is foolish to try and force someone to accept certain truths. In fact, I believe the present situations involving most organized religion is due to force conversions to religious beliefs, because anyone who truly understood these prophets would be dead set against atrocities occurring in their name.  This would mean that the heinous acts committed in these individual’s name (or so-called “God’s name”) are actually being perpetrated by individuals who have misinterpreted and misunderstood the original teachings. There is no way Jesus could have preached about love, yet at the same time those who had different beliefs he declare enslave and kill. This is why Jesus says and I paraphrase, “do not throw pearls to swine.”


This means that original message or Truth that was taught by these prophets was seriously warped and it was warped by seriously spiritually immature individuals. Said another way, “the swine got hold of the pearls.” How did this happen? Well, we all have played the childhood game of telling secrets, where the original secret that is told becomes a whole new story by the time it reaches the last child in the link. So, the Kamitic/Kemetic philosopher understood this and this is why they chose not to teach Truth in this manner.  They refused to create laws commanding people to do x,y, and z, but they understood that the people needed something to govern themselves with. So, the plan then became for people to learn how to govern themselves through “commonsense” and this is how I believe the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa were conceived.  It is based upon the fact that everyone (that is normal) has “commonsense” or God within.  The thing is that we have to learn how to listen to it, which requires self-discipline.  When we learn how to listen or follow our Higher Self or what the Kamitic/Kemetic philosophers called the ba, we discover what my spiritual teacher called “La Manera,” which is Spanish for “The Way.”  The Way is another synonym for Maa, which simply means in a nutshell that “what works for you may not work for me,” and this is where self-control, self-discipline and self-governing comes into play.


Anyone that has really lived truth knows that TRUTH is dependent upon both knowledge and wisdom.

If Moses’ people were spiritually mature, he would have given them the same principles that he was taught, which enabled him to become the Great Conjure Man of the bible. But, they weren’t ready and this is why the only thing that people have to remember this event by is the Ten Commandments. The true principles however, were based upon Maa and another word synonymous with Maa is Faith and this is the secret to Moses’ power.  As any true kaballist will tell you, there is a whole host of magical charms attributed to Moses and magic isn’t fueled by the intellect but by Faith.

The first observable Truth that the ancient Kamitic/Kemetic philosophers could all acknowledge and agree upon was on the power of man and woman’s will, along with the fact that we all live and we all will physically die.  So, to help people to come into their divinity, governing their own “selves” and to prevent people from just making up spiritual paths as they go along to fit their whims.  The Kamitic philosophers created the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa, which were taught to Moses. These codes/laws have been adapted and modified to contemporary times but generally speaking they are:

1. Maa is Truth and Is Based Upon Perspective
2. Maa is Balance and Is Limited by the Mind
3. Maa is Harmony and Becomes What Attention is Focused On.
4. Maa is Justice and Doing What is Right, Right Now.
5. Maa is Love and Love is Exchange
6. Maa is Order and Not Coincidence
7. Maa is Propriety and Doing What is Relevant

As you can see, these codes/laws are ideal principles that speaks to each individual based upon his or her knowledge and maturity. These Codes/Laws based upon one’s maturity allows one to create the type of life they want provided it is according to Maa. Like the principle of gravity, they will never change and will continue to assist an individual regardless of his or her growth because they aren’t laws, so there is no need to update them. If you have studied another system, you will find that these Codes/Laws coincide with the principles of that system as well, provided it is focused on the evolution of consciousness.

For instance, Code 1 we see that the truth to an individual can be the religion that they were born in, but as an individual’s cognizance expands. It can include metaphysical principles and so on. Does it mean that one of the perspectives is right and the other wrong. Not at all.  In this situation both perspectives are valid, but the latter has more knowledge on the subject according to their awareness. It is like comparing an elementary math student to a phd math candidate.  Both perspectives are valid, the latter just has a better grasp on the subject because of his or her knowledge and maturity.


