What Magical Path Should I Take?

What Magical Path Should I Take?

What Magical Path Should I Take?

If you are serious about spirituality you will eventually hear of a doorway, see a hallway leading to a doorway or come face-to-face with that doorway that opens up to a world called magic (also spelled magick to distinguish between the stage show art).  But the obvious questions that come to mind are what is magic? Why do spiritual people practice magic? Does magic work? and, how do you practice magic successfully?

To answer all of these questions it must be understood that magic is a tool to help you become more effective in the world instead of being pushed around by the world. It is a two-way tool in the sense that you use it to change yourself and in return, it changes you but, like anything used to create change. Magic is powerful, dangerous and commands that you respect it, which is the reason it was once the property of the wealthy in the post-Enlightenment Christian era. But like electricity, fire, etc. once you learn the guidelines of how to use magic safely, it is fun, which is one of the main reasons for using it.

So the first question, what is magic? Well, I used to believe that magic is the art of producing physical results at will but the more I observed how irrational it is. The more I have come to the conclusion that magic is “a set of approaches and techniques that can be used to help us achieve what we believe is physically possible.

I emphasize what we believe because belief plays a major role in magical success. For instance, if you need spiritual protection because you feel like something is off in your life but you do not believe in spirits or you believe that all spirits are evil. Then, the spiritual baths, spiritual perfumes, rituals, mantras, and other spiritual techniques prescribed to help your situation will not be effective.

What Magical Path Should I Take

This is because we all have been socially conditioned by our family, friends, churches, schools, communities, and (in general) society to be a robot that follows order,  So, naturally we are doubtful and cynical over anything that we cannot assess with our five physical senses.

Consequently, doubt is the first obstacle we encounter when learning magic in which we wonder, “If magic works?” Unfortunately, magic is like learning sexual techniques to enhance the relationship between a husband and wife, you do not know if it works until you try it. Cynicism is the second obstacle you will encounter but like doubt, this wall can be shattered but it requires that you have a successful magical experience. So, to help ease this transition to a magical mindset, many have found it helpful to adopt a magical paradigm that explains how magic works to change their beliefs so that they can reduce the amount of cynicism they have and perform magic.

Now there are numerous theories as to how magic works and the first thing you have to understand is that that is all that they are, theories. Because you will eventually run into a windbag who tries to convince you that their magical system is the best because it was created by so-and-so. Don’t fall for it. It is all a theory. Most of what passes as occult knowledge is simply an eclectic blend of occult theories from numerous sources.

To perform magic successfully you need to know what magical path to take, which means you need a paradigm shift to occur so that you can have a magical mindset. Presently four basic magical models exist and they are the Spirit Model, the Energy Model, the Psychological Model and the Information Model of Magic.

The Spirit Model of Magic is used by ministers, priests, priestesses, and shamans and it is based upon the belief that angels, demons, gods, goddesses, spirits, etc. are real because they exist in an Otherworld. To perform magic using the Spirit Model of Magic, occultists that follow this path will find it fairly easy to enter into a trance state and thereby enter the Otherworld, where they will either pray and/or evoke these entities. These initiates will typically have one or two psychic skills such as clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentience, Clair-cognizance, and/or clairolfactance. Many times these psychic skills are suppressed because they come from a family background that does not support it. Many of these initiates will typically remember having a childhood experience where they communicated freely with some spirit. Most of the initiates attracted to this path will all expressed that they have been called by some spirit (God, ancestor, angel, saint, etc.) to this path.  In fact, initiates on this path will benefit greatly from erecting an ancestor altar because it will help them to develop their psychic skills.  As such, these individuals all will express that they have been called to be great diviners, readers, mediums, necromancers, ministers, priests/priestesses, and shamans. For the record, Kamta follows this model of magic. 

What magical path should I take

Chinese altar honoring the ancestors and deities

 The Energy Model is based upon the idea that everything an energetic force called chi, prana, kundalini or “vibe”, which can be manipulated. Energy Model magic focuses a lot on transferring energy and synchronizing the chakras and/or use precious gems, crystals, stones, orgonites, or meditative practices like tai chi or yoga. Initiates that follow this magical path typically are clairsentient and very sensitive. Usually, these individuals are attracted to healing practices such as the laying of the hands or reiki. Since they use their hands and rely on intuitively on how they feel, they are very fond of the chakra and similar systems that focus on the use of the life force. Followers of the Energy Model of Magic will typically claim that they were attracted to certain practices or somehow found their occult or spiritual niche. For more information see Chakras for Beginners or  Chakras Seven Doors of Energy.

