A Practical Shamanic Guide for using Kemetic Ritual, Magick and Spirituality for Acquiring Power


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When the Africans arrived on the shores of North America, due to slavery they lost the theology behind their culture. So unlike their kin in the Caribbean and South America who were able to maintain their religion by syncretizing it with the Catholic saints. The Africans in North America had to conceal their faith within the Protestant church, which for the most part either suppressed the African influence or Christian-washed it, thereby creating greater disconnect oneself and God. To fill the spiritual voids, Derric “Rau Khu’ Moore adopts the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) theology in order to create Kamta. Learn in clear instructions on how to apply Kemetic metaphysics to improve your health, increase success, invoke protection and resolve emergencies, through magico-spiritual means. This is an absolute must for African descendants wanting to learn metaphysics and transition to the occult, as well as those wanting to transition from the occult to a higher spirituality.

Book Excerpt

Book excerpt from page 149 of The Kamta Primer.

Why Were We Created

If we believe that our Perfect Creator is omnipotent, all-knowing and everywhere, then we must accept that nothing happens in our life accidentally or coincidentally. Everything that occurs in our life is part of a Divine Plan.  This would mean that the only reason accidents and coincidences appear to exist is because of the concept we call Time. 

Time creates a delay that makes it appear that every effect occurs accidentally, coincidentally, and at random.  But we live in the Cause and Effect world, which means for every Cause there is an Effect.  Hence, everything that goes up must come down, for every right, there is a left, things that get hot must eventually become cool, etc. This duality is due to Maa and it is because of Maa everything in our reality must be balanced.  For instance, if we threw a rock in the air.  We see that it would fall back down to the earth because of Cause and Effect, or Maa. However, we fail to see how the Cause and Effect of our actions and behaviors affect our lives.

Our Perfect Creator, on the other hand, sees and knows everything because the Divine exists outside of the realm of Time, hence the Creator’s Kemetic title Nebertcher – the Lord of All Things. This means that our Perfect Creator already knows what, when, where, why, and how we are going to sin before we sin because Nebertcher is…All-Knowing. Therefore, there has to be a more profound reason why our Perfect Creator allows sin – an imperfection– to exist than the reason contemporary theologians have given us. There has to be a more profound reason why our Perfect Creator allows all of the atrocities that exist to continue to do so.

Book excerpt from page 161 of The Kamta Primer.

Lesson Five: Discovering Your Purpose

Identifying Patterns

The purpose of this exercise is to identify the problem areas that exist in your life. Using the information from the previous exercise you should have noted a familiar pattern that arises. Do you find yourself struggling to get a mate? To keep a job? To keep bills paid? To keep a peaceful home? Etc.? Whatever you struggle with, whatever problems you have, etc. write them down and observe how dealt with these issues. Note that although it is a Western cultural practice to try and avoid every problem that we encounter and shift blame to everything that goes wrong in our life. It is not wise to do because the problem does not go away. The time has come to realize that the problem you are running away is the reason you are here.

Therefore, write a list of reoccurring problems that you struggle with. By writing them down, you are able to make a mental note when they appear and understand that this has to do with your destiny.

Receiving Fulfillment from Amun Ra
Have you ever noticed how easy it is to do the wrong thing versus doing what is right? I mean, a person cusses you out for no reason, and the thought that goes through your mind is to reach out and hit them. It is not the right thing to do but it is the easiest thing.

Why should you resist doing what is easy?

Why should you not hit them?

It is because when you do what is easy you do what is natural, which invokes the power of Ra. The Ra moment you will recall deals with physical prowess and aggression. In the future, you will see that this moment corresponds to Set, our main foe spirit.

However, when you do what is right, you invoke the supernatural power of Amun Ra.  The Amun Ra moment deals with spiritual prowess and it corresponds to Osar, our main guardian spirits as well as all of the other benevolent spiritual forces, hence the 90%.

As you can see, this has nothing to do with ethics and morals. It is all about power. Doing what is Right is about accessing spiritual power. 

Doing what is Easy is doing what is natural while doing what is Right is doing is Supernatural.

When we do what is Right, it is going against our physical nature (sahu) and tenses our spiritual muscles (BA). The more we do what is Right by being proactive, the stronger spiritually we become because we are relying upon the higher part of our being (our BA), which is connected to Amun Ra. This is how we get true fulfillment. The reason Oset tricked Ra and why she (the Virgin Mary[1] as well) was so famous in the ancient world, is because her rouse allowed us to get fulfillment. 

Therefore, whenever there is an obstacle that appears, by resisting reacting to it the way we normally would. We tap into this Hidden Power.

Fulfillment comes Amun Ra in the following manner:

  1. A Difficulty Occurs.
    You are waiting for someone to exit out of a parking space, and as soon as you leave. Another driver rushes in and takes the parking space you were waiting for.
  1. Naturally, you want to react. 
    It is natural for you to react by becoming angry and cussing out of the driver out. Resist the urge and realize that this behavior does not generate supernatural power. 
  2. Resist the Urge to React.
    Instead of going after the driver or cussing the driver out. Do the exact opposite. Smile, laugh, etc. Do not give into your natural emotions. Remember, it is not about right or wrong, it is about right versus easy. 
  3. Invoke Your Super Nature.
    When you do the opposite of your nature you invoke the 90% spiritual realm.  Gods and goddesses do not worry about petty issues, and when you resist the urge to react according to your physical nature. Surprising changes occur and the external situations resolve themselves. Someone suddenly crashes into the individual who took your parking space.  Or you get a closer parking space and parking pass. This is how supernatural powers occur when you behave as a god or goddess.  

We are made in the image of the Divine but far too often we fail to exercise our divinity because we are too focused on external circumstances. In order to make miracles occur, we have to learn to resist our sahu (animal, lower self). 

Understand, I am not saying ignore when someone hurts you, stabs you in the back, gets a promotion over you, cusses you out, cuts you off in traffic, take your parking space that you are waiting for, etc.  This is normal to feel. It is part of the human experience. Our feelings help us to gauge and alert us when there is a problem.

But, our feelings do not determine or dictate how we should react or behave. So, acknowledge the emotions because it is part of the human experience.

Just do not react to them.

Remember, if we believe that the Divine is All-Knowing and All-Powerful, then the Divine is rooting for you.  This means that there is really nothing to worry about.  You simply have to express what you want and not worry about how it will manifest. 

Know that when you act like a human being, you will receive human assistance, which we all know is not reliable.  However, when you act from a divine perspective your Spirits (the Universe) will act in your favor and you receive divine assistance. 

[1] The early Christian writers tried to superimpose Oset onto the Virgin Mary by saying that she gave all people access to Jesus.

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