Discovering the Power of I AM Using the Shamanic Principles of Ancient Egypt for Self-Empowerment and Personal Development (Volume II)


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After learning that early African Americans in the Antebellum South followed the Kongo Cross, which the author used to discover the Maa Aankh, an Egyptian-style medicine wheel. Using this diagram as a guide revealed that the familiar physical reality we live in is limited, but beyond our five physical senses is a rich and unlimited spiritual dimension. Everything we desire – peace, prosperity, success, love, joy – can be found in this spiritual realm, because they are ethereal in nature. Most people have a problem obtaining these goals because they allow themselves to become disconnected from their Source. But, by learning how to stay connected to this invisible reality, you can overcome the physical problems you face. Included are practical exercises based upon shamanic traditions that will help you break away from the destructive beliefs and habits that disconnect you from the Source. As well as spiritual practices and rites that will help you maintain the connection to create the life that you want and deserve.

Book Excerpt

Book excerpt from page 29 of Maa Aankh V2.

Rau: The Divine POWER of I AM

Imagine that it is wintertime or that is cold outside and you go to an old house that has a furnace on it.  The furnace is very hot, so hot that you can’t even approach it. You can’t put your hands on it because if you do it would physically burn you, but you can admire it from afar. You can also benefit from the heat that it generates from a distance as well. This is how it is when we approach God. Physically we can’t touch or even see God, but we know that God exists because we can sense God’s Spirit and POWER like the heat from a furnace all around us. The POWER and Spirit of God is called the Rau.  

Rau is the Divine Power behind the Sun, but since it is difficult to picture this is our mind.  Rau was often symbolized as the sun and used as a metaphor, to express consciousness and human beings longing for fulfillment.  Just like a ray of sunlight hits a bead of rainwater and the sunbeam bends into the colors of a rainbow. Rau was imagined as containing every conceivable form of pleasure we all desired including joy, sex, good health, peace, prosperity, passion, and love. Rau is the divine power that stirs us up in the morning and motivates us to get out of bed. It is the same divine force that activates our immune system and gives us a motivational drive.

Since the Rau is divine in nature, it communicates to us intuitively.  When an individual is happy, at peace, full of love and joy.  The Rau expresses itself as a high vibration with a very strong brilliance like the sun, thus meaning the individual has a lot of Rau.  On the other hand, if an individual is angry, sad, depressed, etc. They have a low vibration, a dull radiance, dim light, or a very low amount of Rau.

Divine Power is Eternal

But Rau is not temporal joy.  Rau is not a physical high that lasts 5 – 15 minutes and then brings us crashing to the ground like a bad energy drink or drugs.  Rau is not a moment of ecstasy that is good for the moment but doesn’t produce a change in character or convey love. Rau is not a fleeting romance or a brief passionate moment with our spouse of 25 years or longer. Rau is eternal Joy.

No one wants to be happy sometimes. We want to be happy all of the time. We don’t want our family, friends, and colleagues just to like us when they want something from us. We want them to like us all of the time. One of the reasons so many young adults try to avoid marriage is because no one wants to be in a marriage where sexual relations are regulated like food during a famine, or romance occurs only on anniversaries. We all want our needs and wants satisfied on a continuous basis.

So, why is it that things can give us a temporary feeling of joy? Why is it that foods like chocolate or deserts that give us sugar rushes, give us a little joy? Why can’t we get a continuous amount of joy from drugs, sex, or relationships? It is because everything that physically exists comes from the Divine’s Rau.  It has a little “ra” – spiritual power, which is why it provides a temporary joy.

Rau is eternal love, self-control, freedom, health, prosperity, relief from fear and anxiety, personal fulfillment, wisdom, contentment, peace of mind, and much, much more, which are intangible attributes that cannot be obtained by anything in this world. They are all ethereal in nature because the only one that can satiate our desires is Rau. I hope that you can see that this is not some New Age concept that was just created.  Just about every culture has described this awesome power that exists all around and within us.  This is why the early Christians called the Rau the Holy Spirit and said upon receiving it that it will provide you with “wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, Godliness and fear of God” (Isaiah 11:1-2).

So that we are clear Rau is not the sun, but the Divine Power that emanates from God, like rays from the sun.  Just like we cannot physically touch a hot furnace with our hand, yet we can feel the heat being emitted from it. We cannot conceive the totality of God but we can sense God’s awesomeness through the Divine’s Rau.

            But when our needs and wants aren’t fulfilled in a timely manner. Most of us become anxious and worried. In fact, if some of our needs have been fulfilled. We see it as a blessing, but we quickly prepare for the day when the blessing will end, as if blessings only arrive during a famine. Other times when we get a need fulfilled, we look at the blessing as a miracle or something too good to be true. Again, out of fear we prepare for the day when the blessing will end. 