So you see, these 7 Codes/Laws of Maa or Principles were never meant to be Commandments or Laws because life is not black and white. Only spiritually immature individuals that have a limited understanding of who they are (Knowledge of Self) would see life as being so rigid, which is why they see the need for having Laws.  These individuals feel that if they didn’t have commandments or laws given to them by the Almighty God that they will not follow them. This is the reason the Commandments given to Moses’ people had to be modified, which is why John the Baptist and Jesus came into the Christian scene.

The Kamitic/Kemetic philosophers always understood that life is very grey, which is why they advertised, promoted and encouraged people to live a life dedicated to Maa (Balance). They knew that once an individual finds his or her Maa (Balance/Way). No one has to put the fear of God in them because they have a love for the God within them.  For instance, an individual with the Love of God within them according to Code 5 would not harm an individual just to do so nor would they allow harm to fall upon another, but they would defend themselves and others according to Code 4. This is because the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa made one responsible for themselves and each other. Part of the reason why is because at the core of Maa is Love, which is another principle associated with Maa.  This is why the netcharu (netjeru, neteru, guardian angel, etc.) that governed Maa was called Maat, depicted as a woman wearing a feather on her head. The feather symbolized that Maa is a powerful force that is light as a feather but very strong as a rock, hence it is the foundation for the universe as indicated by the uraeus (serpent) emerging from the third eye.

The Kamitic/Kemetic philosophers had all sorts of puns, and according to Kamitic philosophy Maa was the first thing that the Almighty God Nebertcher created after coming into Being. It is the foundation that our universe is built upon and everything from the duality that exists in nature to love is reflected through the Maa. This is why it is important that everyone find his or her own Maa, because it is how the divine energy is able to manifests itself through you.  For instance, as I mentioned in previous works, I grew up in a Christian household and never learned how to pray (at least not how I heard the televangelists pray), but the first time I set “Lights” (candles) it came easy to me. But, according to my Christian upbringing I was wrong for setting lights.  It was only because of Code 2 and Code 5 that I realized that this is my Maa (my Way). This is one of the ways the Divine works through me, by working through my hands. I now can lay hands and have used my hands to bless others such as blessing them through prayer, artwork, cooking, etc. It was through the Maa that I learned that I have what the old folks called ‘Healing Hands’, but I would never have learned this had I not followed the 7 Codes of Maa. Now, because I have Healing Hands, there are certain things that I have to do so that I don’t lose my divine talent. Like any other divine talent, if it is not used correctly it will be taken away from you. Not because God is punishing you but simply because of Maa – Cause and Effect. Without the 7 Codes of Maa, who knows how long it would have taken for me to learn this. As you can see, this is one of the ways the 7 Codes of Maa can help you to find your Way.

The Books of the Dead

So, when you compare the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa with the 42 Declarations (incorrectly called the 42 Laws of Maat or 42 Negative Confessions) and the whole Pert em Hru (the so-called Egyptian Book of the Dead which translates literally to The Book of the Sun/Day) we can easily see that the Declarations and the book itself is actually someone’s spiritual diary with their favorite scriptures, spells and so forth.

At first I didn’t want to accept this but, the more I learned about shamanistic culture. The more I began to realize that, that is what the Pert em Hru was, which is very similar to the Tibetan Bardol Thodol (the Tibetan Book of the Dead).  Those familiar with deep meditation know that when you meditate on a much deeper level you know that you will come in contact with a host of immaterial entities. These entities or spirits can be helpful or spiteful, but it all depends upon the practitioner’s perspective, hence Code 1. This is why even Set (the evil one) can be made to serve. Most authors miss the point when it comes to interpreting the Pert em Hru because they don’t understand shamanic cultures and shamanic traditions. It is only when we see the Kamitic/Kemetic society as a traditional African culture that followed a magico-religious faith with shamanistic techniques. That we will truly understand what the Pert em Hru was all about. Once we do, we will understand that the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa gives us the ability to write our own Pert em Hru, which metaphorically means The Book of Transforming Your Will. That’s right people, to the spiritually immature it was called a book of magic.

