Lesson 7: How to Work with Your Superconscious or Higher Spirits

Lesson 7: How to Work With Your Superconscious/Higher Spirits

Npu Jackal

Npu (Anubis, Enpu) 

One of the greatest tragedies that occurred as a result of slavery is the eradication of our cultural way of life. Before the advent of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, there was a purpose and reason behind everything that was done. Today, people simply act, behave, and perform various ritualistic practices to fit their fancy and address their simple whims, which is part of the reason spiritual practice appears to be a fad.

Although some have made spirituality out to be a tradition that focuses solely on self-improvement. Spirituality from the Kemetic perspective is really about living a righteous life based upon Maa, which means living in alignment with Netcher (Nature). 

To do this you must understand that the purpose of magic and ritual is to program your lower spirit, which is the part of you preventing you from achieving your greatest potential. Magick and ritual, which are synonymous with each other, are used to 

create change. To understand how magick and ritual work, we have to first recognize that this physical reality is subjective. It is not permanent, which means everything in it can change. For instance, if you were born in poverty, this is a subjective reality, which means that if you permanently fix it in your mind that you are surrounded by abundance and prosperity. Then, that will become your reality because your lower spirit believes it now.

But it is very easy to slip back into our old beliefs because our lower spirit or subconscious is in the habit of believing a certain way. So, when you perform magick and rituals, what you are really doing is creating a new habitual way of believing for your lower spirit.  If we use the same poverty example from above if you tell yourself “I am surrounded by abundance and prosperous”.  Your lower spirit might say, “That is B.S.”, but if you imagine it and saying it once or twice. Your lower spirit might get fully engaged in it and say “Wow if I had the money do whatever I want I would ________”, but if this was done only a few times. Your lower self will soon say, “That was a great fantasy.” However, if it were done repetitively, like almost every day.  Your lower spirit would be so immersed in it that it will eventually believe your dream goal. Once your lower spirit believes, then the Higher Spirit (Superconscious) will move to make it a physical reality.

There are a lot of ways to create change like through self-hypnosis, meditation, prayer, and so on. However, our ancestral way was, to go into trance and perform rituals with our Higher Spirit or Higher Spirits.

All of the Higher Spirits (Guardian Spirits, Netcharu, etc.) are nothing more than an aspect of the Higher Spirit.  All of the lore associated with the Higher Spirits is simply meant to help you to connect to your Higher Self/Superconscious because if you perceive them only as archetypes. Then, your lower spirit will see them as mental constructs and give you the notion that you can “think” of a solution, thus preventing you from accessing your Higher Spirit. 

Meeting Your Npu Ritual

This is a pretty simple ritual that draws upon the ritual discussed in Lesson 6.  This is a simple ritual to introduce you to one of the most popular netcharu (guardian spirits or higher spirits) in the Kemetic tradition, Npu.   

Npu (Enpu, Anubis) is the Kemetic messenger, guardian of the roads, thresholds, gateways, and the Underworld (KAMTA).  He is also the gatekeeper.  His colors are red and black or red, black, and white.  His sacred number is 3 and multiples of it like 21.  As his Kemetic praise name implies Ap-Uat (Opener of the Ways).   Simply put, Npu is the netchar that makes the impossible possible like the Santeria/Lukumi Ellegua. 

Although Npu is commonly depicted as some strange alien being that is part jackal and part human being. Npu is envisioned as a young man wearing a jackal mask, standing on the edge of the Two Lands guarding the Underworld (KAMTA).

Ancient Kemetic Npu Mask

Npu (Anubis) - The Opener of the Way

Npu illustrating his role as
guardian of the Underworld (KAMTA)

To get more assistance from Npu get a picture of him or an image of him such as a figure or statue. 

  1. Contemplate on how dogs use their nose to find things and are attentive to everything that they hear.  Contemplate how once dogs get a scent they can track down anything but some dogs can easily get distracted if they are not focused.
  2. Think about how dogs love to chase things and they love to play.  Now, what type of dog comes to mind to serve you? Is your dog a hunting dog, farm dog, or sheepdog?  If they are not a dog are they a fox, wolf, or jackal? Whatever animal comes to you, go with your intuition and learn about the nature of the canine(s) surrounding you.
  3. If you feel that you have connected to Npu, you can say “Thank you for walking with me Npu”. Then, clap your hands 3X to end the meeting (optional). 

Npu is around us all the time regardless if you believe in him or not. When you meet your Npu, it helps you to become aware of your thoughts and connect with your Higher Spirit/Superconscious so that you can see the power of your beliefs. 

General Luck Ritual

Npu will help you find whatever you are looking for safely and introduce you to two of the most important rules concerning spiritual work.  First, be careful what you ask for, and. Second, be specific on how you want something to manifest.  Failure to apply these two rules will result in you meeting Npu’s trickster side.  

For general good luck, at the beginning of the week Make the Maa Aankh and knock three times:

  1. Then, speak to your Npu as described above.
  2. Offer a few pieces of candy and anything else you would like such as a cigar, white candle, etc. Then say the following: “Npu. Open the Way for me to peace, prosperity, luck, good health, etc. (anything you want to name). Close the way to that which would do me harm. “
  3. End the ritual by clapping your hands 3X (optional). 

The key to working with your Higher Spirits is that you cannot obsess or worry about how or when it is going to work. As soon as you do this, you are infusing your ritual with doubt, which prevents you from connecting with the Higher Spirit.

Note that the more you work with your Npu, the more ideas he will give you, including ways to build his sacred space. You might also be inspired to offer him candy, fruit, cigar, liquor, etc. If you give him liquor to not give too much because you do not want him to be drunk.  

Overall, trust the experience and go about your day. You will notice when Npu is near when you begin seeing synchronicities associated with him. 

Npu (Anpu, Anubis) Altar

Mock Npu (Enpu, Anubis) Altar

The image above is a mock Npu altar. The red candle is to get his attention and inform him of a particular task.   The key is for Npu to open any door.  The glass of liquor and cigar are offerings (Note lighting cigar is optional).  The open “Master” lock symbolizes Npu’s ability to open anything.  The 4  skulls representing the crossroad symbolize the spirits of the dead that work with Npu. This Npu is standing in red sand symbolizing the edge of TASETT and the door to KAMTA below him. 

Lessons: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 (You are here right now).

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