The Metaphysical Understanding behind the Black Panther film

20 02 2018

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Family.

Ok. The reviews are in and Black Panther is making millions. By now, I am sure you have heard every critic and review available from the far right to the far left, but I have not heard anyone mention the metaphysical and spiritual significance of this film, so let me give my take on it.

For the record, after seeing the Black Panther in Captain America’s Civil War; I was stoked to see the Black Panther movie mainly because I like so many of us, was tired of seeing every Black hero portrayed as a bald headed man who just wants super strength. When BP made his appearance he was cool because his fighting style was unmatched. He reminded me of Blade another Black anti-hero whose skills were unmatched.

Of course, after the movie came out. There were all type of critics and reviews. Now, I am not going to spend a lot of time speaking about the obvious.  As you already know, the film was about the African born prince T’Challa who becomes the Black Panther, and the American born African N’Jadaka aka Erik Killmonger who becomes the Golden Jaguar.  That right there should be enough for you to see the blatant symbolism in this film. As many within my circle have clearly pointed out, T’Challa’s attitude and disposition is passive. He represents those idealistic Africans who come to the United States and are not familiar with systematic racism. While, Killmonger represents not only Africans descendants born in the United States, but symbolic of his mask every indigenous person such as the Native Americans, Puerto Ricans, and the Africans in South Africa, whose lives have been disrupted by systematic racism.

Another interesting thing that should be noted is that I am amazed of how many people dressed up for this movie and wore African attire, as if it were a costume. I mean I find it interesting that all it took for ppl to appreciate their African heritage was to see a fictional movie about Africa.Again, just stating the obvious.

Now, on to the esoterics because we are spiritually minded and we use everything for our empowerment.

So, the mineral used to power their suit and technology was called vibranium, which alludes to a mineral that vibrates. Whenever the Wakadans harnessed this energy they never used drills or mining tools but it was sort of like they channeled it and used visualizations to shape it.  This other thing about this mysterious metal was that it gave them a sort of dark purplish aura.  This is all reminiscent of the dark energy that I call KAMTA.

Remember, KAMTA is what the Kemetic people called the southern region of Kemet.  Most people believe that the Kemetic people called this region the Black Land (Kam – Black, Ta – Land) because of the annual inundation of the Nile River. But what most people forget is that the Kemetic people were the descendants of Kush, which means their ancestors dwelled in the Black Lands. In other words, the Black Lands is a metaphor referring to the nature of the spirit world that exists underground. This is clearly a plug to Afrikan spirituality which is largely based upon one’s relationship with their ancestors (and other spirits) who dwell beneath us and whose shoulders we stand upon. In fact, the imagery of the BP ancestral land should have strongly resonated with anyone familiar with Afrikan spirituality.

Copyright Marvel Studios 2018.It should be noted that the Black Lands, which is where the old black panthers resided were in the spirit world or ancestral land that T’Challa had to visit. Those familiar with the Kemetic shaman perspective of the Story of Osar will easily see in this case that T’Challa symbolizes Hru (Heru, Horus) communicating with the dead Osar (Asar, Ausar, Osiris).  Remember, Osar is called the Lord of the Underworld or the Lord of the Ancestral Realm, which is another reference to the Superconscious or the realm beyond our normal, habitual subconscious. It should be noted that Warriors Falls is reddish in color to symbolize hostility, which reminded me of TASETT – the Red Lands.

Copyright Marvel Studios 2018

The other thing that should be noted is that the black panther’s suit emulated or engulfed him with this protective black power.  Many will see this dark mysterious liquid-like energy as melanin but I understood it to be the protective powers of our ancestors/spirits who dwell in KAMTA, which is the true source of power. The purple glow or the color purple symbolizes power which is used extensively in African magickal practices for dominance.  The color purple is also used to symbolize royalty while the color gold was used to symbolize just raw power.

Another hint that T’Challa is supposed to be a warrior form of Hru is that he had to drink the crushed-up heart shape plant. This heart shape plant is a reference to the Ab (Spiritual Heart) division of the Spirit, while some may see it relating to the heart chakra.

I know that a little people focused on the fight between T’Challa and Killmonger but if we choose to see it from a higher perspective. Metaphorically we can say that the fight between T’Challa and Killmonger was really a fight between Hru and Set or the battle between Shango and Ogun, or old traditions versus new traditions. Psychologically speaking it was a battle or fight between the middle self (conscious) and lower self (subconscious and ego-self).   This same story was borrowed by the early Christian writers and portrayed as the battle between Jesus and Satan when he goes to hell but unfortunately it is interpreted literally, so many people miss it.

I am sure that there are some more clues that can be drawn but this is the gist of it.

Now, there is one thing that we should all keep in mind which is that the original story was created by Stan Lee. In other words, this is Stan Lee’s interpretation of the Afrikan/Black experience.  If you watch Stan Lee’s interview he was inspired by the actual Black Panther Party.  From a spiritual perspective, I believe that the Spirit still worked through the cast and crew so that they could make a positive and empowering film.  Yes, it is not what we wanted but name one movie that is.  I have heard all of the debates and even participated in some but overall I thought it was a good movie considering what they had to work with. If you are really interested in Black Comics then support them. The City of Detroit has a Black Comicon every summer and I am sure there are other venues that exist.  Our experience has made way for us to have thousands upon thousands of stories. So don’t be fooled into thinking that b/c of our experience we do not have the right to talk about our holocaust. Help make this a positive and empowering moment.