It is sort of like the Christian bible or the Holy Bible, which in Latin is called Helios Biblios or Sun Book (sounds familiar). Now, this is not by coincidence (Code 6). At first glance you would think that the early Christians simply copied it from the Kamitic/Kemetic people. I did as well, but I was missing the deeper truth. I had the facts but not the wisdom. It wasn’t until I reviewed how the elders in my life viewed the bible that I got a better understand what it was. You see, back in the day, older people would read and read and read the bible the closer the came to end of their life cycle on earth. It was like they were trying to memorize it. I remember meeting one elder who was always happy. When asked why he was so happy all of the time, he stated that he had one scripture that he remembered, which was a Psalms that he always repeated in times of difficulties. Old people throughout the Southern US were known for using the Psalms.  In fact there is a whole tradition on using the Psalms and even divining with the bible. Yeah, no one wants to talk about how culture seeps out of us even when we aren’t trying to but every time that preacher steps up to the pulpit and opens the bible. He (or she) is divining as to what the inner self needs to tell him or her self and the congregation. I have seen the same thing done with the Quran by people in the rural areas of Senegal.

Do you understand what the Christian bible is now? I might remind you that quiet as kept, the Christian bible was buried with the dead as well, just like the Kamitic/Kemetic bible. No one says, the Christian Book of the Dead but, this tradition is still practiced in some areas, so you do understand what the Christian bible is now?  It is the Christian’s Book of Transformation.  Many people have mixed views about the bible because of how it was used as a tool of propaganda, but in Theophus Smith’s Conjuring Culture: Biblical Formations of Black America, the author shows how African Americans, Jamaicans and others used the bible as a tool of resistance to conjure their own reality.

The problem is that most of our ancestors didn’t teach us before they left this plane how to do the same.  Fortunately, I discovered that this was possible because of the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa. Now, our ancestors didn’t know of the 7 Codes/Laws and probably didn’t call them as such, but these codes can be found in any traditional culture.  You see the thing about the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa is that if you think of them as being laws then they will degrade into commandments, which later becomes dogma. Again, this is the problem the ancient Hebrews had, which is why Jesus had to come and correct them. But, when you see the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa for what they really are you see that they are the same divine principles that gave birth to the Universe. That’s right. These are the same principles that the Creator used to create the Universe and everything in it. This is why by learning the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa, you can manifest similar miracles in your life because it is the foundation of spiritual technology. Everything such as the so called law of attraction and positive thinking is based upon the 7 Codes of Maa, which gives one the ability to change whatever he or she wills, hence the Pert em Hru.  For instance, we find the ability to lay hands on an individual is based upon Code 1, Code 2 and Code 3. Karma is based upon Code 4, Code 5, Code 6 and Code 7, and so on.  So, the 7 Codes/Laws of Maa were all about, teaching people how to come into their divinity and create the desired change in their life using the power of the divine. Simply put, the codes allows you to create miracles in your life. The Codes are not laws just guiding principles that should be kept in mind. It is through these codes anyone can pick up anything and make changes according to their will. Understand, that when I am talking about making changes, I am not saying that you can twinkle your nose like Samantha on Bewitched or tap your broom like Nanny McPhee. No, we’re talking about using the same principles that the universe were created upon to sow seeds in the invisible spiritual realm to manifest physically through faith.

Hope that helps.


Derric “Rau Khu” Moore

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For more information on the Maa click on Maa: A Guide to the Kamitic Way for Personal Transformation



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7 01 2013

Another excellent blog in the land of Kam Library, thank you.

Regarding the declarations. The spiritual laws served as a guide for the initiate seeking God Self to know what “God Self” is… What it looks like, how it behaves, functions etc.

The most important ritual in Kamit was “Utchat Medu” The weighing of the heart (Ab) the measure of the heart being Maats feather to symbolise freedom being light from human emotions. The per requisite to becoming “Maa Kheru” true of speech and therefore bestowed with the title “Ausar”.

What is popularly accepted as the 42 laws of Maat pertains to the declarations of that particular ancestor and was not meant to be a generic “Moses style” commandment or prescription for life. We all have the same incarnation objective which is to be God like, yet we also have our own unique destiny path to achieve this.

Shekem Ur Shekem (one if my Sages) speaks of “The Laws Of God” in his book “Maat the 11 Laws corresponding to each of the Neter (inc Amen) on The Paut Neteru.

