Is Your Victory in Your Peace?

31 03 2010

Have you ever heard the saying that your victory is in your peace? When I was growing up the older people in the church use to sing this song called Victory Shall be Mine, which went as follows:

Victory, victory shall be mine.
Victory, victory shall be mine.
If I hold my peace, let the Lord fight my battles.
Victory, victory shall be mine.

For the longest time I didn’t understand what they meant by this because to hold your tongue, not fight for yourself, etc. was seen as a sign of weakness, softness or simply just being a punk; and, of course, if you’re a punk you get beat down.  I also thought this was about not being able to defend yourself.

It wasn’t until I learned about the maa aankh and compared it with the story or Legend of Osar (Ausar, Asar or Osiris).  According to legend, king Osar was responsible for bringing peace, prosperity and order to the Kamitic/Kemetic people. He was loved by everyone until his envious brother Set (Set-an or Satan) murdered him and usurped the throne. Thanks to Osar’s devoted wife, an heir to the throne was conceived named Hru (Heru, Hrw or Horus) who challenged Set when he came of age. Now for a period of time, when the two engaged in battle, it usually ended in stalemate because Set was more conniving; after all he is the author of chaos, confusion and master of war. It wasn’t until Hru who had a gouged out eye repaired so that he could see clearly, and allow the deceased Osar to intercede on his behalf, that Hru was able to finally defeat Set and win the war.  After doing so, he was awarded the double crown called the Pschent.

Set’s color is the color red, which according to ancient African symbolism is the color of life, mediation, fire, aggression and masculinity, which is why the Kamitic/Kemetic people called the northern region of their country, Lower Kamit/Kemet, TASETT (The Red Lands), symbolized by the red crown they called the Deshret. Basically, it is what our elders use to call a “hot head”.

The southern region of the country further into the interior of Africa, the Kamitic or Kemetic people called it Upper Kamit/Kemet or KAMTA (The Black Lands) but they symbolized the dark fertile grounds of their country with a white crown they called the Hedjet. The color white in the ancient African mystery systems symbolizes purity, cleanliness (hence ethics and morality, thus a clean heart), knowledge, wisdom, stability, the honorable dead or the ancestors.

This means that Hru was given the double crown because he was able to keep a cool head and not allow his passion for victory to defeat him. In the Japanese martial arts systems the samurai Code of Bushido teaches and I paraphrase that a “the best warrior is the calm warrior”. In the Afro-Brazillian martial arts Capoeira mestres (masters) are forever telling young adepts not to just kick all widly but to exercise control. Even in the Hip Hop world, jokers are told that they need to “CHILL”.

I understand now that your victory is in your peace is all about exercising self-control, self-discipline and inner strength.  It is not about not defending your self but about not worrying and having any fear. This is why Set is considered evil in the Kamitic/Kemetic tradition, it is because he doesn’t exercise any self-control and simply allows his emotions (arrogance, lust, greed, jealousy, his hater mentality)  to control him.  He had a hot head and/or a hard head, which reminds me that my grandfather use to say a hard head makes a what??? Yeah, soft behind.  He also use to say, “Don’t let your mouth write a check that your butt can’t cash”, which all deals with excessive emotions or no control.

When we exercise a little control, the blessings of God (peace, wisdom, stability, etc.) manifests themselves in our life as hunches, intuitive thoughts, ideas, dreams, etc. delivered to us through our ancestors.  It is through the blessings of God that we solve our problems.

What do you think?

For a complete discourse and in-depth analysis see:
MAA AANKH: Finding God the Afro-American Way, by Honoring the Ancestors and Guardian Spirits.



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1 04 2010

Bastet – Goddess of the Home
The Egyptian goddess Bastet Other names : Bast, Ubaste
The Egyptian goddess Bastet, daughter of Ra, was among the more popular of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. She had a huge cult following in the city of Bubastis in the Nile delta.
In ancient times, the goddess Bastet was depicted as a lioness. She was associated with related attributes, such as vengeance, ferocity and war.
(NOTE) Later on, Bastet bore the likeness of the domesticated cat, and took on more docile characteristics.
She became the goddess of the home and represented more friendly attributes such as music and dancing.

We all posses good and evil as to say. It is neither right or wrong. What is right for you may be wrong for me and visa versa. Peace is to hear your inna Goddess/God voice, we vibrate on a frequency with sound and energy. We learn knowledge, wisdom and over standing and execute truth, justice and rights.

This is one of the reasons why Africa was taken over showing the enemy peace.
If you put out negativity it will surely come back to you, Karma

1 04 2010

I would like to thank you for responding to this post. Your comments are greatly appreciated, but I do not believe that Africa was taken over because they showed the enemy peace.
Africa as you are aware is a continent and if you are referring to Sub-Saharan Africa, there were a number of factors that contributed to this region being colonized. It is a myth that Africans and other indigenous people such as the Native Americans, Polynesians, etc. just showed the enemy peace, while the “enemy” as you put it stabbed them in the back. One of the main reasons why Africa was taken over, as you put it, was because of the old war maneuver of divide and conquer. It is the same reason why many of the Native American tribes were annihilated and why to this day so many problems exists in our communities.

A thorough analysis of history will reveal that the Africans fought each other because they saw each other as enemies and not the Europeans. The same occurred in the Americas with the Amerindians fighting each other and unaware of the Europeans ultimate intentions. Most of the revolutions that took place in the Americas were foiled for the same reason. It wasn’t the “enemy” that halted the success of these revolts, it was one of us. Do you agree?

5 04 2010

HTP I did say one of the reasons why. i know that this was not the main and only reason that our people, Motherland and information was destroyed. As you know we were a peaceable and trusting people who allowed others to come into Africa and share our knowledge and wealth not knowing what their background or intentions were. I agree that divide, conquer and rule was used and Africans still uphold that nonsense right up to date. I will also agree that it was us that stopped the onslaught of the invaders. Yes we do need peace among us, as a nation of people. Black on black crime is a continuation of a slave mentality introduced and mimicked by us in and outside of Africa and this really needs to stop. Peace among us yes. But this is not time for peace with our enemies who use genocide to kill thousands of us everyday. We need to put ourselves first and stop giving momentum to non-African values. If we continue on this road of destruction our children will know nothing but to argue, fuss and fight and we will leave them with no future and no foundation for them to build on.

5 04 2010

HTP Annunarqi

It is good to hear from you again. Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. This is not the time to make peace with our enemies, but I got one question, and this is not a trick question. Who is the enemy?

Is the enemy one man, the G-7, or 10% of the world population that is trying to prevent people from achieving some type of success?

You see, it is my opinion, that we have been so conditioned into thinking that a group of people or a selected group is against us, that everything flies below our radar. When it is understood from an ancient Afro-diaspora perspective that everything that exists physically has a spiritual counterpart, or said another way from the invisible comes from the visible. It becomes clear that you can’t change the fruit of the tree by spraying the fruit. You have to go to the root. This means, identify “the enemy” with its spiritual archetype, which in the Kamitic tradition is Set.

When we understand who and what Set really is, it is easy to see who the “hater” is regardless of what color of their skin is, because actions speak louder than words.

Do you agree?

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