Stop Playing Spiritual and BE REAL

22 07 2017

Hetepu (Peace and Blessings) Family.

Ok. THIS IS FOR THE TROLLS.  I have said it numerous times and I am going to say it one more time. The maa aankh is not some made up cosmogram for New Agers. I did not sit down one night and dream up a diagram by ripping from the Kongo Cosmogram or Kongo Cross and attaching Kemetic terms to it.

If you read my story, which I have laid out in detail. I discovered the maa aankh through researching my ancestral history and honoring my ancestors. I was able to make a connection between my deceased grandmother’s obituary, the Kongo Cross and the Kemetic Story of Ra and Oset (Isis). This is how the maa aankh came into existence.

If you read my story you would also find, that I pay homage to the Kongo-Angolan people because I have Kongo-Angolan ancestry who inspired me to make this connection. Since the Kongo-Angolan region was the first to be invaded and colonized, the region has been devastated so, there is no feasible way of going back to Africa to relearn the religion. Besides, even if we did, it would not work in the U.S. because culture is not static but dynamic. Meaning what our ancestors did over here was meant to help us to survive in the true Kongo Way, which is adapting and changing as a means of survival.  This is the reason I have also included the KiKongo terms out of respect.  If you read my story you would also see for yourself how Khepera corresponds to Kala, Ra to Tukula, Ra Atum to Luvemba and Amun Ra to Musoni.

Because I am a natural skeptic and do not believe everything spirits tell me…I always look for ways to verify what a spirit tells me. I verified all of the information my spirits told me and learned that they were telling the truth which is that 1) all of the African brought to this country were not forced into Christianity.  2) The first Africans brought to this country were from the Kongo-Angolan region and they were familiar with Christianity.  3) They found a way to preserve our culture, and. 4) I did the DNA research and the Kongo-Angolan region is one of the places my ancestor descended from.

Now, I am tired of people not knowing their history, not willing to study their history, not willing to invest any time into working with their ancestors, yet claiming to be the authority on who and what African American are and are not. You have no right!

I am also tired of people who think because they read some books but have no practical knowledge and experience telling me that what I write about it is not the truth.  What you need to understand SILLY HUEMAN is that African spirituality is not based upon what is written in books or the acceptance of a certain beliefs, as in the case of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is based upon rather you have undergone an experience and/or initiation or not.

We can argue about beliefs until the cows come home because beliefs are nothing more than opinions based upon individual interpretations. For instance, was jesus an initiate of some higher order, just a man, married, white, black, etc.?  This is the STUPID stuff that has kept us divided to this day. It makes for a great debate and that’s all but, we cannot argue about experiences. You cannot argue about your ancestors. They are the force that brings us together but a few of you are so scared because you are still indoctrinated into this man’s religion.

I mean some of you claim you want to be free but look for ways to cling to dogma. Do me a favor.

Stop playing around with Afrikan spirituality.

I swear, I am so tired of hearing people talk about “the Ancestors, but the Ancestors” and you don’t even have a shrine. And, if you do, you tend to it regularly. Because, if you did, you will find that your aakhu will challenge you on that b.s. you are on.

I welcome anyone who is wants to discuss and explore ways of transforming their lives using ancestral veneration. As I have mentioned, I am not an authority. No one is. I am only here to help you because I want us all to be free. I am here to help you have to find what works for you.




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22 07 2017


My painful path began with understanding how I came to be. The good and the very bad. Once I delved deeper and found my answers ( some of them), I immediately separated from a few people and no longer hold debates with them.

This may sound harsh but many black people have no intention of finding “Their Truth”. It takes too much work and requires dedication, something we lack as laziness has become apart of daily life.

What is popular and trendy now is the “woke” crowd who reads Dr. Ben, etc.. and speaks down to people who have never read not one book in their lives whilst smoking dope, binge drinking and engaging in dangerous sexual practices with complete strangers.

I left the black conscious community for good and never felt better. I knew Hebrews who wore military/ warrior garb that screamed at whites passing by about burning in hell, then went home and molested their daughters.

Each of us must walk our own path.

I very happy you found yours.

22 07 2017

You are so right. I have found that a lot of ppl just like to complain b/c it is easier. They prefer to do what is easy b/c it is too hard to do what is right. Conscious ain’t what it used to be. You are so right.

I hate to call ppl stupid but those Hebrews are really out there and one of the trolls is Hebrew. Yet, I still have not found one to explain why the Black Jews in Israel are catching hell.

Yeah, we each got to find what works for us but this white man got ppl so shook. They really believe they are going to go to hell for the simplest things even though they are not in the church. Thanks Sis. Nice to hear from you again.

23 07 2017


24 07 2017
Beatrice Scott

African ancestry is something I really want to explore, where do you start? Do you use the father or mother information?

24 07 2017

I believe uses both. It is important to understand that your DNA does not tell you what tribe you come from, which is what most people think. It will simply tell you what your genetic makeup consist of, which may be different from you parents and even your siblings.

Hope that helps.

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