People have an innate desire for precedents, order etc that’s why most do acquiescence to laws even though they know its unjust. We all desire to become what we were made in the image of…. Peace.

The weighing of the heart daily is the objective measure of spiritual growth, when in the presence of Ausar the Omniscience known popularly as “The All Seeing Eye” or “Conscience” we can declare that we have not transgressed each law. There are so many ways to transgress for example the law of Amen- a peace none can disturb- transgressed through worry, seeking peace through substance abuse, avoiding ppl situations etc list is endless yet specific to the Individuals predestined life challenges- destiny do the may realise their divinity.

Yet how can you be Ausar- a God woman if you have no objective measure (spiritual laws)? What of someone living deep in the jungle no contact with anyone no knowledge of Kamit?

The laws if God are are therefore intuited by man by the aspect of the identification with God Self. That is to master Self. The lower division (mammalian, reptilian brain of emotionalism & survival). The lower brain serves us in our early years so we learn survival skills but as we grow we ought to be transcending these basal skills for divine skills evident in The cerebral Cortex, frontal lobe- the seat of consciousness.

Thats why we need an initiation program in the first place… Why ppl turn to religion, because we fail to intuit the spiritual laws, for a myriad of reasons, poor diet, over emotionalism causing physical damage to our organs and a lifestyle which depletes the life force. As we know nothing in life happens without energy.

We need an initiation system a curriculum to place the spiritual laws in our minds which govern our thoughts & actions and is the true progenitor of all that is good and the only way to achieve harmony with others, Knowing Self, living truth (Maati).

Therefore if we do not seek to become divine beings our judgement is sealed irregardless if good works, we all have endless incarnations to master the greatest lesson- Divinity.

Those who mastered Divinity Ausar return to the subjective realm to teach & guide others. The so called Avators. That is why Kamit was the greatest civilisation of the world and achieved great exploits, because they understood, evident In The documentation existing today that They were more than “conscious” but consciousness itself. That God created them as vessels for itself to come through and experience this world. That in order for the Divine Intelligence to come through and create it needed the right vehicle… A God man and a God woman. One who not only intuits the law, knows it, lives by it, measures their actions by it to become the very embodiment of it. The whole existence is created on order.

That’s why the very first thing to come out of Ausares itself was the law- order Shu & Tefnut the foundation of everything else that is to be realised.

(Didnt mean to write another blog but the discourse itself as I write is a lesson to Self).


7 01 2013

Hetep Khenemeti

Thank you for your response Khenemeti. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. I enjoyed reading your response.

You know that in these contemporary times, many people have romanticized view of what Kamitic spirituality is all about. Many of us believe that the Kamitic people followed or had a Pan-Religion and all called themselves Osirians or Ausarians. We also believe that the Kamitic people were all about spiritual enlightenment and about merging with the God-consciousness (or becoming even alien-like if possible). The point that I am making is that popular fiction has made the Kamitic people out to be extraordinary, mystical and near perfect human beings, which distorts the facts of who the Kamitic people really were. As a result, many of us either fail or totally ignore the Kamitic history, which reveals that they had similar problems as we do today. They had problems with love. They had issues with poverty (or famine). They had enemies they had to war with, and so on. We forget that the Kamitic people were historically and culturally traditional Africans because we live in a society that separates the spiritual realm from the physical realm. As a result, many of us see spirituality as something that has to be practiced.

The facts are that the Kamitic people never separated mundane goals from spiritual goals. There is no record of them (or any of our ancestors for that matter) going out and searching for spiritual enlightenment as it is done today. They did not seek to master divinity like the gurus in India. The reason is because they understood that spiritual enlightenment is an ongoing process. In other words, we are not going to become “spiritual masters” in one day, one year and for many of us, not in this lifetime, because “spiritual” is not something that we have to become. It is what we are. Everything that we do and don’t do pertains to our growth, development and also to our physical well being. This perspective that many of us have about spirituality is based upon Western culture, which is why today some of the most “spiritual people” are flat broke, because they don’t understand that becoming rich honestly is just as divine or spiritual as meditating.

