Why Is the Het Aakhu (Ancestor Altar) So Important in Kemetic Spirituality

14 05 2020

Het Aakhu (Boveda Espiritual/Ancestor & Spirit Guide Altar)

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

A thought-form is a mental and emotional energy that has taken a form and is believed to be floating around us. Whenever we experience a traumatic or emotional upheaval, or even when we engage in pessimistic thinking over a period of time. A thought-form is created and becomes our mental and emotional “baggage” of our past.

Osar (Osiris) is honored as the first Honorable Ancestor and therefore,
Lord of the Underworld (KAMTA).

Due to slavery, our people lost the rituals to create a positive thought-form about who and what they are because most of our rituals were regarded as superstition. Consequently, countless destructive thought-forms are running amuck and destroying peoples’ lives in our community because they do not have an uplifting and empowering thought-form about themselves. Many of us don’t recognize it but we function totally out of an inferiority complex due to the loss of this cultural theology. Today, most people who have suffered some form of trauma in their life have simply created a thought-form for him or herself based upon their egotistical limitations so that they will not be harmed. We never dealt with the affliction that was done to our soul, which eventually affects every area of our life. However, this can all be flipped through honoring your ancestors and spirit guides or aakhu.

The het aakhu called a boveda espiritual in the Afro-Caribbean Spiritist traditions is a unique altar that honors your ancestors and spirit guides, but it does something more.  It helps to create an empowering and uplifting thought-form for yourself because it is a reflection of you.

All of the photos of your ancestors and other icons on or around this altar are a reflection of you. You need to understand that everything you see on your ancestor altar is a symbolic representation of what exists in your soul.

The spiritual significance behind honoring your aakhu is that by performing outer ritualistic acts, an inner change will be created within yourself.

So the next time you sit or stand before your ancestor altar, don’t think of it as just being a sacred space with photos of your deceased loved ones.  Instead see it as being a tool of empowerment that reflects all of the qualities you possess such as courage, ingenuity, power, strength, and prosperity. This means that if the altar is a reflection of you, if your altar is empowering and uplifting, then you will tend to be empowering and uplifting. If your ancestors on the altar are prospering, then you will tend to prosper as well because the altar illustrates what you possess, and so on.

Remember, your ancestors are your first line of defense and your first line of good luck. So, make sure that you honor them on the regular.




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