What is the Kingdom Within?

10 06 2011

To truly understand how to tap into the power of God, we have to have a clear understanding what religion is and in order to do this we need to understand what is our relationship to God. It is often said that we are a microcosm of a Greater Macrocosm, that we are made in the image of God, which means we have the same divine potential as God has just not in quantity; like a drop of water is to the ocean, same quality different quantities. But REALLY! What does that mean from a practical perspective? Well, lets turn to our ancestors and see what they have to say about the issue.

TASETT the “Red Lands” is what the Kamitic people called Lower Kamit, the northern section of the country that stretched towards the Meditarranean. It is a perfect symbol for the lower division of our spirit – the Sahu or subconscious, which is responsible for memories, personality, learned experiences, behavior and everything that is needed for us to physically survive. Because it relates to our limited perception based upon our physical-body experience.

KAMTA the “Black Lands” is what the Kamitic people called Upper Kamit, the southern section of the country that expanded further south towards Kush and Punt (Nubia), the Kamitic ancestral lands – Tameri and so on. It is therefore a perfect symbol for the higher division of our spirit – the Ba, Divine Consciousness (divine spark) or Super conscious/unconscious, which connects us to the Divine, reveals to us our destiny, our true name, reconnects us back to our ancestral legacy and so on. Because it relates to our unlimited perception based upon our inner-experience with the Divine and all things spiritual.

According the Story of Ra and Oset (Isis by the Greek), Khepera was the sunrise, Ra the midday sun, Ra Atum was sunset and Amun Ra was the moon at midnight (when the sun is believed to be shining from the other side).  These four Ras are not gods, but attributes of the God that describe how to apply and use the Ra or Rau – the Holy Spirit of God. They are therefore perfect symbols of Man and Woman’s self-soul, the human conscious or spiritual heart called the Ab. Besides showing that because of our ab we have free-will, which gives us the right to do whatever we choose and become who we want to be.  This diagram illustrates the evolutionary path that our soul takes and reveals that at each stage of our development the Divine is our guide, symbolized as the four moments of the sun.

Since the word religion is derived from the Latin words “re,” meaning, “again, back” and  “ligare,” meaning “bind, fasten, tie,” which is often translated to mean “to tie back to something, which one had originally belong.” We see from the maa aankh cosmogram that this “tieing back” or “return” refers to our original and pure state of consciousness. The conscious that wills miracles to take place through spiritual means the same way Nebertcher willed the universe to come into being, hence Amun Ra.

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15 04 2015

I am the follower of your views the way you explain Kemetic way of life is inpiring but I do not agree with you when you similarised it with christianity, god or lord christianity was formed out of hatred not by recognizing the nature as Kemetic was christianity was formed for the sake of superiority over us as black people millions have been killed in the name of god and lord from christians, so from that perspective I would not compare christianity and KemeticSpirituality which it was from love and realisation of the nature from The Creator.



16 04 2015

Hetep Delihlazo.

Well, good point but according to my research there were several sects of Christianity that once upon a time existed and some still remain. According to some of these sects such as the Gnostic sect. Christianity was not a tool of enslavement but was a religion like Islam that taught peace. The present version of Christianity that we have been taught from the Roman Catholic interpretation to its Protestant children is full of contradictions and perversions. This was warped and tweaked for selfish gain.

This is why it is important that we have a good understanding of our higher self. Once we understand our higher self, it because fairly easy for anyone with an understanding of metaphysics and esoteric to decipher Christianity. This is difficult at the time for many because they are stuck on the literal interpretation of Jesus. As a result, even people who have claimed to have left the church are still stuck subconsciously on the literal translation, which is why it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. Once people understand that the whole Passion of Christ is a metaphor, it becomes easy to see that Jesus symbolizes one’s Higher Self, which is basically the similar to the Kamitic spiritual system just in a Christian tongue.

It took a little while for me to see it because of my own hangups about Christianity, but once I got it. I could easily see how and why our ancestors could take the same tool used to disempower them and empower themselves. It is all about perspective.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your comment.
When we look at the biblical teachings

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