The truth of the matter is that understanding that Rau is eternal means that it will never end.  Therefore, the reason we become unhappy, anxious, fearful, or worried when our wants aren’t fulfilled when we want them is because we have disconnected ourselves from the Rau.  

Since, no one in his or her right mind wants to be miserable in life because we all want the same thing, which is eternal joy. This means the disconnection from Rau most likely was done inadvertently and the reason it occurred is because we don’t know how to connect or disconnect to the Rau at will.  Therefore in order to connect back to God’s Rau, we have to understand who we are and our relationship to the Divine.

Book excerpt from page 151 of the Maa Aankh V2.

Creating a Magical Way of Life

Remember, it is the consequences of our actions that influence the type of assistance we will receive. If you focus on negative thoughts they will yield negative actions and manifest negative entities in our life. These negative energies become the negative and destructive people that surrender to their Set and perform chaotic deeds, which is why the Kamitic thinkers called these energies snakes.  Whereas by focusing on positive thoughts, they will yield positive actions, which in turn produce positive spiritual influences in our life.  We basically create or better yet, attract our own angels and devils because they are archetypes of our psyche.

As I stated throughout this book, we all have aakhu (ancestors and spirit guides) and netcharu (guardian spirits) because they are energetic principles that influence our life.  We have had these principles in our life since the beginning of time and the only reason most of us cannot identify with them as compared to how our ancestors did is because, in these modern times.  Due to the separation of church and state, we favor physical sciences over the metaphorical spiritual science. When in actuality we should truly be embracing both. Consequently, we are skeptical about anything we cannot understand using our five physical sciences, which is natural, but sooner or later. We have to realize that there is only so far we can get using our physical senses. This is a point that I was forced to come to grips with when I read Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill, for those who do not know, is considered the pioneer of personal success literature.  Many of the techniques he learned and wrote about in his bestselling book, now classic, was tried and true methods from the late 19th and early 20th century millionaires of the time. Most of the methods Hill wrote about were well received but one of the techniques was so controversial that he hesitated on even mentioning.  In the end, he decided to include it in the book, and it was called the nine Invisible Counselor techniques. 

According to Hill, the Invisible Counselors technique was the ultimate tool for sourcing skills, ideas, and inspiration.  Using this visualization technique Hill claimed that he was able to tap into the mind of anyone living or dead in order to gain advice, wisdom, and guidance. Hill admitted to having conversations with Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Thomas Edison, Homer, Isaac Newton, Burbank, and many others.

Hill revealed that the technique he used to talk to his counselors was that just before going to sleep at night.  He would close his eyes and visualize his invisible counselors sitting around a counsel table.  Before meeting with them he had in mind an objective of something he wanted to achieve and he would allow his counselors to speak freely and give suggestions on how to achieve a certain goal. He said while the meeting with his counselors was purely fictional and existed only in his imagination.  His counselors began to take on characteristics that they were real.  Through his counselors, Hill claimed that he was able to resolve a lot of problems, which led him down a glorious path of adventure.

I only included Hill’s technique to show by comparison what he was doing, is no different from what traditional spiritual workers have been doing for centuries. The point I want to focus upon is as stated earlier; it is a known fact that many of the early 20th century artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators were aware of the power of the mind. Many of these individuals were known for going to sleep in order to solve a problem or get an idea, which is how shamans help to heal people in their community. There are numerous comments and quotes that have been recorded by many of the early 20th century visionaries like Thomas Edison who said that “Ideas come from space,” clearly indicating that many of them didn’t know how or why all human beings had the ability to create change in their life by stretching out into the great unknown using their imagination. They just knew that they could do it and they took full advantage of it. I say all of this because we have reached the part of the book that will appear to be more fiction than science.  I have tried to where possible to give the scientific reasoning as to why a method works, which is why a great amount of time, was spent talking about KAMTA and TASETT to help prepare you for this point.  But now the time has come to go way beneath the horizon and beyond our logical reasoning.

Before we descend down the proverbial rabbit hole, it is important to keep in mind that when your ab – soul awareness is extroverted, attention is placed on physical things outside of your being, because you are identifying with your physical environment through your sahu (subconscious awareness). However, when your ab – soul is introverted, attention is placed on the non-physical reality that exists within of your being, because you are identifying with the spirit that exists in all things through your ba (superconscious), which gives us unlimited ability to gain ideas and information to accomplish anything we set our mind to. Therefore, in order to achieve any objective in life, it has to be firmly impressed upon our sahu that we can achieve it.  This is the only way for our ba to make a way for it to manifest physically, which simply means if you want magic or a miracle to occur in your life. You have to believe. It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes. It is all about what you believe.