Part of the reason why this problem exist and continues to flourish is because as a result of separating the mundane from the spiritual. Many people try to live spiritually out of fear, especially fear of the future, by trying to prevent problems from occurring. I have seen firsthand accounts of people getting relationship readings before getting into a relationship. If the reading was bad they will not get into the relationship. When the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a good or bad reading. The reading tells you what you need to do in order to be successful in the relationship, but a lot of people avoid this because they don’t want to put in the work. They try to avoid as many problems as they can, but life is full of problems because problems will never go away. This is the mindset that most people have in today’s society in regards to spirituality, but this is not being spiritual. A true spiritual minded individual as you have mentioned doesn’t avoid problems but looks for ways of resolving them.

So how do you rid yourself of this mindset? Experience reveals that the best way is by trial and error because once the connection is made with the indwelling intelligence, the higher self or your, Osar (Ausar). According to the Kamitic way of life, the Spirit will inform you when you are in alignment and you will see it in your daily affairs, because you will see the physical results. The Kamitic way of life was based upon the belief that in order to achieve anything you needed both realities (spiritual and physical) to work together harmoniously. There was no need to focus on one reality of the other. You did both, because they were interdependent upon one another.

For instance, using myself as an example, when I was ill, I was concerned with one thing and that was getting healthier and better. I didn’t spend hours meditating and trying to change my beliefs. I spent hours and days in trying to improve my health. I prayed, meditated, performed certain rituals, and ate a certain way, engaged in certain activities, etc. because they all supported my goal to obtaining perfect health. In the process, I learned what worked for my Osar and what didn’t, because I saw what made me healthier and what did not. It was by establishing a relationship with the Divine; I learned what got me in alignment and what made me fall out of alignment. This is how I got healthier. The Kamitic way of life functions in a similar way and was based upon the belief that in order to achieve anything in life, you needed both realities (spiritual and physical) to work together harmoniously.

Spiritual growth occurred in ancient times, in a similar manner by focusing on tangible goals and this is what the 7 Codes of Maa are all about. They help one to realize that if they wanted to achieve a goal, they had to rise to the occasion (spiritually and physically), which meant stilling their ab to overcome the various transgressions their higher Self or anxieties, fears, worries, etc. This system worked because the Kamitic society was based upon a merit system, which allowed people from lower classes to advance to higher classes. The only thing the Kamitic people inspired to become was an enlightened ancestor and you don’t accomplish this by meditating on concepts but actually living. This is how you work your faith. It is faith that fuels the spiritual realm and it is faith that makes magic/miracles work.

So, true the Kamitic tradition was a beautiful tradition but what worked in Kamit thousands of years ago will not work today because of different circumstances and situations. Although we have similar issues the difference between the Kamitic society and our own is that they owned their land, they were agriculturists, and they were divided into numerous tribal clans unified by one ruling class and so on. The same factors do not apply. However, the concepts and principles do because they are eternal, which is why I do not choose to focus on imitating and mimicking what the Kamitic people did. Instead I find it more applicable to our situation to apply these same principles to address the issues we face today.

Sorry to write such a lengthy discourse, but I hope that makes sense. Thanks again, for your response.
Have a blessed day. 🙂


8 01 2013

HetepU. Many thanks, this is a great discourse…

I agree with almost all you have written. Truth must be lived. We are made in the image of divinity and life is the proving ground providing us with destined events – the shaping factors of success to enable us to realise our innate divine nature. This is a work spanning numerous incarnations.

Kamitic history has been romanticised by some, misunderstood by others and purposefully misappropriated by the few. Yet what we do have is the evidence the documents, artifacts etc left to us by our ancestors, though the interpretation varies.

The techniques used in Kamit were as you said, for the purpose of achieving mundane and spiritual goals. Maati the 2 truths. Truth must be lived.

We have seen how the Kamit philosophies were spread throughout the world, India, China, South America, the continent of Africa etc. most ancient spiritual system share similar core concepts. This in itself is evidence of a Divine Intelligence at work. This also informs us that the techniques for spiritual enlightenment is not exclusive to territory, (Kamit) but is a spiritual cultivation system that is applicable today as it was 3000 years ago. It is a challenge for us to practice our ancient rites within a western culture the antithesis of our ancestral practices. Yet we always have done covertly & instinctively.