What magical path should I take

Chakra system is popular among followers of the Energy Model of Magic

The Psychological Model of Magic is the Spirit Model internalized, which is based upon the belief that the spirits are mental constructs or archetypes. While it was Sigmund Freud who revolutionized western thinking in regards to human consciousness, it was his former pupil that Carl Jung who provided a glimpse as to how the mind functions. The Psychological Model of magic does not attempt to explain how magic works but indicates that if an idea is impressed upon the mind. It will produce a magical effect. Many people attracted to this magical path tend to be very analytical. Not only will these individuals be able to explain the differences in consciousness but they might also be able to explain other complex theories such as sun/lunar astrology, numerology, etc. Most of the initiates that follow this magical path will accept that magic is an art but have a longing to prove that it is a science-based upon the belief that everyone has a Higher Self. For most of these individuals, magic is simply a matter of choice.

The Information (or Cybermagic) Model of Magic is based upon the belief that everything is information, not energy, which means everything is conscious. It is information that is sent from one thing to another, so to perform magic requires that you send information to that thing. For instance, if you want something you get a symbol (or symbols) to represent your wish. You focus on that symbol in a high state of consciousness, which is the transfer of information and not energy. Those who follow this magical path are similar to Psychological magic followers in the sense that they are very analytical but they are also abstract thinkers. The Chaos Theory, Butterfly Effect, the 100 Monkey Principle, the Law of Attraction, the Water Manifestation, Alternate Universe or Parallel Realities, etc. are all common speech in this magical path.

What magical path should I take

The 100th Monkey Principle

Usually, you will not find an individual who only follows one magical path because elements of each path exist in all of them. For instance, if one looks close enough they will find elements of the Spirt Model of Magic in the Information Model of Magic. The Energy Model of Magic can be found in the Information Model and Psychological Model of Magic, which simply means that essentially all of the models are the same but exist to reflect the consciousness of the time that it was created.

Although each model has its attractive and unattractive aspects, most occultists use the Psychological Model of Magic to explain to non-occultists (or non-initiates) how magic works because although psychology is not accepted as a science yet, it is respected by most people in the west as giving an explanation as to why people act and behave the way they do. Many occultists also use alongside this model the Spirit Model of Magic and/or the Energy Model of Magic. This is the reason it is not uncommon to find that many occultist practice yoga or tai chi, and talk about balancing their chakras, while out of the same breath mentioning making an offering to a deity.  So, do not forget that these are only theories and do not become too rigid in your thinking that you cannot explore other theories. 

Knowing which magical path you should take will save you a lot of time, headache and money, as well as help you to understand the path that others are on.

Now, please do not err in believing that one magical path is better than another or that if you follow a particular path you are more superior than others. Eventually, in your spiritual career, all of these paths will collide. For instance, most initiates use a divination system but I have found that those who follow the Spirit Model of Magic tend to be better at divining. Whereas those who follow the Psychological Model of Magic lack empathy and are bare-bones diviners.

Also, please do not regard this information presented as an exact science. I am just sharing with you what I have learned and experienced in 15+ years in learning and practicing magic and spirituality. For instance, I knew of an individual who was born and raised in the Spirit Model of Magic, suddenly convert to the Christian faith because they lacked the spiritual structure of the Psychological Model of Magic. On the flip side, I knew of a priestess who followed a Psychological Model of Magic tradition return to charismatic churches because they needed to adopt the Spirit Model of Magic in their life.

To learn the path(s) is best for you, it is advised that you should see a diviner and ask them to the divine, which path will assist you best in this lifetime. If you are unable to meet with a diviner, you can contact me and I will do a reading (free of charge) to determine which of the four magical paths you should take. Please include in your email that you are interested in knowing the magical model you should pursue. Also, to ensure that you receive the most detailed reading as possible, please allow at least 24 hours for a response.  

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