With this in mind you need to remember that ideas about what we can achieve are impressed upon our sahu using our emotions, so the more intense are emotions are associated with an idea, the stronger the impression will be made upon our sahu. This is the reason shocking and also traumatic experiences have a long-term effect upon our psyche. However, ideas can also be impressed upon our sahu through repetition, using symbols, etc. One way of looking at it is that the odder and stranger it appears logically, the stronger the impression it will make upon our psyche.

This is the mindset that you have to adapt and develop in order to create a miraculous way of life.  It is difficult (but not impossible) for most people in the West because Westerners have a problem seeing that everything is interconnected. This is partially due to the fact that most Westerners see God only as a point of reference for when things go wrong.  When in need, we raised in the West are taught to plead to God for help because we are pathetic human beings born in sin. When our prayers aren’t answered, we believe that God is punishing us for something we’ve done. As a result, every tragedy and tragic event is seen as God punishing us for something that we’ve done. So God from the Western perspective is not truly worshipped out of love, but out of fear. It is because of this fear, many will not even attempt to better their lives by praying for worldly goods and will instead choose to live with illness, in poverty, and other unbearable conditions, believing it is God’s will.

On the other hands, the inability to see the interconnectedness of things makes others believe that in order to create miracles all they have to do is master a few spells like Harry and his friends of Hogwart; throw together some herbs, stones and some obnoxious smelling substance and “Voila” they will get a job, love and everything they want; or just visualize their goals, think positive and they will physically manifest whatever they want into their life, all from the comfort of their home. Then when the spiritual system doesn’t work or it doesn’t resolve their problems. They say it is fraudulent or that it is superstitious nonsense. Never do these individuals take the time to explore why they failed to achieve their goal through supernatural means, because they don’t see how everything is interdependent upon one another.

The fact is that magic and miracles are based upon the invisible, spiritual forces that exist in KAMTA and visible, physical work is done in TASETT. It begins in the deep recesses of our mind and finishes with our physical efforts. It is not based upon what you think or theorize, but upon how you feel. This is the reason all people regardless of their affiliations, beliefs, background, etc. are amazed when they see the pyramids, the temples, the sphinx, and all of the other mysteries of Kamit.  It is because Kamit strikes a serious chord deep within our collective consciousness that transcends all of the superficial things that separate us today.  She reminds people of a time when magic and miracles were commonplace before dogma dominated the world scene. It is for this reason, I can’t fault anyone for wanting to recreate this magical and miraculous time in human history, but the reality of this happening is just not feasible because what people faced during those times is not the same type of problems we have today. We can, however, use their wisdom to improve the quality of our life by adopting a holistic view of life.

 Everything from a non-Western perspective is seen as being interdependent upon something else. God from the non-Western perspective is seen as being the Creator of Everything or Source but also is believed to have given everything that exists a piece of its power in order for it to sustain its existence.  So when an individual becomes ill or needs divine assistance from a non-Westerner perspective, they don’t view it as it is a curse from God.  They understand that the predicament they are in is because of an incorrect choice or decision they have made in God’s absence.  In other words, non-Westerners take responsibility for their actions and behaviors. Instead of blaming their shortcomings on the devil, they accept that most of their problems are their own doing, due to them not having the exact know-how or not knowing God’s will, who has the final say in everything. Because non-Westerners see God and themselves as being interdependent upon each other, in dire circumstances some non-Western cultures when they really need divine assistance will provoke God in order to make the Divine angry. Such as the women in the Kongo when in emergency situations, would expose their breast to God and make him angry, so that he will act[1]. This behavior is shocking to many Westerners because they don’t share the same cultural perspective, but when we take into account the ba and sahu relationship.  It becomes clear that this shocking action is meant to get the ba to provide a creative and intuitive solution quickly.

Again, failure to understand that our sahu is responsible for all of the life changes that occur in our life is the reason most people are unsuccessful in changing their behavior.  It has to be remembered that you can’t change an individual’s consciousness by just reading scripture or prayer because the idea will not be impressed upon the sahu (subconscious part of our being). A change in consciousness and any individual’s life can only occur when an individual is truly moved or a deep emotional impression is made upon their sahu, resulting in them changing. So, to help you to create a magical and miraculous way of life, the following abilities needed to be kept in mind. These have been modified from the seven codes listed in Maa.