The Kamitic system of spiritual cultivation is not a faith based theology. It is a knowledge based system. We “believe” we have “faith” when we do not know. One of the most important documents left to us was the Paut Neteru, Paut Ani, Dendera Mandala etc which mapped out the spiritual anatomy of man as well as the physical anatomy of man. In that respect the knowledge they had of how to cultivate specific faculties/intelligences, divine talents, with specific techniques ie. mantra/Heka, at specific times within cycles, for the purpose of achieving specific mundane goals is what western mindsets call “a miracle” or “mystical” because the concept of man/woman having full control and the ability to share in The Supreme Beings Omnipotent creative powers and Our ability to have power over shaping events of physical reality & phenomenon, eludes them. If it doesn’t elude all, then the few seek to delude the masses with a Western mindset which promotes dependency on a messianic or methodology to “save you” absolving you from taking responsibility for shaping your own life, thus surrendering to the fallacy of “chance” some unalterable dictate from a God outside of them self.

The other aspect of the Law of Maat is the interdependence between things & people. Adherence to spiritual laws creates harmony between people. Most cannot accept the concept of “needing” anything or anyone outside of Self. Even God has a “need” which is to manifest itself through its creation (men/women) to experience it. We need each other, and are meant to function as a community so all the innate talents and aspect of divinity can be expressed holistically for the benefit if all. Each member having a divine & practical position & function withini the community. It cannot work without order & just divine law. That’s why attempts thus far to unify the African diaspora to date has been unsuccessful or merely very short lived. The unifying principle is not found in the identification with the human aspect of Self but the identification with our Divine nature.
I’m not an expert in Kamitic history. I consider myself to be an initiate in the African Ausarian & Ra Spiritual System. I enjoy this discourse because Im always open to learn & grow & be challenged to inspect what I think & affirm 🙂


7 01 2013

Reblogged this on khenemeti's Blog.

8 01 2013

Hetep Khenemti

Yes. You are correct as well. Faith is not based upon believing but upon knowing. There are several paths to the Absolute Truth and I am not fully aware of what occurred or took place in China, India, South America, etc. Nor am I aware of all of the spiritual systems that came out of Kamit. I don’t concern myself with these things because it is not relevant to me anymore. I use to spend time reading and studying and so on, but after I found my Maa (my Truth). I no longer needed to do this anymore. The reason is because my Maa or what works for me is the shamanic path. I, like yourself am not an expert on Kamitic history or any subject for that matter. I am a student of life and follower of the Spirit. I use as my guide the 7 Codes of Maa because they are not based upon theory but upon what works. These Codes have allowed me to create the magical/miracles that I needed in my life and that is all that I am concerned about, the here and the now and not the hereafter. I am only concerned with this because it is what I do in the present that effects what occurs in the future and so on.

The thing is, these miracles/magic doesn’t work unless the taboos/laws are adhered to, which is why I lean more towards the practical and goal oriented path then the mystical approach.

This is my path and it is the path that my ancestors followed. It works for me because it is based upon our ability to adapt and change in order to survive. We are both saying pretty much the same thing. It is just that our approaches are different. Everything that I have written about, I know works because I have used it and do it.

I am glad to have had this conversation with you because I am still learning as well. Plus it is good to interact with others on a similar road but taking a different route.

Hetep 🙂

8 01 2013

HetepU Beloved.

You have been guided by The Supreme Being to your path of holistic growth and also have become a guide to others, that’s a beautiful thing… To be in service to God & this world is the highest act of love.

I only just realised that you are an author and I will buy a copy of your book.

From my point of view our paths are similar just differs re: techniques & methods perhaps. Within Ancient Kamit there were different yet similar teachings sharing the unified concepts of Spirituality.

Thank you for this blog and your comments. I look forward to reading more, learning more.

Heru Nefer! (Have a beautiful blessed day)

Khenemeti ❤

8 01 2013

Hetep Khenemeti

Yes, That is correct, that within Kamit there were different yet similar teachings.

I really enjoyed our conversation and I look forward to speaking with you again.

May God and the ancestors bless you as well.

2 02 2013
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