Walking a Spiritual Path is Like Being Pregnant

1 03 2019

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

I keep encounter people or coming across sites that make walking a spiritual path to be like a breeze. They always show people walking a spiritual path as being happy playing in a field of tall grasses as the wind blows through their hair.  I mean, where the hell are these people and can we trade lives for a minute because I ain’t had that experience.

Maa Aankh with Utchat

In fact, as soon as I moved to the Ra/TuKula/Midday Moment (the period of adolescence on the Maa Aankh), my life got extremely interesting (to say the least) as I tried to dodge the pitfalls. So, who are these people claiming that walking a spiritual path is just a wondrous and rewarding experience where angels and cherubs are just floating around?

I would like to meet them because walking a spiritual path is not a cake walk. This walk is no joke. There are times when you really feel like you should have taken the blue pill that was offered to Neo in The Matrix because as Cypher said, “Ignorance is bliss.” When you know you are responsible but when you don’t know, your ego can give you the excuse for not knowing and so, not expecting to do what is right.

And, let’s not forget about the people. No, I am not talking about the people you are trying to save who do not want to be saved. No. Your people…your family (in this lifetime). These are the “mofo”s that will give you the most opposition and resistance when it comes to walking a spiritual path.  All of the people you are closest to.  For instance, you tell your family members that you do not eat pork or some other food that has a low vibration, and what do they do and say?

“A little pork ain’t hurt nobody”  and will try their best to feed it to you or your child anyway.

So, why walk a spiritual path?

It is because the rewards are greater than the tribulations, hence like a pregnancy.

Do you know what or who the Kemetic symbol for spiritual path is? A lot of people will try to tell you that it is Hru (Horus) or even Osar (Asar, Osiris), because we live in a male dominated society that does not honor women,.  But, the Kemetic symbol of spirituality is the Queen Mother Oset (Aset), which is why her tradition was the most widespread in Kemet and in other parts of the world.

Oset and Hru

Do you know all of the issues and concerns that women have and go through just to have a healthy pregnancy? I never knew until I saw my wife go through the nine months of change. I mean there are countless things that could affect a pregnancy but still good and strong women bear it. They go through the change, the ups and downs, etc. because they are focused on the end product (sorry to sound mechanical), which is the delivery of a healthy baby.

It is all done on faith.

I will never forget that during our pregnancy one day I came home and found that my wife had placed an offering in front of Bes for a healthy pregnancy, as I looked at becoming more and more like Tauret.

Related image

Tauret: Spouse of Bes and protector of pregnant women.

That’s when I realized the power of Bes and understood his popularity in the Kemetic home.  That’s when I began honoring him by placing a glass of beer and some candy before him in our home. It was all about faith.

The Kemetic symbol of faith is Oset because there is no other character in the Kemetic pantheon that has endured the pain and suffering she had to experience, yet she remained devoted, committed, and pressed on because of faith.  Remember, Oset was a homeless woman, a beggarly woman, a mourning wife searching for her lost husband, a mourning mother (in some stories) looking for her missing child, and finally a strong woman fighting for her family.  All of these stories is what made the common Kemetic person (and abroad) identify with her in the harshest times.

Image result for yemaya

Yemaya Digital Art – Yemaya- Mother Of All Orishas by Carmen Cordova. https://pixels.com/featured/yemaya-mother-of-all-orishas-carmen-cordova.html

Because of Oset’s love for family and devotion, eventually Kemetic sailors would associate her with the sea and patroness of merchants and  sailors, which is why Kemetic followers today see Oset as an ancient Yemaya.  The interesting thing is that unlike the other netcharu (Kemetic divinities),  Oset was honored outside of Kemet particularly in Greece and Rome because everyone could identify with her.  In fact, the Oset tradition was pre-Christianity’s greatest opponent in the Mediterranean until it is was outlawed.

Related image

So, when you are walking a spiritual path you need to have a clear goal in mind as to why you are doing it, so that Oset can help you. If you are on this path for fame and glory, you are going to be sadly disappointed because the spiritual path has the ability to weed out those with superficial intentions.  If you are on this path to become more spiritual, you need to rethink this because you can become more spiritual from anything. Learning how to tie your shoe is more spiritual because you transitioned from a period of unknowing to knowing.  It is best to choose achievable and tangible goals like you are on this path to improve your family’s finances. You are on this path to improve your family’s wellbeing. You are on this path to better your health, and so on. This way you can see and measure your progress.




3 responses

2 03 2019
25, Black, & Alive

😂😁 @ “There are times when you really feel like you should have taken the blue pill” seriously tho. But it’s too late. There is no turning back. We decided to take the spiritual route and can’t look back now. Even tho at times it looks like “ignorance is bliss”. It’s really not because sometimes when you look at our communicate with people, it’s saddening to see that they are where they’re at.

2 03 2019

Ain’t that the truth

3 03 2019

“If you are on this path to become more spiritual, you need to rethink this because you can become more spiritual from anything. Learning how to tie your shoe is more spiritual because you transitioned from a period of unknowing to knowing.”
Absolutely love & agree!

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