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21 02 2018
Sister Mary Alice

Well said. Well thought out. I agree. Be Blessed. Sister Mary Alice.

25 02 2018
Kushite Prince

“I know that a little people focused on the fight between T’Challa and Killmonger but if we choose to see it from a higher perspective. Metaphorically we can say that the fight between T’Challa and Killmonger was really a fight between Hru and Set or the battle between Shango and Ogun, or old traditions versus new traditions. Psychologically speaking it was a battle or fight between the middle self (conscious) and lower self (subconscious and ego-self).   This same story was borrowed by the early Christian writers and portrayed as the battle between Jesus and Satan when he goes to hell but unfortunately it is interpreted literally, so many people miss it.”
This was a very nice breakdown Kam. As usual you made some great points. I know most people look at things from a race perspective. So a lot of people say T Challa and Killmonger were kind of like Obama vs Malcolm X. Which I can see from the ideological standpoint. But you definitely could go back further and say it’s Heru vs Set. Or Jesus vs Satan..etc We’ve seen this in so many films over the years. Films like Star Wars,Lion King and X-Men. Hollywood doesn’t have many original ideas anymore. They just keep repackaging the same old themes. But this film definitely had a lot of subliminal messages in it. There were a few gems. On the surface level you could see the ideology difference between T Challa and Killmonger. T Challa wanting to share his technology and resources with other nations. Which is kind of an idealistic and pacific worldview. Whereas Killermonger was more about taking care of your people first(Pan African view).
I also noticed the use of chakra colors as well. The use of purple representing royalty which is why the elders like Forest Whitaker’s character wore it. But I also noticed that throughout the film T Challa’s love interest Nakia wore green. Green representing the heart(love) chakra. I also wondered if director Ryan Coogler secretly believes in Pan Africanism. Do you remember the South Korea scene? When TChalla was walking in the casino Okoye is wearing RED,T Challa is wearing BLACK and Nakia is wearing GREEN. RBG…Garvey?? I like how he slipped that in I also like the part when Kilmonger went to that museum. Remember how he was talking to that white lady at the museum? He took that mask with the horns and said they stole it from his people. Some people say Ryan Coogler was trying to say it represented the hidden knowledge that was taken and hidden from us on a physical level. That’s why I always tell my subscribers they have to do study and do research. These Hollywood types know our real history. They know our history is way older then their recent history. That’s why films can be a positive or a negative. When you watch films the images enter your subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between the real and what is imagined. While the conscious mind is more analytical and logical. That’s why films are dangerous because the subconscious mind only deals with the present. And believes anything it receives. That’s why we have to make and produce our own films. We have to show support for black flmmakers,directors and producers. We all know that this is a Disney-owned film. So your oppressor will not make a film that will liberate you. But he will give you a few nuggets of truth here and there. You have to keep your THIRD EYE open and decipher the real from unreal. We just have to get to work and build bridges with the entire African diaspora. And in doing so we can build our own Wakanda. But in my Wakanda no CIA agents are

25 02 2018

You are absolutely right. Overall, I think the director and cast did a decent job b/c at least they got our folks talking.

25 02 2018
Kushite Prince

Yeah I’ve seen some great debates on YouTube. Team T Challa vs Team Killmonger. lol But at least people are discussing African culture,gender roles,black unity,black love,role models and black empowerment. It’s just funny that it took a comic book film to make that happen.

25 02 2018
Kushite Prince

This site is from a Moorish brother Sharif Ali. I have some books on the Moors. And they have some interesting evidence that makes me think. I’m not saying I agree with everything he says but he does provide some food for though. he gave a very interesting take on Black Panther. Thought you might like it.

16 04 2018

Thanks Kushite. Sorry, I am just seeing this. Yeah, it is interesting information but you know I am about practicality. I got Djahuti (Tehuti) in my spiritual frame, so I always ask when I hear this info. What can it do for us? My problem with a lot of this Moorish, Hebrew Isrealite, Alien, whatever…stuff is that 1) they will claim that slavery never took place, 2) We are all Moors (Hebrew Isrealites, Aliens, Atlanteans, etc.) , and 3) We are the original Native Americans.

If that were the case, then Islam (or Hebrew Isrealite, or some other manmade book) is the religion we should be practicing? This is based upon the belief that the bible, koran or torah is accurate and all of those Africans who retained most of their culture in Brazil, Cuba, Haiti, etc. just dreamt slavery as well.

I understand the purpose of some of this rhetoric but I am sorry. I cannot jump on the bandwagon just b/c it sounds good. You know what I mean? And, besides that, if we are all Moors, Indians or Hebrew Isrealites, Aliens from another planet, how does this help our situation as a people? To me, it seems like another thing to divide us. What do you think?

16 04 2018
Kushite Prince

I’ve said the same What does it do for us now?? Although some of the information is good and could be true. That’s the real question at the end of the day.

16 04 2018

You know the thing is that many of these people don’t want to claim traditional African culture b/c in their mind Africans were primitive ppl who worshiped trees and things. So instead they claim to be something else. It is really sad b/c even some African Moslems won’t deny their ancestral heritage. It is all based upon the theory that we lost our culture but we did not.

Check this out.

17 04 2018
Kushite Prince

Yeah I’ve seen this pattern also. I do have a friend that’s a Moor and he claims his African ancestry. I know a few Muslims that say we came from Africa but they call it Asia. But I see your point. A lot of them kind of distance themselves from Africa. I see this a lot with Hebrew Israelites too. Many of them do seem to have a prejudice against Mother Africa.

27 07 2019

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