A Word On Oracles and Divination Tools

Maa Aankh with Utchat

If you come from a strong Christian background as I did, you have most likely been taught that oracles and other divination tools are evil soothsayer instruments and therefore evil. After being on this spiritual path for over 15 years, I am here to inform you that we were all fed this superstitious nonsense by people who did not know any better.  All of these people had no understanding of metaphysics and mathematics, so they simply repeated what others told them out of fear. 

The facts are that oracles and divination tools do not foretell the future per se.  They present the probability that something will occur based upon your current attitude, action, and behavior.  For instance, if you smoke cigarettes then the probability that you will get cancer is very high.  However, if you cease smoking you can lower your probabilities of getting this ill-ness. If you take it one step further and adopt a more nutritious lifestyle you may increase your probabilities of never becoming seriously ill. 

There is nothing evil about oracles because they are nothing more than tools. However, like most tools, oracles can be used positively or negatively. The negative way oracles are used is by having an alleged diviner inform a client that they must do something to avert some calamity. This is the so-called “gypsy fortune-telling” scam that results in the client receiving either a canned cold reading, a candle cleansing and/or egg cleansing.  A genuine and sincere diviner understands that oracles are not based upon coincidence but are mathematical in nature.  

A true diviner will inform you that an oracle presents you with the probabilities or chances of an event occurring, which can either be increased or decreased because the future is not set in stone.  Oracles have been used for ages because humanity following the instincts of animals has (until recently) always interpreted natural signs.   Oracles have been used throughout the bible. The most popular biblical oracle was called the lots and contrary to popular belief, it was not a casting of votes. 

The oracle that I use is called the Kemetic Tablets, which uses probability and statistics and is based upon the Maa Aankh cosmogram.  It provides simple Yes/No answers and can give insight into situations that are queried about.  The oracle does not replace your free will by dictating what you should or should not do.  It simply presents a pattern that already exists in nature, so that we can draw a picture of what will come soon if you continue on your present route.  Presently there are two types of readings I offer. Please see below for details. 

Consultation with a Diviner

Before Scheduling a Reading, Read This  Disclaimer

 To receive a reading from the Land of Kam, you must be at least18 years of age to use this service or have written consent from a parent or legal guardian. By using the services provided by Rau Khu on The Land of Kam, you agree that you have read and/or understood that all information is subject to the querent’s interpretation.  

The Land of Kam will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by the recipients based on information provided during readings.

All information and/or advice given by The Land of Kam should not take the place of any financial advice, legal or medical advice given to you by any qualified professional.  All readings by the Land of Kam are not a substitute for financial or legal advice.

By visiting the Land of Kam website, scheduling a consultation, and/or booking a session with Rau Khu of the Land of Kam, you understand and agree that Derric “Rau Khu” Moore is a shamanic practitioner and not a physician, psychotherapist or licensed professional.  Therefore, all of the advice offered is not intended for medical use. For any physical or psychological conditions you may be experiencing, please consult your physician or other licensed healthcare professional. 

Free Magickal Path Reading

Do you know what magickal path is best for you? Do you feel lost, stagnate or like you are spinning your wheels and not going anywhere? Are you tired of experimenting with different magickal paths or spending money out of the wahoo to find a path that is suitable for you?  Let me help you by divining which path is best for you in this lifetime.  

Consultation with Four Kemetic Tablets

If you need help in making a decision or trying to determine which path you should take. Questions regarding your relationship or career.  Don’t hesitate to contact me for a divination session. Oracle readings are $35 per session.

3 responses

10 09 2019
La'Tricia H.

Rau Khu you are amazing and spot on because I had a dream about a week before my free which magical path you take? Reading and in the dream there was an Kemetic god standing in front of me never saying anything just looking victorious and I remember feeling amazed. Your reading has truly helped me put the pieces of my dream together. I just know that every since that dream there has been an energy shift in my life. However, now with the help of your reading I have some well needed clarity on how I should proceed on the spiritual journey.

Ive had many readings but this one I value on another level!!!

Peace & blessings

11 09 2019
Tasia R.

I must be honest, and say that I hesitated and contemplated for days on whether or not I should request a free reading. Most of the hesitation correlated to the restrictions and limitations you elaborated on in the reading you provided. Which was the truth. Not only did the reading provide insight on what spiritual journey I need to take, it also provided detailed guidance on how I should proceed on the spiritual journey. This reading resonated with what I already know to be true. This was the second reading I’ve ever had, but it was the most meaningful and personable reading I’ve had. Thank you so much Rau Khu!

The guidance received was priceless!

8 01 2020
Cre H

I have been following Derric’s work for a while. It really changed my life and gave me direction on my path. I was automatically drawn to Kemetic Energy from the start, so I know I was Divinely guided to his work. Final straw was getting a reading from him. The reading and the events that are currently unfolding in my life are ALL DIVINE TIMING!! If you are serious about your walk and want to get a deeper understanding of Kemetic Spirituality according to who you are, GET THE READING FROM DERRIC!!!! Lol yes I had to yell because I’m that serious. The clarity and information I received is mind blowing, yet beautiful. Looking forward to working with him again!

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