The Seven Divine Abilities

The Divine Ability to Disperse

The ability to disperse energy depends upon your ability to remember that God through our ba does not function according to time and space.  It is not bound by earthly logic. This means if you want to impress the idea of your body being healed. All you need to do is contemplate on being healthy or in perfect health. Eventually, when the idea becomes habitual.  It will be accepted by the sahu as truth and you will begin to feel and act as if you are healthy. Thereby becoming healthier. All spiritual solutions are based upon the ability to focus on a solution and not the condition itself.

The Divine Ability to Be At Peace

Now, it is very important that you understand, that this also means that you have to be patient. This is because your blessings may not manifest exactly when you want them to.  This is the time when a lot of people become discouraged because they were praying for a blessing or miracle in their marriage, on their job, in their family, etc. and it has not occurred yet when they wanted to. At this time, you need to be patient and trust that your Osar knows more than you. Don’t force the issue and try to force a solution. Keep the faith and stay focused. When you begin to question things or become discouraged.  Sometimes you will receive a message of encouragement from an unlikely source, but keep the faith and stay patient.

The Divine Ability to Direct

Because God’s Rau exists everywhere and in everything, a divine mind has the ability to direct this energy at will to achieve a specific goal.  This is the difference between a human being and an animal. In order to develop a divine mind, you have to learn how to act with purpose instead of reacting to life. This means always questioning and reviewing the goal, objective, and purpose behind whatever you do, to ensure that you are not being ruled by your sahu. Remember, the best way to manifest a goal is to make it so that it benefits others.

The Divine Ability to Manifest 

The importance of single-mindedness is only to teach you to live and focus your attention in the now. Far too often, the reason so many people have high blood pressure and other ailments is because they worry about the future.  They don’t understand that worrying never fixes anything. The best thing to do is to live in the present because it is our present actions that determine our future.  This is the beauty of life. Whenever we approach something that we do not like. All we have to do is project what it is that we want in the now, to create the change we want later.

The Divine Ability to Bless

Whenever you acknowledge something that is pleasing, beautifying, and enhancing. Whenever you appreciate something and demonstrate an act of kindness. You are in essence blessing it. Blessings exemplify what we want out of life and they help us to receive blessings in return. Take something as simple as opening the door for someone. If you genuinely open the door for someone to help them, you will find that other complete strangers will open the door for you. I remember, I always spoke to people by offering a warm “Hello,” to them. Then, one day when I went out of town. I found a lot of strangers willing to greet me. So, a divine mind has the ability to bless others because they understand that they are in essence blessing themselves. They do this physically but telepathically as well.

The Divine Ability to Empower

As I have already mentioned at the start of this book. The Kamitic people were fond of empowering things by personifying them. Anything can be personified because it is all from God’s Rau. Just because something does not move does not mean that God’s essence is not in it. It simply means that it is vibrating at a very low rate. When you begin to see everything as being a living being, you will see how some places like cemeteries, hospitals, houses, parks, etc. have energies of their own. You will be able to determine the character of certain places and discern the spiritual remedy needed in that area. I have heard of other shamans passing through a park and changing the energy of it by simply blessing stones.   Each time that passed by the park they would bless another stone and put it wherever the stone chose to be.  Eventually, the park became a haven of good and blessed spirits, which encourage families to visit it.

The Divine Ability to Create

Our sahu tends to make us think that creativity deals with just creating things like artwork, music, poetry, etc. to get money or an exchange of services.  This is a low perspective of thinking and there is nothing wrong with it, but I invite you to go beyond this and think of creating as a means of changing lives. When you enter the creation process from the ba perspective, it takes on a whole new meaning. For instance, sex is not just an act performed between a man and woman who are attracted to each other. From a ba perspective, it is the creation of the universe in physical form. The sexual relationship between a male and a female is actually the physical mimicking of Divine to create life in the universe.

So, you have to think in a new way when you are developing a divine mindset. Everything that you do is done for a specific purpose. A regular conversation between you and your coworker is about transforming both of your minds so that you both have a productive and successful workday. A conversation between your spouses is about helping each other to reach their potential. Talking to your children is about encouraging them to listen to their ba and so on because the divine ability to create is the ability to bring godliness in everyone’s life. Everything has a purpose, even the placement of plants in your house.

            All of these abilities you will see depend largely upon your intuition, which is a mental faculty of your ba.  It is not hard, it only seems this way because you are not used to following your ba, but with practice, it will become easier and easier.  All of these keys will come into play when we explore working with the netcharu are divine helpers.

[1] Rockie, Simon. Death and the Invisible Power: The World of Kongo Belief, 1993. pg. 136

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